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This isn’t an observation about what happened in Charlottesville, VA, or whether what happened was right or wrong. It’s about something else.

There is something entirely disturbing about the bevy of overpaid, disingenuous CEO’s leaving Trump’s business council because of his response to something he had little control over.

Trump didn’t endorse anyone’s behavior in a single response to the situation in Charlotteville, VA.

Instead, what Trump basically said is that for the situation to have happened, it took both sides to act as they did. I don’t know if that is true or not. I was not there. But there was an awful lot of vile stuff flying around (if you watched the riot being livestreamed you know what I am talking about). The riot was escalating by the moment. Something was going to happen. Both sides were heavily involved physically.

But for the CEO’s to walk off of the business council after Trump’s response, some of the CEO’s who make hundreds of times more in salary than the average worker in their corporations, many of the CEO’s leaders of corporations that have off-shored to China much if not most of the production of the products they manufacture, or CEO’s of corporations that price drugs way beyond those prices charged in almost all other countries, gouging the American public, well, it sounds to me like they are using this as an opportunity to somehow distance themselves from their own corporate transgressions and misdeeds against the people of The United States while making President Trump the scapegoat for something he had nothing to do with in the first place. That is in fact what they are doing.

Much of the social disruption we witnessed in Charlottesville is the direct result of the economic decisions the leadership of those corporations have made, putting Americans out of work by off-shoring, often laying off tens of thousands of people at a time, enough to populate entire cities, pitting one economic and social class against the other through slick advertising campaigns, disenfranchising television broadcasts and elaborate displays of wealth, or receiving special tax incentives which essentially bankrupt the municipalities and locales in which they do business merely for the promise of providing jobs (or else we will off-shore to somewhere else).

The economic and social damage during the last three decades to the United States brought by many of the corporations who walked off of the council is immeasurable. And they want to make Trump the scapegoat? Can you hear them snickering as the run off? “Hey, Donald! See you, sucker! Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Shame on them. Somebody make a list of them and put it in the system so everyone can get a good look, please.

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