William Thien

A Note on Country of Origin

Posted on: March 12, 2017

A debate should be had about claims of “Made in America” of globally sourced components. If a manufacturer can assemble something in The US that is made up of globally sourced components, should the manufacturer be allowed to put The American Flag on their product?

Many think not and I’m inclined to agree with them. Often all it takes is for one part of the “globally sourced” components to fail and then the product is useless.

It’s better to simply just buy foreign products from a county of your choosing in that case as you are not being misled in a sense by the big display of The American flag with the small print “of globally sourced components.”

If a manufacturer wants to put The American flag on their product that is assembled of globally sourced products, maybe they should be required to put all of the flags of the countries from where their product’s components originate and put those flags right next to the American flag since many people can no longer read.

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