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A New Year’s Resolution for 2018:

People need to make a mental note to stop using the term “liberal” in 2018. You are being tricked. The term “liberal” is just a euphemism for the term “socialist” anymore.

The term “liberal” now so often means that a redistribution of your income is taking place, most likely through the tax code, that the term “liberal” is no longer being used to describe a mindset, it is more often being used disguise the term “socialist” or “socialism.”

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I recently received a note from one of my credit cards that said due to the massive security breach at Equifax I should do my taxes early in order to avoid having someone false file them.

As a result I have been paying closer attention than normal to the tax bill recently ratified by our elected. This tax plan calculator gives you a guesstimate of how the new tax plan will affect your taxes.

Trump Tax Plan Calculator: http://taxplancalculator.com/

One of the pros of this new tax plan is that corporations have had the taxation of profits lowered substantially. That is the meat of the tax plan if you ask me. And that’s a good thing. The previous rendition of the tax code drove profits offshore into secretive banking accounts and resulted in lost tax revenue and the offshoring of jobs. Makes you wonder who the F is running this country, Americans or foreigners? You know what they say? Follow the money.

So The Trump Administration gets some serious Kudos for that. Great job! Bring it back home, Donny! Way to go!

In my case, since I have no property or dependents to write off, the only benefit to my taxes was that my standard deduction was doubled and that resulted, supposedly, (guesstimate) in an annual savings of $577, not much when were I to put in several dependents and a piece of property on my filing, my refund would be pretty substantial.

Now that’s not to say it is not a good taxation scheme (all systems of taxation in The US appear to me to be some form of lobbied “scheme” and that’s exactly what they are). And the benefit many received in the form of mortgage interested deductions has been reduced. To me, that makes good fiscal sense. The fact that the dependent tax credit was increased substantially to me is fiscal folly. Most of those dependents use public services throughout their lives (50% of all babies birthed last year used Medicaid. 50%. And they got a tax break, too. Really!) and to give a tax break to those who use those services is like paying people to buy your products. Unless you are the government, you won’t be in business very long. But hey, how else are our elected going to get re-elected? Half of them can’t even form a complete sentence, so they have to give our money away. That’s all they know, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Or is there?

So, it is still an extremely unfair tax code if you ask me, just less so than before. And for that, I have to give kudos to our elected which ratified the new “scheme.” The others, they can take a long walk off a short pier.

Let’s hope it is a start that gets the ball rolling in the right direction. Maybe there will be some momentum to improve taxation in The United Sates. Let’s hope they can bring our taxes down more and tax those that deserve to be taxed, tax those who use all the services for example, and provide some relief for those who use very few services instead of just the opposite, which is what it is now. WTF?!

Because though we don’t have a socialist government, it is through the tax code that massive wealth is redistributed in this country (so basically we have a socialist government) and that doesn’t seem to have changed much with this new taxation “scheme.”

There are some good things in this new scheme of taxation and some serious things that still need to be addressed, with fairness being the biggest issue to me that needs to be addressed.

So Kudos are in store.

But because it involves taxes, I have to say kudos…kudos so far, so good, so what.

Because at my age, when I look back at how much someone with some children and a house payment received in tax refunds over the years compared to what I have received when making the same salary but with no children or property, I could have bought a house for cash with what that money the other has received in refunds, yet they use all the government services in comparison.

Through the tax code the socialist US government has been giving them my income because they have children and a house payment and taxing me and people like myself in order to do that.

And you know what that is? That ain’t right, that’s what that is. Doesn’t matter which way you look at it. I’m just the first one to say anything about it and you can bet they are working overtime to shut me up, too. You can bet on it. Because that’s what communism does. That’s what collectivism is. It’s mob rule whether they are right or wrong.

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Now that the holiday season is upon us I want to remind everyone not to forget the less fortunate, those who serve the country and our communities, and also to consider the natural future of our planet and its environment. The following are some organizations that I support regularly or volunteer with that could use your support, too.

You may donate by clicking directly on the links in this text. In no particular order, here they are:

The USO https://secure.uso.org/?sc=WEBDONTRIL  Supporting the morale, welfare, and recreation of troops around the world and helping them stay connected.

Paralyzed Veterans of America http://www.SupportVeterans.org  A great organization dedicated to serving veterans suffering from spinal injuries.

Disabled American Veterans http://www.dav.org  DAV will help you get to the VA for medical visits or complete paperwork associated with VA claims and specializes in working with veterans injured in combat.

Homes for Our Troops  http://hfotusa.org is an organization with an excellent goal, “To build mortgage-free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured Veterans Post-9/11, to enable them to rebuild their lives.”

I have worked as a volunteer on one of these homes doing general things, handing roofing shingles up to the roofers, carrying wood to work locations, that kind of thing. They always need people. You can see if there is a home scheduled to be built in your area and volunteer by visiting their website.

Another organization that does great things for veterans is The Center for Veterans Issues http://www.cvivet.org/, specializing in finding housing for homeless vets and working with government agencies to help veterans get the support they deserve and more importantly have earned.

Audubon http://www.audubon.org/  One of the most active organizations in seeing that our natural world is monitored and conserved. The Audubon Society does some incredible things when it comes to helping to restore and conserve natural environments. Take your kids to an Audubon Conservation Center for a guided hike and you will see what I mean.

The International Crane Foundation
 https://www.savingcranes.org/  Eleven of the fifteen crane species face extinction, eleven of the fifteen species!

And don’t forget about your local food pantry. There is one in every town. Even a small donation to any of the above mentioned organizations goes a long, long way to helping the less fortunate in our communities.

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A male state representative where I reside was recently “accused” of kissing two women while drunk at parties where others were drunk as well! Can you believe that! OMG! The “incidents” occurred three and six years ago.

I don’t know about you but the continuous onslaught of harassment complaints, many of them seemingly quite petty like these two indicate to me that feminism has risen to a new level of pettiness.

Had the state congreeman kissed a guy, a rather unpleasant experience I am sure, we would have heard something else entirely about the him. Now his colleagues are stating that he should step down. Really?

No doubt there are many valid complaints out there but stuff like this is just foolish. And why are the women waiting so long to complain? Why didn’t they just slap the guy! “Look fella! Hands off! I’m trying to get drunk here and I don’t need you sticking your slimy tongue down my throat!”

Were the women talking to him for a while (they worked together) or did he just bum rush them from out of a dark corner at the party and start swapping spit?! Blam!

Ultimately I believe all of these complaints will have a cumulatively negative effect on workplace cooperation and communication if they have not already.

Because the circumstances are often undefined until someone makes a complaint (and often the complaints are based on feelings or perceptions). It will simply cause many men to disregard as valid the feminine point of view in the workplace, even if it is valid, for fear of jeopardizing their own position in the future if something doesn’t work out in favor of the female in the working relationship. Because you know what’s next? That’s right, a complaint. Clearly it has become a form of social promotion. We see that now, don’t we?

In this sense, what are very petty sexual harassment complaints are a form of treachery introduced into the natural order of cooperation between the sexes in the workplace that were the tables turned between the sexes society would merely dismiss the complaints as ludicrous. You know what I am talking about.

I have only one thing to say on the matter at this point.

Feminism is a double standard.

That is all.

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Though many of us are not satisfied with the way Congress is dealing with the problem of illegal immigration in The US, we must not neglect to recognize that the current administration through executive order has in fact made substantial progress curbing illegal entry in to The United States, which is a start and which also demonstrates sound judgement on the matter.

The only way to continue with that progress is to reward the elected at the ballot box and to make sure your elected know they will fail to receive your vote if they refuse to support legislation written to end illegal immigration.

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