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This is a reprint of an observation published in 2018

The problem with a political system that caters primarily to two parties, in America’s case it is the Democrats and the Republicans, is that the public loses out, almost always.

Though the two parties as I’ve mentioned appear to be in opposition, it is in fact the opposing actions of the two parties that is most damaging to the rights of the American public.

The two opposing parties constantly working against each other, as they will to gain superiority over the other, create a pincering or scissoring effect upon the public like the two opposing cutting blades of a scissors, coming together on each issue, slicing at it and simultaneously shearing away at the constitutional rights of the American public simply so that the parties can win an election or maintain control of the elected body.

What is the solution? I think it is necessary to have a strong third party come on line, a 3rd party that prevents the shearing away of the constitutional rights of the American public simply for political party gain. It must be done before what remains of the constitution is left in little shreds and snippets of scissored paper on the capital floor that nobody can piece back together once the damage is done.

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