William Thien

Well, What Information DID the Russians Have on Hillary? I’d like to know.

Posted on: July 12, 2017

Regarding the latest development on The Trump Campaign and Russia’s possible collusion in the presidential election, the focus has been entirely on Trump JR’s meeting with a possible Russian source of information on Hillary Clinton and how such a meeting might have been illegal. The Democrats and the media want to hold Trump and Trump JR to the fire over an email Trump JR received out of the blue offering to help The Trump Campaign. Trump JR didn’t solicit that email. As far as I know, there is nothing illegal about receiving an email from someone you have never met before or didn’t solicit.

Don’t you think the focus should be instead on the information on Hillary Clinton that the Russians were supposedly offering and not on whether anyone in The Trump Campaign received an offer to help The Trump Campaign? I’m sure The Trumps received all kinds of offers to help during the campaign.

I’d sure like to know what The Russians have to say about Clinton that everyone is trying so hard to conceal.

It is quite clever how The Democrats and the media have shifted the focus away from what is probably damaging information on Hillary Clinton, if it exists at all, to those who were offered the information without soliciting the information in the first place.

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