William Thien

An Observation on Professional Athletes Disrespecting The National Anthem. Don’t Pray! Protest! It makes for good television.

Posted on: September 25, 2017

Perhaps the reason so many athletes are not taking a knee or sitting during the playing of the national anthem at professional sports venues, NFL games in particular, is not so much that the athletes are doing so in protest but that they think that’s what the media wants them to do.

What? What’s that you say?

Well, If Tim Tebow was ridiculed by the media for praying during The National Anthem but Colin Kaepernick is lauded and applauded by the media for sitting during The National Anthem and all the focus is put on Kaepernick instead of Tebow, doesn’t that set an example for all athletes?

Maybe the professional athletes are simply doing what they think their employers want them to do, and the media, not unlike an employer in a sense, are in fact the largest source of revenue for professional athletes.

It’s as if the media are telling the athletes to keep up the drama or something because the public has decided that professional sports isn’t interesting enough without it any longer.

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