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In reference to my previous post on the subject, what if conservatives used socialist and communist methodologies and instituted re-education camps and forced labor for political transgressions, what would conservatives teach in those re-education camps? More about that later.

Those of us who have worked in the military intelligence or for some agency that are aware of the existence of such facilities, in existence even today in countries such as North Korea and China as well, though less profoundly so, know what life is like in such places.

You may have seen news articles on television or in the newspaper about captured Americans and what they must endure or what citizens suffer of countries where those types of facilities exist. People are starved there, left with little clothing in windowless huts in the winter. They work long hours of hard labor and often never leave, not living long enough to complete their sentences. Americans only need to recall Otto Warmbier, an American, an American student who died from such tortuous treatment for merely trying to take a propaganda poster, something kids do all the time at concerts or college campuses to put up in their dorm rooms. Instead, Warmbier was detained and died shortly after he was returned to American custody.

Those are the conditions of communist and socialist re-education. That is the result of such prison encampment and detention. It is quite common. Warmbier simply attempted to take a poster! His sentence was death.

So, when I see all of those imbeciles parading around Washington D.C. with pickets that say it is time for socialism and communism in this country, among other ridiculous assertions, I ask, well then what if conservatives institute the same methodologies?

Because those same aforementioned socialist and communist methods are sure to follow if there is a national movement to socialize or communize the entire country. You can bet on it.

Why? Because after the people see what it is really all about, nobody buys into it anymore without the forceful institution of said communist ideology.

People suddenly get smart. But by then it is too late. They wise up and it is only under the installation of brutal control that extensive forms of socialism and communism can be maintained, perpetuated. People are not just misled. They are forced to believe, to comply. Look at Venezuela. Think about North Korea. Think about Otto Warmbier.

Think about Otto Warmbier before you get that ridiculous idea to make a picket to carry around professing the benefits of communism. Because once you get your communist country, the one you want so badly, you won’t be able to carry that picket around if it says anything about the benefits of capitalism, conservatism, or a free market economy. You’ll be on your way to the national Gulag in a pair of gray pajamas and no shoes just about the time of the first snowfall that year.

And just like always, somebody like myself at one time will be sitting far off on the perimeter watching everything that happens to you through a rifle scope or a pair of binoculars, a drone or a satellite signal thinking, damn, if only they’d have listened before they dropped that ballot in the box.

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Watching ABC News “this week” this morning one of the political analysts asked a group of respondents if the “two-party system” in America was broken?

The problem with that question is that America doesn’t have a “two-party system.”

There are many other political parties. It is just that two of those parties, Republicans and Democrats, have been able to secure the dominant positions in American politics. There are many other parties. Just to mention a few of them there is The Libertarian Party, Green Party, various forms of socialist parties (Democrats could be considered socialists nowadays and Republicans could be considered so as well depending upon how you look at the tax code and social safety net). There are numerous other parties as well as independents. There are parties that are more conservative that The Republican Party such as The Tea Party.

American does not have a two-party system.

So, in answer to the political analyst’s question, “NO,” the two-party system is not broken because we don’t have such a system here in America.

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With the media constantly telling you what’s right and what’s wrong and what’s good for you and what’s not and with the Congress giving you a tax break for one thing and not the other, well, this really ain’t no free country anymore, is it?

Yeah, you can still do what you want but now more than ever the government or some corporation is making you do what they want you to do and making you pay if you don’t instead of you doing what you want or what is best for YOU. Because what is best for everyone else might not be what’s best for YOU, whether the government or some corporation wants you to do it or not.

It’s still a free country if you don’t mind letting some media corporation, agency, or shopping or social media web site follow your every move on the internet and sell that information or profit from it or photograph/video you if you merely step outside your door or stand in front of your window where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

No, this ain’t no free country anymore.

When you examine the costs to your liberties, the encroachment upon your privacy, the constant and previously illegal searches, that ain’t free. That’s expensive, extremely expensive! Free country? Don’t believe it!

