William Thien

Vaping deaths and alcohol prohibition

Posted on: September 12, 2019

The recent deaths as a result of vaping adulterated vape cartridges are an unfortunate result of a human demand driven into the dark corners of the black market.

There really is no difference between the deaths today as a result of vaping and the deaths which resulted from adulterated alcohol during alcohol prohibition from 1920-1933. There is no difference.

On the evening fear broadcasts they are flashing the giant letters “THC” as if it were the culprit but we all know that is not the case.

During prohibition the public wanted to enjoy alcohol. The shortsightedness of the elected body desiring to stay in office outlawed legal alcohol production yet the demand did not disappear. The net effect is that the black market stepped in and one of the side effects of alcohol prohibition was bath tub gin. As many as 50,000 drinkers died (more were blinded or maimed) from bath tub gin, so today six vaping deaths would seem to be statistically insignificant in comparison. But the deaths are indeed significant in that they indicate the problem with making something illegal a majority of the population desires and driving the demand into the black market where resides a lack of regulation and quality control.

Our current laws concerning consensual behaviors are making the country sick in so many ways that when you look at an elected official that is against marijuana legalization you have to ask if that person is either paid by the black marketeers, just plain stupid, or doesn’t care for their constituents? In any case, they don’t belong there.

In these recent vaping deaths we see that history repeats itself.

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