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Now that the country’s economy is coming back due to the incredible Trump tax breaks as well as steps taken by previous administrations, I think it is time to take one more measure to ensure that the country’s industrial sector remains strong. It is time to incentivize quality in American industrial production.

Following World War II reconstruction of Japan included sending two men to rebuild Japan and Japanese industry. Those two men were General Douglas MacArthur and W. Edwards Deming.

We all know who Macarthur was. Deming on the other hand was a statistics professor at New York University who believed statistics could be used to improve the quality of industrial production. Without elaborating here on what Deming did for Japanese industry, it is safe to say it worked.

Just look at all of the products of Japanese origin that have displaced American made products, big ticket items no less, cars, motorcycles, electronics, you name it, for one major reason. QUALITY!

Americans are sick of paying for cars that fall apart after driving them off of the lot and they have been voting with their dollars for decades now by purchasing Japanese products. Japanese manufacturers have been so successful selling to Americans who are fed up with poorly made products that Japanese manufacturers now have the largest automotive production facilities in The United States. All of that is because of a quest for quality. All of that coming from a country the size of California, one state, with a population a fraction of The United States. That tells you what the power of quality is to the consumer. It is everything.

What the President and Congress can do now is to provide additional tax incentives for American industrial producers to improve quality measures on our own soil, here in The United States.

Measures taken by US based industries will have to be verifiable and should result in measurable (threshold) quality improvements in order for the tax incentives to be earned.

The tax incentives should be substantial in order to motivate US industrial producers to take action because often it is difficult to change production methodologies which can require changing industrial machinery (no small task) and retraining large numbers of employees (again, no small task).

We know the statistics professor’s efforts in Japan were successful 68 years after Deming visited Japan and the effects are massively visible today on our roads and in our homes.

It is time for The President and Congress to make something approaching Deming’s system of statistical analysis for quality improvement in Japan an achievable goal here in The United States by offering substantial tax incentives, which must be verifiable, to produce quality on a massive scale. Here. Not there. Here.

But it should not stop there. Statistics are not the only way to improve quality in industrial production. If a company can demonstrate that it has made changes to improve quality, capital investments, training regimens, whatever it takes, that should be incentivized as well.

The President and Congress should waste no time installing such tax incentives.

Now that the economy has become a global one for good, things can change overnight. The one thing industrial producers can do here in America is to ensure the global consumer has faith in US made products. The best way to do that is to constantly improve quality.

It is better to take such measures now, when the country’s economy is strong than when the country faces some form of economic depression such as following one of the several bubbles the country has faced in the last two decades. Then, companies are in a different mode, often downsizing, selling off capital, just to make ends meet.

Again, The President and Congress should waste no time installing such tax incentives to improve the production of quality in The United States.

This is not about a tax break for corporations, it is about an industrial movement, it is about ensuring a new age in American economic prosperity.

cc: The President of The United States

Congressman James Sensenbrenner

Copyright © William Thien 2018

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One of the primary structures of communist re-education camps is a series of lessons that inmates must learn in order to be released back in to communist society. The focus of the lessons and how many lessons there are can very. The communist regime or the dictatorship would determine what those lessons would be.

What if conservatives instituted such camps, too? What would their lessons be? Imagine that they might take the form of tenets or commandments perhaps. How would the lessons sound and what would be their focus?

I have some examples. If true, real conservatives instituted a political re-education camp, the first to visit the camps would be politicians that redistribute the wealth of the country to those who provide little in return. Politicians of course do that in order to get elected.

Socialist and communist politicians hiding behind the auspices of one political party or another would be the first to enter the camps, rounded up probably while eating their free lunches or expensive Washington D.C. dinners that are paid for by the tax payer. Conservatives would enter and surround the tables and cart the offending socialists off, toss them in a school bus or trucks of some kind, blindfolded maybe, and off they’d go to the conservative re-education camps, secretly located of course.

The deceptive politicians would be stripped of their fancy business suits and expensive jewelry and given gray pajama-like uniforms with a number on them. They would no longer be referred to by their titles such as Senator this and Congressman that but instead they would be assigned a number and they would keep that number until they completed their re-education and only then would their titles be restored.

The politicians be forced to reveal the location of the wealth they accumulated while in Washington as everyone knows most politicians go to Washington having what might be considered middle-class wealth but after years of incumbency and influence peddling they are often multi-millionaires or wealthier.

