William Thien

Computer Games and Mass Shootings, Part II

Posted on: November 13, 2017

On FB someone said they thought the shooters of the recent mass shooting should be held accountable and maybe if the shooters were held accountable, the violence would stop. This was in response to my original observation, “Computer Games and Mass Shootings.”

Here is my response on Facebook:

Well, it’s more like there has been a cultural shift in the use of first-person shooter games becoming ubiquitous in the American home. All the kids have them. Many adults, too. Not everyone who has a Budweiser drinks it to drive and kill, though. Everyone who plays a first-person shooter game on the other hand does play it to fantasize killing. Such behavior is glorified in the games. In reality, the shooters often kill themselves afterwards once they have realized what they have done is to kill a bunch of innocents. Given that context, Hillary’s argument is invalid. Guns themselves don’t enable the fantasized killing of innocents. In contrast, video games do. In fact, video games reward such killing. Therein lies the distinction. Drinking and driving which results in a fatality is an accident. Gamers play to kill. They feed on it.

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