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What constitutes “fake news” anyway? And a digression about health care in America.

Posted on: July 1, 2017

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about “fake news” lately and I would have to agree with Trump’s assertion that there is an awful lot of it. But what is “fake news,” anyway?

Without elaborating and meandering around what it isn’t, let’s take a look at what fake news might just be.

It is my opinion that fake news is any news that doesn’t address the condition of the working people or address the condition of the country or the community that the viewer, reader, or subscriber lives in while being exposed to the news. Hype, gossip, mush, anything gelatinous, anything lacking substance, anything packaging products advertised on either side of a commercial, anything allowing our elected to focus on something unimportant or meaningless and insignificant while we pay them, propaganda, public relations articles, stories about entertainment personalities that are only stories because the media makes them so, any such thing, that is not news. So, by definition, it is “fake news.”

But let’s examine the matter more closely. What Trump is referring to when he talks about “fake news” is that constant harangue echoing throughout the media forest treetops that distracts our government from actually accomplishing anything. The dustup about Trumps remarks in his Tweets which supposedly are not “civil discourse” as defined by The Washington Elite which allow The Washington Elite to change the subject to “civil discourse” instead of “you know what, we are totally worthless once we get elected due to something called The Washington Effect and we are sad to say we aren’t going to get anything done on health care.” The media allow our elected to focus on something entirely meaningless in the grand scheme of things and that, ladies and gentlemen, IS fake news. Trump is right. It’s a big distraction.

Now, it is safe to say the media have a dog in the race in all of the health care advertising dollars being spent, the huge money spent on drug ads, the health network ads, that the media probably don’t want to see the health care system fixed. The media is working against what is best for the general public and acting in its own interests. It’s a cash cow for the media. So, they are doing their job from their perspective, however deceptive they are being, but it is still “fake news.”

That’s what “fake news” really is. It is dangerous and expensive to the American public. It undermines the physical and financial health of the public when you look at the most toxic form of fake news, that which distracts our elected from fixing the health care system in this country and focuses the attention of our elected on “civil discourse.” Yeah, right.

Oh yeah, what difference does it make to Washington? They get free health care. The best, in fact.

Which raises a more existential question. They wonder why Trump calls the news fake, but do they really wonder? The media are actively undermining our health care with the distractions and the fake news at a crucial time in the development of our health care system. You can bet it’s no accident. There is a lot of money at stake. You can also bet it is about the money and not your health because people live longer in many countries where health care costs are a small fraction of what they are here in America, where we supposedly have “the best health care.” Another, “yeah right.”

People actually live longer elsewhere where health care costs are much lower. The health care debate is all about the money, ladies and gentlemen. It’s not about making sure you are healthy and happy, it’s about making something else entirely. It’s about making a killing! Our health care system is about making “a killing!” How can that be healthy? Think about it.

Did you know we are the only country on earth that spends more than 25 percent of its health care dollars on administrative costs? Twenty-five percent! One in four people in the health care industry doesn’t provide any health care whatsoever but they are paid handsomely.

I digress. But that’s what fake news does to you. Just look at Washington. They are making the big bucks AND getting free health care.

One other thing. We must remember that not everyone in Washington is bad. They are not all bad.

Copyright © William Thien 2017

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