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Though I myself here in this blog have been critical of The FED’s seemingly perpetually low interest rates unnaturally stimulating inflation and pricing the middle class out of its lifestyle and sustenance, I think Trump is right that The FED is raising interest rates too quickly. There is no need to ruin the entire economy simply because they have been discovered in what appears either to be an attempt to undermine an entire sector of the working classes or simply to increase the value of another sector’s capital. Either way, the fact that they have been discovered in such irresponsible management of the country’s finances does not indicate overcompensation as a response. Trump is right that The FED is raising interest rates too quickly. Perhaps The FED needs more oversight.

On the matter of Trump’s apparent economic isolationism, of which I have read and heard about in the media not too infrequently, in a global economy where economies are seemingly and inextricably intertwined, maybe too a certain extent a little isolationism isn’t such a bad thing. Why should our economy take a hit every time that of another country which may not have such a robust economy falters? Now I am not certain that is Trump’s motivation in the “suspected” or “suggested” isolationism (the media is grabbing at whatever they can, whatever they can call), but a little shoring up of the national position might not be a bad thing. So if Trump is in fact somewhat isolationist, that could be a good thing in certain circumstances. In my opinion, though, Trump is merely sticking up for the country’s trade imbalances and defending The US against the unfair and protectionist trading practices of other countries that have become accustomed to America’s seemingly unlimited benevolence, the result of poorly managed trade agreements that have undermined our own industrial and production sectors.

Two issues Trump is correct about in my opinion.

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There was a point when I decided I couldn’t support Donald Trump for the very reason that he supports the buying and selling of our private internet activity. I also don’t agree with his position on a number of environmental issues.

But after seeing General Jim Mattis’s decision to step down as Secretary of Defense as well as a number of other high-ranking officials, I have decided that many of those stepping down are simply jumping ship. Mattis may not be doing so, but in my opinion, most of the others are.

That being said, one thing to note is that when you work for somebody, the American People, The President of The United States, an employer for that matter, your job is fairly well-defined usually and you are there to do that job, not implement “your” vision for America. Yes, if you disagree with something at your job you can walk out the door, but when it comes to serving the country, that’s an entirely different mater.

Aside from The President’s position on what our internet service providers can do with our private information and his position on environmental issues, I don’t believe Trump is that far off when it comes to what needs to be done to improve the economy of this country and take care of its safety and security.

Military activity is expensive as I have said before in my essay titled Should The United States be the world’s police force? and withdrawing our forces from countries where there seems to be no progress occurring, such as in Syria for example, makes a lot of sense for The United States financially, if not militarily. I think Trump is looking at the cost of maintaining troops in Syria and the region and saying there is little return on investment (ROI).

Trump on the other hand seems to be hell-bent on protecting the country’s southern border from mass invasion from Mexico and Central America and I think he is on to something. We do need a border wall. It is not that Americans don’t like Mexicans or people from central America, rather they are sick of paying for benefits for people who are not citizens of The United States and having their jobs taken by undocumented aliens willing to work for pennies on the dollar under the table and paying no taxes on those incomes to boot. Americans simply can’t afford it any longer. They need jobs and for employers to pay living wages in an economy that has not supported the American worker for decades. Trump knows that and is acting on it even though many in corporate America are countering his every move, offshoring jobs like GM has recently or others. But the left and the media have falsely turned the narrative to one of racism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump may look like the bad guy on such issues as how the military should be managed financially or how the country’s borders should be protected but if you ask me, all of the preceding Presidents have spent too much time trying to look like “the good guy” and have either exacerbated the problem for the citizens of America or increased the country’s financial burden.

T.S. Eliot said, “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” Samuel Johnson said, “Hell is paved with good intentions.”

Unlike the previous presidents of late, Trump is just doing the public’s dirty work and doesn’t care what the media, the left, or naysayers say about him. Clearly, unlike previous Presidents, his first priority isn’t about earning the “good guy” label. And for those of us who have done and do the dirty work of the country, you know how thankless it can be. Imagine being President Trump and the burden he is facing with all the corporate media and organized socialist resistance. Imagine the mud storm!

After seeing all that, I am like alright, okay, I’m going to have to put my deltas aside for now. That is why I am setting aside my differences and supporting President Trump once again. Because the guy has still cut my income taxes and that of corporate America, a miracle of incredible magnitude in modern American politics. That hasn’t happened at the federal level in like “forever.” In a sense, that is and will be priority number one for a long time for all elected officials, cutting our taxes. If I hear that you will have my complete and utter attention. What Trump has accomplished in that regard is a significant thing considering the drive of governments at all levels in The US to tax. It is seemingly insatiable.

Now, Mr. President, on the issues of internet privacy and the environment, we need to talk. You or I might not have a problem getting dirty on behalf of the country but let’s keep the public safe and clean. Thanks to your tax breaks, corporate America will do just fine without having access to everyone’s personal data.

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