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I had a surprising discussion with someone at a local newspaper’s web site regarding the collection of the telephone records of US Citizens. The person mentioned that he supported the collection of phone records to prevent terrorism. There is a serious flaw in his logic as you will see. His main supporting point was that it was good to collect phone records of US Citizens in order to catch terrorists such as The Boston Bomber.

The problem with his position is that the system, even with advanced warning about The Boston Bombers (the F.B.I. and other intelligence agencies had knowledge of the bombers, were put on the trail by Russian Intelligence), didn’t prevent The Boston Bombings. That fact reminded me of 9/11, by the way. The F.B.I. was on to one of the terrorists from 9/11, a pilot in training, but the terrorist plot was successful nevertheless. Recognize a pattern?

To me the mere fact that the bombers were already on the US Intelligence Radar and still had the ability to enact such an effective terrorist event indicates that the program in question that collects all of the telephone calls and internet traffic of US Citizens may not be entirely focused on terrorists, if you get my drift.

In other words, the mere fact that there was such an obvious foreknowledge of the bombers and the bombers were still successful indicates to me that the focus of the program is on another subject entirely, us, the U.S. population in general, and with the I.R.S. scandal not even a week or two old, more specifically, those who are conservative and want to address the matter of big, expensive, overbearing, overreaching, INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT!

Of course this could all be a big conspiracy theory. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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When Lois Lerner made it public during a speech to a legal conference that The IRS was targeting conservative organizations with extra scrutiny she then in fact waived her right to plead The Fifth. She initiated this entire episode prior to the event even becoming a national matter, prior to The Congressional Hearing or any court commencement. In other words, Lois Lerner initiated the investigation herself when she disclosed the wrongdoing at said legal conference in a question apparently planted by The IRS itself. By taking the matter to court or to a Congressional Hearing, one can not suddenly plead the fifth. It is too late! It is no longer legally or in any other sense unreasonable to ask, “Hey, what did you mean by that?”

It is too late, Lois Lerner.

A change of venue does not change the chain of evidence or interrupt the line of testimony once an admission of guilt is made, nor do they change upon revelation of criminal behavior. By swearing in before Congress Lois Lerner only agrees to be truthful, that is all.

When Lois Lerner revealed the activities in The IRS Division of Tax Exempt Organizations during her speech at the legal conference, she admitted illegal behavior. This didn’t just slip out during ordinary conversation or off the record, she said it in an organized, pre-meditated way, most likely in an effort to head a larger scandal off at the pass that we may never discover. Lois Lerner meant to say what she said, we can be sure. It was no accident! Therefor, it is not beyond the legal scope of Congressional Investigation to make further inquiry. She can no longer plead The Fifth!

Then, during the Congressional Hearing itself she stated she was innocent of any wrong doing, once again negating her right to plead The Fifth. What wrong doing? So she admits there have been misdeeds! Again, it is too late now to plead The Fifth.

Could Lois Lerner’s revelation merely be an attempt by The IRS to prevent the discovery of the wider, more devastating scandal that has appeared in everyone’s mind, “Does The IRS investigate individual conservative donors?”

Our elected must work exhaustively on this and other such tax-related matters to ferret out all of the wrongdoing at The IRS so that Americans can feel free to contribute to whomever or whatever cause they feel necessary. This is one of the reasons why I have been calling for an end to Amendment Sixteen for some time, now. The IRS is simply too powerful, vindictive, and socially destructive.

Rep. Issa, call Lois Lerner back if you would please! Call her back!

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