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As I listen to the local radio wench squawk with the local female candidate for an open congressional seat, as they chatter about why one health care system is better than the other and why the left’s system will bankrupt the country while the right’s system is better, it occurs to me that both parties are at fault for not properly regulating the health care industry. At one time, the health care industry was regulated. Providers were not allowed to advertise in certain ways and places (advertising costs are huge and passed on the to patient), insurance companies could not refuse due to pre-existing conditions, and health care in America was pretty good, certainly better than it is now.

Now, what we have are two major parties subject to lobbying from big pharma and a media hungry for health care advertising dollars, so much so that they don’t care about the patient, not one bit.

We don’t need to socialize health care, that’s the misdirection, the fear they are offering and both parties are complicit. We only need to regulate health care properly, like we once did.

It is time to return to a system of health care that is properly regulated, for the health of the nation.

Greed may be good, as some psychologists believe, but not when it comes to health care.

Health care in America is a system consumed by an unhealthy, unregulated level of greed and it is making America sick.

We don’t need to “socialize” medicine in America, that’s just the fear tactic both major parties are using to control your decisions about health care in America. Health care in America just needs to be properly regulated which is what big pharma and other health care special interests fear the most. Take their fear and use it against them.

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This Monday morning following the weekend attack in Pittsburgh The CBS Morning Show had a so-called “analyst” on who said that The FBI is restricted from monitoring social media for certain types of speech. Maybe, the implication was, the attack in Pittsburgh could have been stopped were The FBI or some other government body monitoring social media.

The woman , the “analyst,” dressed in a shape revealing, tight-fitting black shirt skirt that probably cost a lot of money who obviously had numerous plastic surgeries to her face and had spent thousands of dollars on her hair recently said that maybe it is time for the government to start monitoring social media, a blanket search warrant on us all, another one following the various iterations of The Patriot Act.

Naturally, the thought came to mind of the quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Let me elaborate on what Benjamin Franklin said. Franklin essentially said that CBS deserves neither liberty or security. That’s what that means.

CBS didn’t waste any time attempting to hack away at your liberties, no time at all. None. Started it off first thing Monday morning, shoving you back in to submission. Make no mistake, that’s what they are up to with that type of rhetoric.

Let’s stop letting the media determine policy.

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What an interesting week in the news, mail bombs, stock market machinations, you name it.

The President’s response is that there is no place for “political violence” in the country and that we all need to “unify.”

I like the guy, I have to admit, though it is unlikely that I will vote for him if he runs again for President since he and the rest of the elected classes in that party support selling our internet privacy to anyone and everyone who wants to see what we are doing on the internet, what the children are texting to each other, who we are calling. Doesn’t mean I will vote for a socialist democrat, but there are other parties out there that aren’t in such a hurry to sell you out. Sorry guy, but you lost me there at that betrayal of my privacy.

But getting back to the subject of this observation, why do we all need to unify? Nothing our government does leads us to any form of unity. The tax code divides us in to separate income brackets and wealth classes and rewards or punishes us all completely differently. Particular social groups receive massive aid from the government while others do not. Laws protect “special classes” of people who are then called “protected classes.”


Think about it, guy. Try again.

If we are going to unify we need to unite against the government for what it does to us all.

Judging from the way the government treats us all differently, that is of course what the government is afraid of. Unity.

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I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick of hearing and seeing campaign ad after campaign ad suggest that if you vote for the other guy, you will practically end up dead, destitute, or homeless and out of work.

Your medical insurance will be canceled. Voting for the other guy is akin to getting cancer in some ads with a medical angle.

Mass murderers and thug rapist inmates will be freed from jail if you vote for the other guy in some ads.

You will all lose your jobs and then your houses.

People will practically die in the streets if you vote for the other guy.

Do our politicians have that much control over our fates? Because they should not. The media would have us all believe though that it is so with the amount of ads they are running and making a killing on themselves.

Ugh! Another campaign season. Another season of fear.

Makes you want to vote for the third party candidate. They don’t have any money to run such ads, yet.

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After the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, the primary thing that is clear to me about sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations is that such allegations are used against men as a “weapon,” often in an offensive sense, to achieve or acquire something such as social promotion or an employment promotion, perhaps a lawsuit to acquire financial compensation, you name it. Obviously I’m stating the obvious here.