So, when someone lashes out at one of those institutions, I can’t say I don’t agree with them to a certain extent. Americans are constantly probed and their privacy is bought and sold so frequently nowadays while they profit very little from their own activity yet are made completely vulnerable (look at all the data breaches), that even though such activity may not on the surface feel very invasive, it is invasive, in its entirety and over long periods of time it is even more invasive, and as a result it is difficult to disagree with someone defending their place from all of that, even if their response seems to be to the extreme.

Free country? I hate to disillusion you, ladies and gentlemen, but this ain’t no free country anymore. It just ain’t.

Note: Ain’t was used for emphasis. The correct usage is “Isn’t a,” not “ain’t no.” 

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I think the real reason Facebook has suddenly been brought to the forefront of the internet privacy debate is because a much greater breach of the public’s trust has taken place by The US Senate and our elected. Your ISP is now selling your complete internet browsing history:



Guilty though they may be, Facebook is just the first fall guy, a distraction. There is a much greater abuse of the public’s privacy occurring.

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In talking with women these days you get the impression that they believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that men voted for Donald Trump because of his behavior with women. It is natural then for women to conclude that men who voted for Trump behave towards women like Donald Trump does.

That belief is probably due to the contemporary media’s scandal-rag format, constantly looking for human foibles, usually of a sexual nature, to present before the public eye probably because that is what makes women turn to that channel in the first place or read that supermarket checkout scandal rag, improving ratings.

In other words, the belief that women have that all men who voted for Trump voted for him because they believe in treating women the way Trump supposedly does when there are many other obvious reasons to have voted for Trump is really a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” You believe that all men act like that, including President Trump, and so the media tells you all men act that way so you can believe what you thought all along. The media are telling you exactly what you want to hear.

Some things you should all know about President Trump’s relationship with the media:

1. The media have never had better material to report on than President Donald Trump. Why do you think the media spend so much time reporting upon his personal life? Because you love to watch it, ladies. You love it. You desire the sensationalism. It is no different than the soap operas you watch. While you say he infuriates you, you can not seem to turn it off. You soak it all up. You demonize him on social media while you eat it up and ask for more. What does that mean? You are fulfilling your own belief system. Men are all one way or another, whatever you think it is that day, that moment. Trump is proof, you tell yourselves.

2. Also, President Trump has done more for the media than President Obama and President Bush before him both, in sum total, by enabling the media to purchase AND sell all of your social media activity, all of your internet activity, anything you do using your cell phone, tablet, or any other electronic device and purchase that information wholesale! Trump didn’t do that alone. The Senate had to vote to allow your internet service provider to sell your browsing history to advertisers, but The President went along with it. (see links I’ve included at end of this observation)

Do you think the media want that to stop? It’s a free for all and you are what they are feasting upon.

The massive betrayal of the American public’s privacy may go down as the greatest transgression against Americans since the founding of the country, if the public realizes what is happening.

There is therefore a certain unspoken symbiosis occurring there to be sure.

So…fulfill your self-fulfilling prophecies all you want.

Ladies, American men voted for Trump because he promised to bring jobs back to America and to address a multitude of social issues and abuses of the welfare system. Don’t let the media with its propensity for scandal change that for you so easily. The costs are too high.

Most American men can understand what your are thinking ladies but you should stop believing men voted for Donald Trump because of his behavior towards women. There is too much at stake to come to that conclusion, the economy, jobs, I kind of like that tax break I’ve received so far and I hope there are more to come as promised, and the list goes on. But there are things that need to change, actions by our elected that need to be reversed of a much more significant nature than outing the President for being a heterosexual.

Next time ladies, change the channel…if you can, so we can all get on with it.

References concerning your ISP selling your browsing histories:



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For years I’ve been saying that Democrats and some others are really socialists hiding behind the Democratic Party brand.

Finally, finally The NRA is beginning to figure that out. In the April 2018 issue of American Hunter, The NRA’s monthly magazine for members of The NRA who like to hunt, Executive Vice President Wayne La Pierra makes the argument that American colleges are breeding grounds for socialists and in particular socialists that want to take away your gun rights.

