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During a conversation with someone on the subject of DACA the person tried to convince me that there was a “humanistic” element to DACA and that sending DACA recipients back to their country of origin was somewhat, not completely, but somewhat inhumane. That may be true to a certain extent, I do not disagree. But that line is a line the media and DACA supporters have been running and it totally ignores the “inhumane” element of making Americans pay for it all.

The person I was speaking with, unlike myself, was clearly on the fence about DACA, which many people are.

The conversation meandered a bit as most conversations do (this wasn’t a scripted political speech or anything) and I suggested to the person while talking about a completely different subject that she should run for office, that she is well spoken and would make a good representative for her aldermanic district.

She replied resolutely with, “I wouldn’t stand a chance.” I disagreed and then asked why? Her response was, “well, this is a mainly Hispanic district and they only vote for Hispanics.”

I don’t need to tell you what happened next. I kind of emphasized it a bit by not immediately replying to her last statement. But her last statement, that Hispanics don’t vote for white females, which is what she is, a white female, was followed by a LONG DRAMATIC PAUSE!

To me this somewhat accidental arrival at a conclusion about why NOT to support DACA was so blatantly obvious that I admit I was a bit surprised she didn’t make the connection. But she didn’t at first. I had to help her realize the significance of what she had just said by bringing the conversation back to that of the subject of DACA.

“So,” I said something to this effect. “You want to support DACA because it has a “humanistic” element to it but you won’t run for office in your aldermanic district,” something which she is entirely capable of, “because Hispanics don’t vote for people like you.”

This observation of mine was followed by another LONG DRAMATIC PAUSE!

Wow, I thought to myself. There really is something to the blind ignorance of bleeding-heart liberalism, a condition I once long ago thought was completely a figment of the conservative political imagination. But there it was in what I would say was one of its purest, most unadulterated forms.

The person, whom I have a lot of respect for, realizing the significance of her most recent statement, that Hispanics don’t vote for white females, attempted to squirm out of the obvious conclusion that maybe supporting DACA isn’t such a good idea, particularly for white females. So I reminded her of the significance of supporting a program which eventually will make her political voice completely mute, which it will, as if in her own aldermanic district her voice isn’t already completely silenced.

“How’s that for a “humanistic” approach,” I asked?

She didn’t say it but the tone of her voice had changed and you could hear it there. The tone of her voice said, “OK, I get it.”

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One of the more disturbing observations that came to my mind this week during the DACA protests is that DACA recipients, illegal immigrants, people who don’t have 1st Amendment rights or the right to assemble are marching all over the country in protest of the administration’s position on the law while white Americans of just about any political persuasion, as long as they identify as “white Americans” are now unable to assemble or publicly attempt to redress their grievances with the direction the country is heading.

The media along with fearful municipal governments who are afraid of riots initiated by counter protesters are now refusing free speech permits and branding gatherings of white Americans as racist or fascist long before their appearance.

With the aid of the mainstream media, people who are not even citizens of the United States have been given more latitude to address their grievances in a public square than citizens of The United States.

That’s just plain wrong.

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Originally reblogged from my roll on April 11, 2015

I wrote recently that an organized group calling themselves “The Black Panthers” was videoed marching around with guns and shouting anti-law enforcement chants such as “fuck the pigs and everyone fuck with them” and shouting slogans such as “Black Power!” Many of my readers were surprised that they had not seen the videos I displayed. They wondered why the national mainstream media had not shown the videos. Though I don’t watch much television news, I don’t recall seeing the videos at online news sites either. The videos may have been shown in the mainstream media though nobody I have asked can recall seeing them. The videos (scroll down into my blog roll to see them) certainly weren’t given much coverage. If you ask me, the videos are definitely newsworthy, more so than most news. An armed group of people who believe they are involved in a life and death struggle (hence the public display of guns) are marching around in the streets of America? Really? Sounds like news to me. Little time if any was spent on them at the national level.

I also blogged to the effect that I believe were whites to do the same, they would be vilified by the media. My explanation for this is that the media are pandering to the larger market of black Americans who spend more time watching television and in that way the media are trying to preserve a market, a market for their advertisers and to maintain their ratings. Were the media to start telling the truth about violence perpetrated by blacks against whites or even black on black violence, it would disenfranchise the black viewer and cause them to change the channel. Gone would be market share and advertising dollars directed at the black audience. Makes sense if you do the math, doesn’t it? But it’s not just the media, the government has an incredible stake in seeing that the white middle classes are abiding by the tax code as well. Not only are the white middle classes the bread and butter of the government, they support all the other programs the government perpetuates as well. The white middle classes not only suffer under the yoke of the media, they are subject to an incredible burden of taxation, a burden that is not only heavy in toll but that is misused to pay for programs many do not support, an added insult.

So then why do the media vilify whites who shout “White Power” when they rally or march? Is it due to some historical context? Or is it that the media can effectively use some antiquated notion of white America to perpetuate its markets?

Or, rather where am I going with this you might be asking?

I believe there is a white struggle in America that as I’ve stated before is being suppressed by the media. I believe the media wants to maintain a status quo that in particular subjugates and silences middle class white America.