In the case of Judge Kavanaugh, sexual harassment allegations were brought as a means to prevent something, his confirmation to the Supreme Court. Otherwise, why wait so long to make such allegations?

Another thing about sexual harassment allegations is that they are a weapon really only available in the female arsenal. And because the onus is on the accused to defend himself and regain his innocence once the accusations are made, sexual harassment allegations not only have the power to wound the falsely accused, the allegations automatically disarm the accused and make it nearly impossible to defend himself because half of the population, women, want to believe the accusations almost automatically in the kangaroo court that is mass media fueled feminism.

Sexual harassment allegations seem almost to bypass the public court system in that regard.

I should add that men themselves do not generally make sexual harassment allegations because society and the pandering media do not view them in the same manner as allegations brought by women against men. So there is a cultural context to sexual harassment and assault claims when maybe there shouldn’t be.  We are all equal, right?

Yet, I have heard from many men that they have been harassed sexually, particularly in the work place. Does that mean that men are more civil in the work place? Or are female employees just that much more devious and disruptive to the work environment? Which raises the question: Are equal rights laws so open to such abuse as a plethora of false claims that the laws are totally undermining productivity and success in the American work place, crippling American industry in a contemporaneously global industrial environment where such laws are not commonplace elsewhere? Then, perhaps the threshold for what defines sexual harassment and assault is way too low.

Finally, after the media’s focus on the sexual harassment allegations brought against Judge Kavanaugh and the massive harangue from women in every town square about what clearly appear now to be nefarious claims by Kavanaugh’s accuser, you would think all women have been sexually harassed.

That causes me to reach only one conclusion as only one conclusion could be reached about sexual harassment claims. It is clear that the definitions of sexual harassment go too far and that they undermine the natural order between men and women when ultimately such definitions should restore harmony. But we don’t see that today. We see only discord. Just look at the masses of protesters everywhere.

The law, laws, the “system,” so to speak, is supposed to enhance order and harmony but as more and more laws are put in the books about such matters, and the definitions of what such matters involve supposedly evolve, more and more women claim to be harassed and assaulted. Perhaps there will come a time, as it would appear many would have it, when every interaction between the sexes will potentially be classified as sexual harassment or sexual assault and no man or boy will be safe from accusation. Masculinity will be forbidden in that time and only femininity, if you can call it that, will be legal.

The definitions of sexual harassment need to be re-evaluated to include behaviors by both participants in what appears often to be interaction between consenting individuals where one it appears quite plainly is simply using such allegations to get what they want when they could not any other way. Even if it is simply revenge.

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Now that the country’s economy is coming back due to the incredible Trump tax breaks as well as steps taken by previous administrations, I think it is time to take one more measure to ensure that the country’s industrial sector remains strong. It is time to incentivize quality in American industrial production.

Following World War II reconstruction of Japan included sending two men to rebuild Japan and Japanese industry. Those two men were General Douglas MacArthur and W. Edwards Deming.

We all know who Macarthur was. Deming on the other hand was a statistics professor at New York University who believed statistics could be used to improve the quality of industrial production. Without elaborating here on what Deming did for Japanese industry, it is safe to say it worked.

Just look at all of the products of Japanese origin that have displaced American made products, big ticket items no less, cars, motorcycles, electronics, you name it, for one major reason. QUALITY!

Americans are sick of paying for cars that fall apart after driving them off of the lot and they have been voting with their dollars for decades now by purchasing Japanese products. Japanese manufacturers have been so successful selling to Americans who are fed up with poorly made products that Japanese manufacturers now have the largest automotive production facilities in The United States. All of that is because of a quest for quality. All of that coming from a country the size of California, one state, with a population a fraction of The United States. That tells you what the power of quality is to the consumer. It is everything.

What the President and Congress can do now is to provide additional tax incentives for American industrial producers to improve quality measures on our own soil, here in The United States.

Measures taken by US based industries will have to be verifiable and should result in measurable (threshold) quality improvements in order for the tax incentives to be earned.

The tax incentives should be substantial in order to motivate US industrial producers to take action because often it is difficult to change production methodologies which can require changing industrial machinery (no small task) and retraining large numbers of employees (again, no small task).

