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Lately, every time I turn on the nightly news, they start off with a story about some Republican who has been accused of some sort of sexual misconduct. Often the accusations are decades old.

Now, when I turn on the Sunday morning political analysis shows, that’s all they focus on.

Thing of it is, it is all sexual content. It’s talking about sex. It’s like empty calories. People have sex. It’s entirely normal. Unless of course you are a female who wants to get even with someone using a law or perception of behavior that is rapidly changing and has changed completely over the last fifty years. Or, if you are instead a pawn in one political party’s attempt to get even with the voters who unanimously voted in another party in large numbers.

When did the national media become the scandal rags?

I turn it off and so should you. How about a national turn-it-off day?

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A while back I suggested that the reason a number of the larger computer manufacturers were chiming in on the gun rights issue was because computer manufacturers find gun sales to be in direct competition to that discretionary income which Americans use to purchase firearms, to purchase firearms instead of home computers, that is. I still believe it is the case. Yet that observation is only half of the story in my estimation. That’s not all.

What nobody in the media or anyone appear to be doing is amassing any data on whether or not the mass shootings were perpetrated by people who also play first-person shooter games on their computers and on the devices sold by those computer manufacturers and related corporations that hook up to televisions. Nobody seems to be seeing if there is a direct correlation, but we can all be rather certain that more people than ever, adults included, are playing first-person shooter games on their computers.

The data will show that for certain.

I believe there is a direct correlation with first-person shooter games and the increase in violent crime in The US. Even the games that are not branded as first-person shooter games frequently involve violent, psychotic scenarios where shooting unarmed human targets is involved. With each level, there are new targets as the tension on the screen builds and builds and builds until eventually there are no more levels for the addicted gamer to conquer. What do they do next to get their fix? Has the line between fantasy killing and reality already been erased by that point? Does the gaming industry know it? I think they do.

It is my opinion that the reason the media are not discussing the correlation is because the larger manufacturers of such games and computers that drive the games also own large shares in many of the media outlets. Instead, the computer manufacturers and video game manufacturers chime in on gun ownership to shift the focus.

I might add that Hollywood is in bed with the computer gaming industry. How many movies have you seen that were originally computer games? No wonder Hollywood is calling for gun control all of the time. Clearly it is a diversionary tactic. Does Hollywood know computer games and the related movies are blurring the line between fantasy murder and reality? I think they know it.

I would not be surprised if the families of victims of mass shootings along with a creative litigator could make such a correlation and began to take legal action against the manufacturers of such first-person shooter games and the related equipment used to generate the gaming environment. There is more money in the gaming industry than in the firearms industry, to be sure.

The manufacturers of the games are after all directly responsible for the “experience” and “the environment” resulting from the games, are they not? Yes, of course they are.

Instead of focusing on gun ownership in America, maybe we should be taking a closer look at the computer gaming industry and Hollywood. Americans have owned guns since the beginning. In contrast, an increase in mass shootings and the broad social acceptance of first-person shooter games are a relatively recent phenomenon.

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To me what is getting lost in all of this discussion about the possible wire tapping of The Trump Towers is that not only now that Trump is in The Whitehouse he doesn’t appear to have a complete understanding of the scope of surveillance upon the American public, the Chairman of The House Intelligence Committee is not communicating with Trump about potential capabilities.

In other words, how could President Trump now that he is in The White House not understand how surveillance of his team occurred? It’s happening to all of us all of the time. The entire country is under a blanket search warrant. Once called “The Patriot Act,” it’s now called “The USA Freedom Act” (really, I mean come on, The USA Freedom Act?) after The Patriot Act expired in 2015. The difference is that The NSA no longer stores all of the information from your phone calls and emails, texts. That is done by telecoms. That’s right. The phone companies are now keeping all of your information.

And that is why I concluded in my earlier observation on the matter that it was more likely that telecoms (telecommunications/phone companies) or the media were leaking information about The Trump Campaign rather than the government. If they are storing the information there is a pretty good chance they can access or someone else can access the information because in no way is it as secure as if were stored at The NSA.

If Trump does not know this, somebody isn’t doing their job very well, which is where Devin Nunes (R-CA) stepped in and that is probably why Adam Schiff is so upset. The Chairman of The House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, a Democrat, has conveniently neglected to apprise the current administration, which is Republican, of the true nature and capability of such matters.

For more information on this issue read the following two articles:



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One of the problems with terrorism on US soil is that the media suffers from some form of cognitive disability and fixates almost entirely on that subject and avoids serious issues on the domestic front, which may be the reason terrorists have been successful in the first place.

