William Thien

An observation on The NFL Protests and The NFL’s tax exempt status

Posted on: September 28, 2017

I think what stings for many viewers who see NFL players disrespecting the flag and anthem may not be so obvious.

Most people are willing to overlook the outrageous salaries even the lowest paid players receive for just one season, for playing what is essentially a game that produces nothing other than entertainment, ultimately.

Most people are willing to disregard the behavior of the players off of the field. The pressures the players face are tremendous and the social magnification the players have to endure in the media is incredible.

Most people are willing to disregard the ridiculous commentaries of the players on the lives of normal, working people who don’t make multi-million dollar salaries, and that brings many much closer to why they think the player protests are invalid, fake, perhaps even maudlin.

But the fact that The NFL is a tax exempt organization, that upsets a lot of people who invest an entire day preparing for the “big game” only to see their favorite player avoiding the national anthem through whatever method they choose, taking a knee, hiding from the camera by staying in the locker room, what have you, while the guy on the other side of the TV set is thinking how he is going make the payment on his property taxes, make the house payment, or put shoes on his kids.

Maybe The NFL’s tax exempt status should be reconsidered in Congress?

Personally I think The NFL could have put a stop to the protests but they have discovered that the protests add drama to a sport people have been tuning out due to excessive commercialization and often what some believe is boring field play.

Yet, when a guy who has lost his legs in Iraq can prop himself up with only his arms in his wheelchair for The National Anthem at the beginning of a game and the players think they still have something to protest (we are not even sure if there is a general consensus), then I think it is probably time to find something else to do during the game. You can bet most wounded war veterans are paying their fair share of taxes. Why not The NFL?

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