William Thien

Kudos to Sarah Sanders

Posted on: June 29, 2017

The liberal media are at it again, whining because President Trump responds to their constant persecution with equal retort.

Now, responding to Trump’s Tweet about Morning Joe news personality Mika Brzezinski, calling her “low I.Q. Crazy Mika,” the Democratic Party is up in arms suggesting this is another example of Trump’s “sexism.”

Hold on a second. Now wait just a minute. Growing up in the sixties and seventies I thought the equal rights movement was about making sure everyone is treated equally, not providing social a legal padding to prevent speech and public behavior short of physical action. Trump shouldn’t have to filter his comments directed towards females. Everyone is equal, right?

More proof that feminism is a double standard and a false standard at that. There isn’t a female in America, particularly those in a position of leadership that would hesitate to suggest something publicly about a man’s character if he threatened her position of authority. It’s done all the time and nobody questions them. I’ve said before, reverse discrimination is nothing more than discrimination. To say that someone should attenuate what they say about a woman is who publicly demonizing them simply because she is a woman? Really? Double standard. I’m glad to see that Trump is not putting up with it. It could be coming from outside the country from female leadership somewhere else.

If everyone is equal then put up or shut up! Trump didn’t even start this latest quarrel.

It’s good to see that administration spokesman Sarah Sanders, a woman, spoke up for Trump on the matter as well. At least she recognizes the double standard, one perpetuated by the media, the same media who in the sixties and seventies pushed hard for feminine equality. Now they want to pamper the same. No wonder Trump talks so much about “fake” news. Because it’s fake!

Equal rights? Really?

Maybe it is time to revisit The Equal Rights Act. Maybe The Equal Rights Act is a double standard, too. And maybe it’s time to revisit the 1st. I’m sure the founding fathers had no idea the corporate media would be like this.

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