William Thien

Trump’s Gutsy Management Style

Posted on: June 13, 2017

One of the things I value in Trump’s management style is that he doesn’t go after the little guy when me makes a management change. He gets rid of senior leadership. To me this is an indication of somebody who favors the working stiff.

That leadership style is refreshing and unlike many politicians in office today who are afraid to address the bloated systems of  administrators and bureaucrats at the agency levels of government, both at the state and federal level, who would instead cut benefits or wages from the worker, so far at least, Trump just goes straight for the leadership where the salaries and benefits are many multiples of the guy or gal in the street. If you get rid of one high-level administrator you might save ten or twenty or more subordinate positions, easily when you see the salaries of a Washington bureaucrat.

Where I reside we have executive and elected leadership who have a recent history of cutting the wages and benefits of the working stiff while padding the wallets of the administrator. Such behavior is common across the board, whatever agency, whatever level of government.

Roads go without repair. Classrooms go without teachers. Infrastructure crumbles before your very eyes.

So, I have to say though I don’t agree 100 percent with every dismissal at the federal level that he has made so far, I see what Trump is trying to accomplish and I think it will serve well the working person in the various levels of government of the country if we can address the constant obstruction coming from the liberal, the media, and the Washington elite.

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2 Responses to "Trump’s Gutsy Management Style"

This administrative bloat is especially prevalent at universities. As more (government) money became available for student loans the universities raised tuition greatly and hired armies of administrators. No teaching professionals, just useless admin positions usually having something to do with diversity etc.

Good point. Colleges now have way more more bureaucrats and administrators. Somewhere along the line they have forgotten the subject matter experts, the instructors, the reason students need to attend the university in the first place. Thank you for your comment.

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