William Thien

An A-\A for President Trump

Posted on: January 23, 2018

Were I to give Donald Trump and his handling of the presidency so far a letter grade or a series of stars, I’d have to say he’d be in that “A” letter grade range, definitely four and a half out of five stars.

Aside from a few pieces of legislation which will have to be reversed somehow, such as letting corporations trade your personal internet history and activity data freely (which is huge), and another which I will refrain from discussing now that pertains to public education, I’d say he is doing exactly what those who voted for him asked him to do. That is a major diversion from past presidents of whatever party. We can all agree on that.

Also, while the Never Trumpers have focused all of their anger at Trump, he hasn’t once said that I can recall in retort but I wouldn’t blame him if he did, “well I’m just doing what I was elected to do.” In other words, he is protecting his charges, those who voted for him. That’s called guts. You really can’t ask for me than that.

The guy is a fighter.

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