There is a reason for this. The tax code is structured in such a way so as to draw most of the finances used to pay for social programs from the white middle classes. The funds that go to pay for the social programs utilized in many areas are to a larger extent used primarily by black Americans whereas in those areas and in most, black Americans do not contribute or pay for those programs in any proportionate way. Do blacks serve alongside whites? Have they not done their duty for the country? Of course. No question.

This argument is not about blacks, though, in so much as it is about how the system we all live in snuffs out the attempts of whites to survive in that system that is growing radically more hostile by definition and structure towards whites.

The amount of funds for example that black Americans contribute to social programs is a small fraction of the amount of funds whites contribute yet blacks use the programs at least at an equivalent amount if not more.

The same is often true of races other than blacks. Some would say that all of this may be an accident of socioeconomics, that since white Americans fall into that tax category, that’s just how it is, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is a massive burden placed upon the white taxpayer that is unfair, disproportionate, and a massive economic insult. All of this has been happening for decades now while whites are often the subject of black on white violence and significant property crimes. The violence and criminal behavior is excused by the media in its constant omission of such statistics and facts and it is excused by systematic legal leniency.

The burden upon white middle class Americans of paying for all of the social programs and the social insult of all of the black on white crimes is a burden that is a crushing one. I see no reason why whites should be vilified for expressing their position in any such way, in particular in a manner that is no different than we’ve seen in the videos of The Black Panthers marching through the streets, up in arms no less.

Do I believe white Americans need to go there right now? I think I’ll leave that an open question.

But beware of what the media is telling you. Know why they are telling it to you, that they have something at stake, it isn’t merely just the righteous exercise of free speech.

Though I don’t believe in all of the messages we see and hear at rallies of white Americans expressing their opinions about the state of the country, such rallies as held by whites are usually without public display of arms and still subject to all forms of media vilification when in actuality the rallies are little different in context than what we have seen in the videos of the Black Panthers.

The shouts of “White Power” by whites at their rallies are no different than the shouts of “Black Power” by the Black Panthers and in fact may have more merit.

The constant drain on the pocketbooks of white Americans to pay for all manner of social programs and to motivate laws meant to equalize conditions for which the greatest majority of whites have had no responsibility are nothing more than a threat to the existence of white Americans throughout the country. We know this because every time whites bring it up at rallies or in any public forum, whether it be on the public square or at work even, they are attacked by the media and the system of redistribution. These conditions are manufactured by the media and the government as I’ve described. I’m certain you know what I am talking about. I’m just the one saying it in this way. Am I making myself vulnerable? What do you think?

While under the burden of massive taxation and threat of physical violence, white Americans are suffering a rapid loss of position in America. The justification for all of this is based on a false historical context of white America perpetuated by the media and various propaganda mechanisms such as Hollywood.

What the media have historically labeled “white supremacists” are in my opinion really “white survivalists.” However misguided or misdirected, racist or phobic it may seem at times, the call of “White Power” is a reaction to the conditions I’ve described and for that very reason it is no different than the call of “Black Power.” For reasons I’ve explained here and before, you just don’t hear the media calling blacks “black supremacists” when blacks make the same call.

White supremacy is nothing more than white survival.

White Power!

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Decades long (Greenspan to Yellen) monetary policy aimed at continually diminishing the strength of the currency for the regular population is in and of itself justification enough to respond.

I believe Washington has chosen monetary policy that forces the public to work longer hours for less income with the desire of increasing productivity at the expense of American working classes and their quality of life.

It has nothing to do with the general economy. The labor statistics coming out of Washington are false.  We’ve all known that for many years. The statistics don’t include the perpetually unemployed or the unaccounted for in industrially blighted urban areas. Therefor, the numbers are unreliable. So why the constant attempt to weaken the dollar?

Is it about selling more American made goods overseas? Somewhat, yes. But in my opinion it is more about squeezing the American working classes to get them to work harder for less, increasing the speed of the treadmill so to speak through weakening the dollar, thereby increasing productivity.

Again, if you weaken the dollar, if you systematically do so while steadily increasing inflation, a person needs to work harder and/or longer hours to get what they want or need or they must borrow more. A weaker dollar buys less and it buys less everywhere you use it even at home, not just overseas when you travel. The thing of it is, it’s not a function of the economy, it’s not happening on its own. It’s policy!

That’s what the FED has been up to starting with Greenspan, what the parties have been up to starting with Clinton, NAFTA and MFN for China, and the dollar.

You are getting squeezed by the FED/Washington establishment and the same people you elected. If money is speech as the Supreme Court determined, by weakening the dollar your voice is also being muffled. Directly.

The dollar isn’t too strong. Rather, Washington may be too powerful, too disingenuous.

I heard a debate on the radio this morning on the way to work. During the broadcast they were talking about a Constitutional Convention. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea.

I myself say, “What do you mean I don’t sound like a conservative? You are full of it. You can be a conservative and still be a working stiff! Conservatism isn’t just for the very wealthy. That’s something else altogether. That’s the monetary policy we have now.”

