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Why do the lefties suddenly hate Russia?

Posted on: August 10, 2017

I’ve been seeing a lot of left-wing anti-Russia posts on FB and other social media and some even ask the question, “Why does the American left suddenly hate Russia?” Or something to that effect.

I think I have an answer.

At one time American lefties could say their brand of socialism wasn’t as bad or as far to the left at Russian socialism, which made American socialism somewhat tolerable to reasonable Americans, or as far left as The Soviet Union’s form of socialism, which was of course communism, or complete state ownership and control of property.

But Russia is no longer so far to the left and in fact has moved quite a bit to the right. Since American socialism has been anchored in Russian socialism for so long and that anchor has moved so far to the right, so too must American socialism move to the right, which of course undermines American socialism. The one is dependent upon the other.

I think American lefties are angry that Russian lefties aren’t so “left” anymore and that’s why American leftists are suddenly anti-Russia.

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2 Responses to "Why do the lefties suddenly hate Russia?"

re: I think American lefties are angry that Russian lefties aren’t so “left” anymore and that’s why American leftists suddenly anti-Russia.”

I think you give too much credit to the American public at large in terms of their appetite for and knowledge of Russian political history and culture. I don’t think ‘Glasnost’ is really all that big a turn from classic Soviet communism; the oligarchs and other elements of the executive class just plundered much of that formerly govt-owned wealth into 21st-century fiefdoms. Putin’s is the biggest; or if not, he’s close enough to the other top billionaires.

The American left’s growing dissatisfaction with Soviet mythology probably has more to do with current american political dichotomies; e.g., “If Trump colludes with Russia, then Russia very bad,” etc.

Thank you for your comment. It is well received. You could be right to a certain extent but I think you might also be underestimating those who wish to appear to be on the left but are in fact the veritable “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

In the past I’ve likened the mainstream media to the same socialists that profit so heavily from creating a socialist class that can sit in front of the television all day and get paid to do it via a government check. That’s about to change and now the mainstream media are doing everything they can to see that it doesn’t happen, which is where I’m going with the observation.

Basically, as long as there is no longer a Soviet Union where people receive tickets for food, it is more difficult to extract huge sums in taxes from the middle classes and give it to those who either can’t find work, refuse to work, or are so rich they know how to hide their money so it can’t be taxed.

If everyone is working, who is watching television? For television to be successful, you have to have huge numbers of people watching it. It’s too expensive to run otherwise without the ad revenue.

Socialism is crumbling everywhere it is in force with the exception of Cuba and even there it is slowly waning. Look at Venezuala.

It is “the crux” of the matter in this country…

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