William Thien

Washington Press Corps to President Trump. “Stop Controlling your Own Message with Tweets!” We are supposed to control “the message.”

Posted on: June 29, 2017

I think most of the focus on Trump’s language in his Tweets isn’t really about the language in his Tweets. The mainstream media are focusing on Trump’s Tweets because through Tweets Trump is able to control his own message and maintain his own image without the aid of the mainstream media, which up until recently, up until the advent of social media, has been the privy of The Washington Press Corps and the various appendages of the mainstream media.

The mainstream media is upset with Trump and is attempting to constantly make Trump’s Tweets an issue because Trump has proved the mainstream media to be obsolete and ineffectual, or at the very least Trump has wrested much of the control the media have historically had over “the message.”

I had to laugh when I saw half of the Washington elite line up to speak out against Trump’s usage of Tweets, suggesting the country needs more civil discourse. I have some discourse for you, “FIX THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IN THIS COUNTRY!”

The mainstream media, enablers of national mediocrity, the enslavers of the middle classes.

Trump is right.

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