William Thien

When did the national media become the scandal rags?

Posted on: November 12, 2017

Lately, every time I turn on the nightly news, they start off with a story about some Republican who has been accused of some sort of sexual misconduct. Often the accusations are decades old.

Now, when I turn on the Sunday morning political analysis shows, that’s all they focus on.

Thing of it is, it is all sexual content. It’s talking about sex. It’s like empty calories. People have sex. It’s entirely normal. Unless of course you are a female who wants to get even with someone using a law or perception of behavior that is rapidly changing and has changed completely over the last fifty years. Or, if you are instead a pawn in one political party’s attempt to get even with the voters who unanimously voted in another party in large numbers.

When did the national media become the scandal rags?

I turn it off and so should you. How about a national turn-it-off day?

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