The focus of the entire debate on terrorism was a great disservice to the viewer. There are significant issues other than terrorism that need to be covered.

Questions only focusing on terrorism lead to hawkish political bluster and discussions centering on the encroachment of the civil rights of Americans. What we saw was the FEAR FRONT, a component of the media business plan to “keep them inside watching the television.”

The way to combat that is simply to turn the television off and leave it off and tell your friends and family to do the same.

Perhaps there should be legislation that such debates cannot focus entirely on one issue and must cover at least three subjects of significance to the public.

I was disappointed in the outcome of the debate and I probably won’t watch another debate, Republican or Democrat, if the media panel demonstrates such methods once again.

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The problem with Modern American Politics is that it is offered up to the American Public in the form of a machine language. Modern American Politics is binary thought in its purest form. Modern American Politics is to a greater extent comprised of two parties, two powerful media wielding, media cajoling, dissent stifling parties. Modern American Politics is Democrat vs. Republican. It is yes or no. Like a machine, Modern American Politics is ‘on or off’. It is ‘us vs. them’. It is ‘good vs. evil’. Like a computer’s binary thought, Modern American Poltics is 0 or 1. In its current form Modern American Politics is a machine language. You are either for us, or you are against us. Particularly divisive, if we continue down this path the country will suffer.

Seemingly extreme at both ends, one party or the other, Modern American Politics offers little middle ground and as a result those in the middle classes suffer the most as both sides tug at middle, tug at the middle for taxes, tug at the middle for political ground, yank the middle to the limit.

One can see evidence of division in the elections with close presidential race after close presidential race as voters go to the ballot box to make a choice of what is often referred to as “the lesser of two evils.” There it is again. Yes or no. On or off. 0 or 1. Two choices. Machine language.

Is this part of the design of our political system or is there something going on behind the scenes, something preventing general consent?

Given the circumstances, why hasn’t a third party begun to take hold in a significant way? Is it due to the massive amounts of money the two major parties have? Why hasn’t the media helped bring the country out of this condition? Is the media a whore and at the same time the Judas to be bought by the two major parties with the intent of stifling upstarts? Should the media have conditional right such as free speech?

The media certainly love this perpetual campaign advertising season the country seems to have been in for the last several years with recall after recall and contentious battle after contentious campaign battle. Where is campaign finance reform? You don’t hear the media asking that question, do you? No, they are making too much loot. At our expense, I should add. Does the media really deserve free speech, then?

It may not be time for a third party. But the country is divided. And it is time to see to things. Before somebody flips the switch, flips the switch on the freedom to do something about it that is.

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Did you ever get the feeling that all the information they collect about you, the information they gather when you use your shopping card at the supermarket, the information they collect about you when you use your credit card, the web metrics they collect about you when you surf the internet, did you ever get the feeling that perhaps a little here and there isn’t bad, but the entire accumulation of it all is somehow a scourge on society of some sort and almost like preparation for an attack upon your person?

They were talking in the news recently about how several search engines collect massive amounts of information about you and track your interests, they say so they can target advertising, and that it is all indiscriminate, but did you ever get the feeling that it wasn’t, that they were somehow almost using the information against you? You had that feeling. I know you did. It was as if it was more than just a coincidence. It was as if it was a power play. It was as if they were asserting some sort of power over you. You felt it as if they were right behind your back in the room with you, didn’t you? Yes, I know you did.

They talked in the news about what could be done to curtail that kind of behavior. Then the discussion disappeared, almost as if the discussion was lip service alone, meant to quell any unrest, and then the wool was pulled over the public’s eyes and your desires to maintain your privacy were silenced right then and there.

Perhaps we as a country should have a “National Turn it Off” day and turn everything off that is connected to something that can collect and obtain information about you. Turn off the television if it is connected to cable or satellite, turn off the internet, turn off your cell phone. As a form of protest. Just turn it all off. Read a book made of paper. Go fishing. Cook out with the family.

Just a thought. Because I think more than anything that is what they fear, what the collectors of information about you fear. Otherwise, they won’t change their behavior. It will just get worse. What was once a beautiful and free place to research information and even shop, such as the internet, has become a toxic environment in many ways. Employers are forcing people to open up their Facebook accounts. Governments are collecting anything and everything. In a matter of a few years the internet has become a very, very dangerous place in a way, and there are few if any laws protecting the users from abuses of oversight and corporate and governmental tyranny.

A “National Turn it Off” day. Just a thought. What would be a good day for a “Nation Turn it Off” day? Let’s hear your suggestions.

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