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This Time it’s the Senate selling you out. A modern day atrocity in the internet age.

Posted on: March 29, 2017

Contact your Congress person and tell them you will not vote for them if they pass this Senate Bill allowing your Internet Service Provider to wholesale your personal information: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/03/senate-votes-to-let-isps-sell-your-web-browsing-history-to-advertisers/

What is really disturbing about this is that as a conservative, it’s the Republicans that keep writing this kind of legislation or regulatory change. This leads to the term I have for many Republicans, “big business robot frontmen.”

Maybe it’s time for conservatives to take care of their side of the aisle and start pulling the plug on the robots. If you ask me, allowing the ISP’s to sell information such as the surfing habits of your children and wives along with their most personal information is tantamount to a modern day atrocity in the internet age.

In the internet age privacy is everything.

You can contact your legislator through this link: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

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2 Responses to "This Time it’s the Senate selling you out. A modern day atrocity in the internet age."

There was a long, fully reported feature on this issue on one of the two of our main NPR radio stations that I listened to during a lunch hour; (I think it was 90.7 fm, though it could’ve been the other nearby station).

It’s basically a PAC fund issue; the major ISP providers that gather and see that info, as well as the internet entitities that by it, such as Google, have bundled their enormous contributions to and across party lines, and have made the pot too sweet for any principled opposition to prevail. There’s a lot of smoke that has been gathered, too, in its aftermath, basically to make the intel-gathering seem innocuous and contained to simple and petty consumer-preference trend information.

And much of it is just that —- but what’s disingenuous is how they don’t say that, eventually, all that cumulative consumption-trend info could be refigured or combined with other info-gathering tech to reveal more private and compelling personal info as well.

To cut it short: right now, it’s the GOP legislators and executives that are compromised and going along with the lopsided go-ahead legislation because of the partisan contributions so far —– but Dems are being bought out too on wholescale levels, as the clear larger trend is for the money to overwhelm both Dem and GOP resistance to the info gathering.

This is a huge issue; i’d imagine we have yet to have any real clear idea about just how far-reaching is this breach of privacy in the name of profit.

Thank you for your comments.Yes, it’s about the money. Most of them are simply what I call “big business robot frontmen.” There isn’t a single true conservative among them.

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