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This is not to diminish valid claims of harassment in the workplace or in general, claims of harassment made by women that is. I do not dispute their validity.

This is also not to embarrass or denigrate my employer or any of the former, merely to use myself as an example as I am the best resource I have access to on the matter, or my own circumstances, my own situation. My employer works overtime in many respects to see that the workplace environment is a safe and healthy one, with the exceptions that I enumerate here and that may be merely because of the environment I describe here as well. Furthermore, it is often not so much what I call “reverse harassment” as you will see later that annoys or aggravates me, it is the fact that women as a whole are constantly crying wolf when they commit the same atrocities, if you will, themselves just as often if not more so.

Again, this is not to diminish valid claims of harassment in the workplace or in general, claims of harassment made by women that is. I do not dispute their validity.

This is about the opposite. Since nobody is giving it any airtime, I will. You are welcome fellas. I know what a tight spot you are in.

There is a glaring double standard in today’s workplace in how sexual harassment complaints are handled for men and women. Even minor sexual harassment complaints involving harassment of women by men are often treated with extreme prejudice, resulting in the dismissal of male employees.

While, what are far more egregious complaints involving the harassment of male employees by females are often met with little or no response from management whatsoever. The female harassers may be spoken to, maybe not. But nothing is done to the female employee, no unpaid suspension of employment, no dismissal from the workplace.

Were it a male up for the same actions, the axe would likely fall.

I’m speaking from experience. I myself have had to call such to the attention of my superiors with lengthy letters explaining a history of behaviors of female co-workers involving serious character defamation as well as harassment of a serious nature, not just a fleeting comment or an obscure glance.

The female employees are still working in the same facilities I work in and often are given better assignments. It could be that my superiors whom I reported to were themselves female and so they thought my complaint should be minimized, since it was really “reverse harassment” from female to male. But like “reverse discrimination,” reverse harassment is still harassment, plain and simple.

Read my blog. Several years back, I was the first in this country to deconstruct the false construct of “reverse discrimination” with the rather obvious observation that “reverse discrimination” is still discrimination and just because it is in the reverse doesn’t make it right. “Reverse discrimination” is still discrimination, plain and simple and it should be treated by the law the same as discrimination. The word “reverse” was just thrown in there to mitigate the severity of the behavior of the reverse discriminators as if all those of a similar genetic makeup that did the discriminating in the past had it coming to them or something, even if there is no relationship to the transgressors any way whatsoever, ancestors weren’t even in the country when it happened. You are white therefore you are guilty by default and so a little reverse discrimination is due.

And the same goes for “reverse sexual harassment.” Simply because it is harassment in the reverse doesn’t mean it is not harassment. You are male, therefore you are guilty by default because of the past transgressions of males so “reverse discrimination” isn’t so bad. “Take it like a man,” says the woman in response. But were it a woman, we would never hear the end of it.

Employers are so afraid of legal costs and action they treat things that way.

But harassment in the reverse is still harassment and it still has a negative effect on the working relationship someone has in the workplace.

The mass media, once a somewhat reliable source of information to the public now offers cash rewards for information about sexual misconduct by males in the workplace, in particular men in prominent positions, because the media have now changed their business model from news broadcasters to scandal rags instead. This phenomenon is so frightening to entire political parties and their members that they eat their own. What may be the best men for the job are selected out of the process by the media prior to even getting started. The kangaroo court of the media is able to prosecute men right out of employment and prominent office without any due process simply because organizations are afraid of what the media will do to their public persona if they stand up to the “mass market we-need-the-ratings” behavior.

My guess is that my employer and others don’t think there will be a mad dash by male employees to fetch a lawyer (I haven’t but you would probably wonder why if you had heard what was done and compared it to 90 percent of the women bawling at #MeToo) to litigate the matter and that is why employers don’t do anything to female employees when men call untoward female behavior to the attention of their superiors. Men don’t get an attorney to pursue financial recovery for damages of any kind. We just don’t do it as a general practice like women do. The system probably isn’t even prepared for men to do it en masse like women do. It would be an incredible shock to the system.

In fact that lack of legal action on the part of male employees resulting in a stifling working climate for them may be the only reason things haven’t changed in that regard and why men have begun to think the contemporary workplace in America is a treacherous and unsatisfactory place to work anymore. They don’t do anything about it, they don’t take any legal action because it isn’t the “socially acceptable” thing to do, and so the workplace doesn’t change, becomes more treacherous, more toxic.

The double standards for discrimination and harassment, double standards because how they are perceived and prosecuted in the workplace, differently for men and women, particularly for white males, are slippery and socially disruptive to the general workplace environment, particularly again for white males.

Just as reverse discrimination is really just plain old discrimination, “reverse harassment” is just plain harassment. There is a double standard as to how the matters are treated for men and women in today’s workplace and in public which nobody can deny. We see it in the media everyday, EVERY SINGLE F’ING DAY! Remember, the media are offering cash rewards for such information. As men we no longer even have a representative source of public information.

The double standard: it’s something to think about, guys.

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