History is full of socialists movements that ended badly for society. One of the first things the socialists/communist leaders do is confiscate firearms. You can name any one socialist/communist leader (Stalin, Hitler (yes the Nazis were socialists), Mao) who lived during the last 100 years and see a direct relation between their rise to power and the slaughter of their populations who without variation were disarmed at some point during the history of their leadership.

So, to me it is a good sign that The NRA, socially charged with seeing to your gun rights, has begun to recognize that there is a direct correlation between socialism and gun confiscation. Though, it is not just on college campuses, such confiscatory gun talk is taking place at all levels of American society. There is a particular anti-gun hysteria occurring now in a number of population subsets and the drive to confiscate firearms is more extensive now than I can recall dating back to the Clinton administration.

What is more striking to me is that the drive to confiscate firearms seems to have an almost direct correlation with a drive to socialize the entire workings of the country. The two go hand in hand, one is the harbinger of the other, and that’s the most dangerous thing, begging the question, “how ready do you want to be when they come calling?”

It is good to see The NRA is finally figuring out that there is a correlation between socialism and gun confiscation. It helps to be able to call it for it for what it is. Because ladies and gentlemen, what it is is what it is.

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Because of the holiday I had Monday off and was watching the morning show/news/whatever you call it and the two talking heads, both females which I shall not name, were interviewing one of America’s best athletes who had just won a Silver Medal in a skiing competition. This was his second contest and he was very proud of his success winning the medal as all Americans should be. He was beaming with pride. It was great to watch.

So, these two talking heads were interviewing him about the great moment and ‘how did it feel?’ and ‘what were you thinking at the time?’ and it was all very exciting to watch.

Then, as if to derail the athlete’s magical moment and that of all of the American’s who were watching and enjoying his success and that of the country’s, one of the imbeciles interviewing him asked him something to the effect of, “so how was it getting over your substance abuse problems after the last Olympics?”

Luckily, the athlete kept his composure and he brought his hand to his face to keep from grimacing, it was clear, (who wouldn’t) and he responded that he was glad things were better or something like that. It’s not really important what he said in the context of this observation.

What is significant is that it appears to me that The United States is way down in the medal count during this Olympics. At least that’s what the sports casters are saying. And there really is no reason for it at least that they can see.

I tell you there is a reason. In any other country on the planet that athlete would be seen as a national hero. The gleam of the metal he brought back, Silver, would be seen as a brilliant, shiny gleam that brought great pride to the country as well as to the athlete as a result of his outstanding performance. But not in America! No, not with a venomous corporate media that is willing to destroy the very morale of every athlete at The Olympics and that of the country merely for the sake of ratings (and who knows if the “surprise!” question about the athlete’s substance abuse problem even did anything for the ratings).

Imagine the questions that arose in the minds of all of the other athletes on the team that were watching the interview or that heard about it. Gee, if I win a medal and get interviewed, are the media going to ask me about my personal problems, weaknesses? Has the media been out there digging up dirt on me that I don’t know about.

Imagine what that does to the athlete. You know what it does? It demoralizes the athlete. It causes the athlete to second guess themselves. Such questions by the media are the introduction of doubt into the mind of an athlete that must believe, that must believe they can do it, that they can overcome the incredible physical and mental pain many of the events cause to the athlete, that they can overcome a mindset of defeat in order to achieve success.

That question was such a diversion from the wonderful moment, so destructive jab, a poisonous production call (I’m sure someone on the interviewer’s headset told her to ask the question), the question was such a shock to the athlete and the viewer that it could have been meant to be nothing other than a slight, meant to be destructive to his morale. There can be no question.

Were I there, within arms reach of that producer or the interviewer, well ask anyone who knows me, there would be no telling what would have happened.

That was uncalled for. There was no need for that comment at all!

If you ask me, the media needs to learn a lesson or two or three or maybe a whole lot of lessons about what they are doing to this country.


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