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I am always a bit puzzled (not entirely, just a bit) when I hear our country’s leadership say things like “the dollar is too strong” or “we need to make the dollar more attractive in the foreign currency markets.”

What they are saying essentially is that American made products aren’t as attractive in overseas markets if the dollar is strong because the American products become too expensive or less attractive price-wise for foreign consumers.

But a weaker or weakened dollar also means that I have to spend more of my dollars to get what I want. If you don’t make that many dollars or as many as you’d like, if you are in the lower to lower middle income brackets, the argument that the dollar is too strong is a somewhat punitive statement and it means that action to bring down the value of the dollar will have a direct impact on your buying power, decreasing your buying power.

Few would disagree that America needs to sell more products in foreign markets but you would hope that our country’s leadership would find other ways to make sure such sales increase such as instituting quality controls on production or some other method rather than simply selling everything on the cheap and making everything more expensive for the American consumer, punishing the American consumer, which is what they are doing.

Manipulating currency may be easy on American producers but it is also hard on American consumers as it is the same as taxing their dollars so they have less or simply reaching into their pocketbooks and taking the money right out by decreasing their buying power.

Have you seen the price of a new car or house lately? Maybe the dollar is weak enough already.

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While watching Chuck Todd interview Senator John McCain (R-AZ) this morning on Meet the Press Todd asked McCain if he thought the current administration’s flip-flopping from campaign positions to his current positions had something to do with Trump “being sucked in by the Washington establishment?”

McCain’s answer was to chuckle and say, “well, I hope so.”

To me this is proof that not only IS there a Washington establishment, it is proof that our elected know there is a Washington establishment and that perhaps our elected even provide support materially and vocally (obviously McCain supports it vocally in his response to Todd) to the Washington establishment.

Other elected officials were asked about Trump’s positional re-orientations throughout the week and the most common response was, “maybe he is ‘growing’ into the position.” Growing into the position? What a load of b.s.

To be sure, Trump doesn’t have to change his campaign positions. Something is forcing him to do so and it’s not that he “growing into the position.” He is there to implement the will of the people, not to “grow.” He isn’t on a weekend retreat. He is now the President of The United States.

I wrote earlier that it would only be a matter of time before Trump switched his campaign positions due to the Washington establishment and we see now that is exactly what is happening. You can read that post here: What’s Next for Conservatives?

The most disgusting aspect of the “Washington establishment” is that what it means is that those entrenched there in Washington are there to ensure that whomever is elected cannot implement the will of the people without the express consent of “the Washington establishment.”

Ultimately what a “Washington establishment” means is that the will of the people has been effectively thwarted, seemingly in perpetuity, by a bureaucratic element entrenched in our nation’s capital and that there is nothing, either voting for a Republican or voting for a Democrat, that the people can do about it.

What is the solution?

The two major parties take great pains to make sure the public is nearly equally divided (we see this in the election results) right down the middle when it comes to major elections and national issues. The parties talk about the base of the Republican party and the base The Democratic party in their political calculus.

Maybe it’s time that the bases of both parties come together for a new political calculus, disregarding the respective party apparatus so the country can really “drain the swamp” as Trump promised during the election and take care of the needs of the people and not that of “the Washington establishment,” which is what he is now doing.

There are common goals among the bases of both parties. Maybe it’s time we come together and focus on those common goals primarily and forget about our differences, such as abortion and gun rights for example, just once, and see what happens.

Maybe we can set those and other differences aside in order to bring the changes the country requires. Or maybe “the Washington establishment” can deal with that, too. And you know what that means? Think about it.

Because we now have proof that there is indeed a “Washington establishment” and it is working against us, working against us all.

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To me what is getting lost in all of this discussion about the possible wire tapping of The Trump Towers is that not only now that Trump is in The Whitehouse he doesn’t appear to have a complete understanding of the scope of surveillance upon the American public, the Chairman of The House Intelligence Committee is not communicating with Trump about potential capabilities.

In other words, how could President Trump now that he is in The White House not understand how surveillance of his team occurred? It’s happening to all of us all of the time. The entire country is under a blanket search warrant. Once called “The Patriot Act,” it’s now called “The USA Freedom Act” (really, I mean come on, The USA Freedom Act?) after The Patriot Act expired in 2015. The difference is that The NSA no longer stores all of the information from your phone calls and emails, texts. That is done by telecoms. That’s right. The phone companies are now keeping all of your information.

And that is why I concluded in my earlier observation on the matter that it was more likely that telecoms (telecommunications/phone companies) or the media were leaking information about The Trump Campaign rather than the government. If they are storing the information there is a pretty good chance they can access or someone else can access the information because in no way is it as secure as if were stored at The NSA.

If Trump does not know this, somebody isn’t doing their job very well, which is where Devin Nunes (R-CA) stepped in and that is probably why Adam Schiff is so upset. The Chairman of The House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, a Democrat, has conveniently neglected to apprise the current administration, which is Republican, of the true nature and capability of such matters.

For more information on this issue read the following two articles:



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