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I’ve been seeing a lot of left-wing anti-Russia posts on FB and other social media and some even ask the question, “Why does the American left suddenly hate Russia?” Or something to that effect.

I think I have an answer.

At one time American lefties could say their brand of socialism wasn’t as bad or as far to the left at Russian socialism, which made American socialism somewhat tolerable to reasonable Americans, or as far left as The Soviet Union’s form of socialism, which was of course communism, or complete state ownership and control of property.

But Russia is no longer so far to the left and in fact has moved quite a bit to the right. Since American socialism has been anchored in Russian socialism for so long and that anchor has moved so far to the right, so too must American socialism move to the right, which of course undermines American socialism. The one is dependent upon the other.

I think American lefties are angry that Russian lefties aren’t so “left” anymore and that’s why American leftists are suddenly anti-Russia.

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