Once there, the lessons would begin immediately.

The first lesson might read something like this, a commandment perhaps, and open to revision:

  1. Thou shalt not tax the working person to death in order to pay for a massive culture of sexual promiscuity. Where am I going with this particular lesson? Well, the largest beneficiary outside of the elderly of social welfare programs in this country are single women sleeping around and getting pregnant, carrying the spawn to term, and then strapping the working stiff with the costs of birthing and then raising the bastard child through its entire life, at huge expense to the tax payer. As many as 50 percent of children on average are born to women out-of-wedlock annually, a huge expense to the tax paying working person. Large chunks of their income go to pay for that behavior. The working person never sees the money and they have no option to opt out of paying for the such sexual promiscuity of women they will never meet. The money is simply taken right out of their pay checks. Socialist politicians who support such policy will remain in forced labor until they agree to work to discontinue policy that burdens society with the costs of such sexual promiscuity by single women resulting in children being born out-of-wedlock and paid for by the public, instead of the father and mother of the child. If the politicians don’t agree to change their policies, options in the re-education camp might include solitary confinement in a small box (as is done in communist or socialist countries) or harder labor, until the politician breaks and is willing to sign a document stating that they would not perpetuate such policy that takes from the working classes and redistributes to the sexually promiscuous female having their children out-of-wedlock.

That would be the first and primary lesson of a conservative re-education camps. The result of whoring around shall not result in the tax payer being burdened with the costs to raise the result of that activity, or a child born to a woman out-of-wedlock.

There are more lessons to come. Stay tuned or sign up to receive updates.

Copyright © William Thien 2018

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In reference to my previous post on the subject, what if conservatives used socialist and communist methodologies and instituted re-education camps and forced labor for political transgressions, what would conservatives teach in those re-education camps? More about that later.

Those of us who have worked in the military intelligence or for some agency that are aware of the existence of such facilities, in existence even today in countries such as North Korea and China as well, though less profoundly so, know what life is like in such places.

You may have seen news articles on television or in the newspaper about captured Americans and what they must endure or what citizens suffer of countries where those types of facilities exist. People are starved there, left with little clothing in windowless huts in the winter. They work long hours of hard labor and often never leave, not living long enough to complete their sentences. Americans only need to recall Otto Warmbier, an American, an American student who died from such tortuous treatment for merely trying to take a propaganda poster, something kids do all the time at concerts or college campuses to put up in their dorm rooms. Instead, Warmbier was detained and died shortly after he was returned to American custody.

Those are the conditions of communist and socialist re-education. That is the result of such prison encampment and detention. It is quite common. Warmbier simply attempted to take a poster! His sentence was death.

So, when I see all of those imbeciles parading around Washington D.C. with pickets that say it is time for socialism and communism in this country, among other ridiculous assertions, I ask, well then what if conservatives institute the same methodologies?

Because those same aforementioned socialist and communist methods are sure to follow if there is a national movement to socialize or communize the entire country. You can bet on it.

Why? Because after the people see what it is really all about, nobody buys into it anymore without the forceful institution of said communist ideology.

People suddenly get smart. But by then it is too late. They wise up and it is only under the installation of brutal control that extensive forms of socialism and communism can be maintained, perpetuated. People are not just misled. They are forced to believe, to comply. Look at Venezuela. Think about North Korea. Think about Otto Warmbier.

Think about Otto Warmbier before you get that ridiculous idea to make a picket to carry around professing the benefits of communism. Because once you get your communist country, the one you want so badly, you won’t be able to carry that picket around if it says anything about the benefits of capitalism, conservatism, or a free market economy. You’ll be on your way to the national Gulag in a pair of gray pajamas and no shoes just about the time of the first snowfall that year.

And just like always, somebody like myself at one time will be sitting far off on the perimeter watching everything that happens to you through a rifle scope or a pair of binoculars, a drone or a satellite signal thinking, damn, if only they’d have listened before they dropped that ballot in the box.

Copyright © William Thien 2018

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Without the 2nd Amendment, many of the other amendments in The Bill of Rights are unenforceable, as the people have no other way to enforce their will if it becomes necessary. The same holds true for much of The U.S. Constitution.

Copyright © William Thien 2018

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Watching ABC News “this week” this morning one of the political analysts asked a group of respondents if the “two-party system” in America was broken?