We know the statistics professor’s efforts in Japan were successful 68 years after Deming visited Japan and the effects are massively visible today on our roads and in our homes.

It is time for The President and Congress to make something approaching Deming’s system of statistical analysis for quality improvement in Japan an achievable goal here in The United States by offering substantial tax incentives, which must be verifiable, to produce quality on a massive scale. Here. Not there. Here.

But it should not stop there. Statistics are not the only way to improve quality in industrial production. If a company can demonstrate that it has made changes to improve quality, capital investments, training regimens, whatever it takes, that should be incentivized as well.

The President and Congress should waste no time installing such tax incentives.

Now that the economy has become a global one for good, things can change overnight. The one thing industrial producers can do here in America is to ensure the global consumer has faith in US made products. The best way to do that is to constantly improve quality.

It is better to take such measures now, when the country’s economy is strong than when the country faces some form of economic depression such as following one of the several bubbles the country has faced in the last two decades. Then, companies are in a different mode, often downsizing, selling off capital, just to make ends meet.

Again, The President and Congress should waste no time installing such tax incentives to improve the production of quality in The United States.

This is not about a tax break for corporations, it is about an industrial movement, it is about ensuring a new age in American economic prosperity.

cc: The President of The United States

Congressman James Sensenbrenner

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One of the primary structures of communist re-education camps is a series of lessons that inmates must learn in order to be released back in to communist society. The focus of the lessons and how many lessons there are can very. The communist regime or the dictatorship would determine what those lessons would be.

What if conservatives instituted such camps, too? What would their lessons be? Imagine that they might take the form of tenets or commandments perhaps. How would the lessons sound and what would be their focus?

I have some examples. If true, real conservatives instituted a political re-education camp, the first to visit the camps would be politicians that redistribute the wealth of the country to those who provide little in return. Politicians of course do that in order to get elected.

Socialist and communist politicians hiding behind the auspices of one political party or another would be the first to enter the camps, rounded up probably while eating their free lunches or expensive Washington D.C. dinners that are paid for by the tax payer. Conservatives would enter and surround the tables and cart the offending socialists off, toss them in a school bus or trucks of some kind, blindfolded maybe, and off they’d go to the conservative re-education camps, secretly located of course.

The deceptive politicians would be stripped of their fancy business suits and expensive jewelry and given gray pajama-like uniforms with a number on them. They would no longer be referred to by their titles such as Senator this and Congressman that but instead they would be assigned a number and they would keep that number until they completed their re-education and only then would their titles be restored.

The politicians be forced to reveal the location of the wealth they accumulated while in Washington as everyone knows most politicians go to Washington having what might be considered middle-class wealth but after years of incumbency and influence peddling they are often multi-millionaires or wealthier.

Once there, the lessons would begin immediately.

The first lesson might read something like this, a commandment perhaps, and open to revision:

  1. Thou shalt not tax the working person to death in order to pay for a massive culture of sexual promiscuity. Where am I going with this particular lesson? Well, the largest beneficiary outside of the elderly of social welfare programs in this country are single women sleeping around and getting pregnant, carrying the spawn to term, and then strapping the working stiff with the costs of birthing and then raising the bastard child through its entire life, at huge expense to the tax payer. As many as 50 percent of children on average are born to women out-of-wedlock annually, a huge expense to the tax paying working person. Large chunks of their income go to pay for that behavior. The working person never sees the money and they have no option to opt out of paying for the such sexual promiscuity of women they will never meet. The money is simply taken right out of their pay checks. Socialist politicians who support such policy will remain in forced labor until they agree to work to discontinue policy that burdens society with the costs of such sexual promiscuity by single women resulting in children being born out-of-wedlock and paid for by the public, instead of the father and mother of the child. If the politicians don’t agree to change their policies, options in the re-education camp might include solitary confinement in a small box (as is done in communist or socialist countries) or harder labor, until the politician breaks and is willing to sign a document stating that they would not perpetuate such policy that takes from the working classes and redistributes to the sexually promiscuous female having their children out-of-wedlock.

That would be the first and primary lesson of a conservative re-education camps. The result of whoring around shall not result in the tax payer being burdened with the costs to raise the result of that activity, or a child born to a woman out-of-wedlock.

There are more lessons to come. Stay tuned or sign up to receive updates.

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