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One of the more disturbing observations that came to my mind this week during the DACA protests is that DACA recipients, illegal immigrants, people who don’t have 1st Amendment rights or the right to assemble are marching all over the country in protest of the administration’s position on the law while white Americans of just about any political persuasion, as long as they identify as “white Americans” are now unable to assemble or publicly attempt to redress their grievances with the direction the country is heading.

The media along with fearful municipal governments who are afraid of riots initiated by counter protesters are now refusing free speech permits and branding gatherings of white Americans as racist or fascist long before their appearance.

With the aid of the mainstream media, people who are not even citizens of the United States have been given more latitude to address their grievances in a public square than citizens of The United States.

That’s just plain wrong.

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