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One of the measures The United States might take regarding the ongoing trade dispute with China is to implement a form of truth in advertising campaign. Perhaps the country of origin should be placed in large letters right on the front of the product when the product is made in China and perhaps the Chinese flag should be put there, too, you know the one where color red represents communism and the stars represent the unity of the Chinese people under the communist party.

That way when a consumer goes to purchase something, they can see right then and there what they are purchasing instead having the country of origin hidden in microscopic print somewhere on the lower back or underside or completely camouflaged in some print somewhere on the packaging.

Truth in advertising. That might work better than tariffs or it might work better in conjunction with tariffs. If the Chinese are going to trade unfairly and then go tit for tat when we take measures to protect our interests, there are other methods that can be implemented. Truth in advertising might be a good one.

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