The problem with that question is that America doesn’t have a “two-party system.”

There are many other political parties. It is just that two of those parties, Republicans and Democrats, have been able to secure the dominant positions in American politics. There are many other parties. Just to mention a few of them there is The Libertarian Party, Green Party, various forms of socialist parties (Democrats could be considered socialists nowadays and Republicans could be considered so as well depending upon how you look at the tax code and social safety net). There are numerous other parties as well as independents. There are parties that are more conservative that The Republican Party such as The Tea Party.

American does not have a two-party system.

So, in answer to the political analyst’s question, “NO,” the two-party system is not broken because we don’t have such a system here in America.

Copyright © William Thien 2018

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With the media constantly telling you what’s right and what’s wrong and what’s good for you and what’s not and with the Congress giving you a tax break for one thing and not the other, well, this really ain’t no free country anymore, is it?

Yeah, you can still do what you want but now more than ever the government or some corporation is making you do what they want you to do and making you pay if you don’t instead of you doing what you want or what is best for YOU. Because what is best for everyone else might not be what’s best for YOU, whether the government or some corporation wants you to do it or not.

It’s still a free country if you don’t mind letting some media corporation, agency, or shopping or social media web site follow your every move on the internet and sell that information or profit from it or photograph/video you if you merely step outside your door or stand in front of your window where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

No, this ain’t no free country anymore.

When you examine the costs to your liberties, the encroachment upon your privacy, the constant and previously illegal searches, that ain’t free. That’s expensive, extremely expensive! Free country? Don’t believe it!

So, when someone lashes out at one of those institutions, I can’t say I don’t agree with them to a certain extent. Americans are constantly probed and their privacy is bought and sold so frequently nowadays while they profit very little from their own activity yet are made completely vulnerable (look at all the data breaches), that even though such activity may not on the surface feel very invasive, it is invasive, in its entirety and over long periods of time it is even more invasive, and as a result it is difficult to disagree with someone defending their place from all of that, even if their response seems to be to the extreme.

Free country? I hate to disillusion you, ladies and gentlemen, but this ain’t no free country anymore. It just ain’t.

Note: Ain’t was used for emphasis. The correct usage is “Isn’t a,” not “ain’t no.” 

Copyright © William Thien 2018

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Having cause to change course throughout my days lately as a result of a change of venue I’ve found myself in more remote locations, traveling through smallish towns and the extremities of suburbs from time to time.

One of the things I’ve noticed during pauses at traffic lights is that even in some of the most obscure locations there are surveillance cameras posted rather discreetly at the top of the traffic lights or street lights at intersections. Places where you would think little criminal activity occurs are the focus of some of the most elaborate electronic surveillance I’ve seen in quite some time.

Following 9/11 one of the arguments provided by various groups in The U.S. was that what will follow that day’s tragedy is an elaboration of “the surveillance state.” Then President Bush as well as Congress and other elected officials looking to make up for the seeming lapse in security on that very day decided to make funds available to local municipalities and cities throughout the nation for the expansion of just that surveillance state that we are beginning to not so frequently recognize as we travel throughout our busy lives but that appears to be creeping up on the American public ever more frequently.

Such traffic cameras as I mention here in this observation probably are equipped with license plate readers, people of some capacity are probably surveying activity on many of those cameras (they are everywhere just about now) and all activity is probably stored indefinitely.

Now, let me say I am not so sure I am against the implementation of that part of the surveillance state that covers traffic activity so thoroughly. I can see a value for the cameras to local law enforcement which where I live is rather effective and professional.

What bothers me, and maybe I’ve missed it, what bothers me is that nobody, particularly the mainstream media, is regularly providing a description, an article, any sort of explanation of what goings on occur on the other side of those cameras. I haven’t seen one thorough news story on television about who or what is on the other side of those cameras, what their capabilities are, and where their signal is being broadcast. Their signals can’t all be going to the same location as those cameras are all over the place, now. Nobody is providing any significant level of media analysis regarding the activity occurring on the other side of those cameras and to what level it is occurring.

Having worked for a government agency myself and various units of the military that might be involved in analyzing such information, I can say it is likely that someone somewhere is putting the information received by those cameras to good use. But it is also just as likely that someone somewhere has nefarious intent

And I wonder about that intent. In fact, I don’t think one would be an American by definition if they didn’t wonder about it.

Copyright © William Thien 2018

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