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Because of the holiday I had Monday off and was watching the morning show/news/whatever you call it and the two talking heads, both females which I shall not name, were interviewing one of America’s best athletes who had just won a Silver Medal in a skiing competition. This was his second contest and he was very proud of his success winning the medal as all Americans should be. He was beaming with pride. It was great to watch.

So, these two talking heads were interviewing him about the great moment and ‘how did it feel?’ and ‘what were you thinking at the time?’ and it was all very exciting to watch.

Then, as if to derail the athlete’s magical moment and that of all of the American’s who were watching and enjoying his success and that of the country’s, one of the imbeciles interviewing him asked him something to the effect of, “so how was it getting over your substance abuse problems after the last Olympics?”

Luckily, the athlete kept his composure and he brought his hand to his face to keep from grimacing, it was clear, (who wouldn’t) and he responded that he was glad things were better or something like that. It’s not really important what he said in the context of this observation.

What is significant is that it appears to me that The United States is way down in the medal count during this Olympics. At least that’s what the sports casters are saying. And there really is no reason for it at least that they can see.

I tell you there is a reason. In any other country on the planet that athlete would be seen as a national hero. The gleam of the metal he brought back, Silver, would be seen as a brilliant, shiny gleam that brought great pride to the country as well as to the athlete as a result of his outstanding performance. But not in America! No, not with a venomous corporate media that is willing to destroy the very morale of every athlete at The Olympics and that of the country merely for the sake of ratings (and who knows if the “surprise!” question about the athlete’s substance abuse problem even did anything for the ratings).

Imagine the questions that arose in the minds of all of the other athletes on the team that were watching the interview or that heard about it. Gee, if I win a medal and get interviewed, are the media going to ask me about my personal problems, weaknesses? Has the media been out there digging up dirt on me that I don’t know about.

Imagine what that does to the athlete. You know what it does? It demoralizes the athlete. It causes the athlete to second guess themselves. Such questions by the media are the introduction of doubt into the mind of an athlete that must believe, that must believe they can do it, that they can overcome the incredible physical and mental pain many of the events cause to the athlete, that they can overcome a mindset of defeat in order to achieve success.

That question was such a diversion from the wonderful moment, so destructive jab, a poisonous production call (I’m sure someone on the interviewer’s headset told her to ask the question), the question was such a shock to the athlete and the viewer that it could have been meant to be nothing other than a slight, meant to be destructive to his morale. There can be no question.

Were I there, within arms reach of that producer or the interviewer, well ask anyone who knows me, there would be no telling what would have happened.

That was uncalled for. There was no need for that comment at all!

If you ask me, the media needs to learn a lesson or two or three or maybe a whole lot of lessons about what they are doing to this country.


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One of the more interesting aspects to me of social media are the inevitable conspiracy theories that appear after every tragedy. To me this phenomenon of what are often regular people trying to explain an event in direct contradiction to the media “party line” is a valuable analytical tool, if you want to call it that.

Though many of the conspiracy theories I read on one social media platform or another are just that, theories that have no factual basis, those theories nevertheless enhance the analytical process by demonstrating a different perspective that often solidifies public information on the matter or supports an alternative conclusion I may have reached.

Prior to social media, there was only the media “party line” that was prevalent on all readily accessible media outlets, no matter how quickly you could change the channel or turn the page.

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I hate to say it but if you are like me you are probably sick and tired of hearing the Hollywood propagandist types wailing about the current administration and the conservative voter.

That is why I am boycotting the Oscars tonight and so should you.

Some of you may even take it one step further and boycott your local theater so you don’t have to pay for the propaganda, something that I’ve written many times before should be free. You shouldn’t have to pay to watch somebody’s propaganda.

Art is one thing, entertainment is another, but propaganda is propaganda and you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

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How many times have you heard the statement that the reason the media slants things so far to the left is because the media is “liberal?” You have probably heard such a statement hundreds, perhaps thousands of times.
I have a different perspective on the matter. I do not believe the reason the media appears to slant things to the left is due to the fact that the media is liberal. I believe it is something else entirely.

First, let’s ask the question, ‘What do people do when they are at home if they are not taking care of some domestic requirement?’ Watch television. Nothing wrong with that.

I think the media is up to something else entirely than simply making life better for everyone by instilling so-called liberal values to everyone sitting in front of the tube. Knowing that slanting things to the left is not good for our industrial economy, or that portion of our economy which has traditionally required the greatest number of employees, knowing that slanting things to the left will put companies out of work and send people home, the media has implemented a business plan. The media know that if people are out of work, they watch television. And you know what? That is good for ratings. And ratings, in the television world, mean advertisers have to pay more for advertising time. The supposed liberal slant is good for media business. What is liberal about that?

And there are entire social groups that such behavior appeals to since they don’t want to work, anyway. They have brought up several generations on entitlements and increased their populations while simultaneously being catered to by such a media. Consumer products are tailored to such populations. The liberal slant is really a multi-level marketing plan with a so-called liberal media in complicity, implementation.

There is of course a humanistic slant to the media. But the old saying, “If it bleeds, it leads,” a common journalistic saw, indicates predation, not liberalism. What more must one say?

No, the media is not liberal. I believe instead it is exercising an elaborate business plan, all the while hiding behind the constitution, surreptitiously undermining our economy to improve its own. The men and women of the media are not wholly humanistic as we would like to believe. They are chosen based on thorough studies completed by massive media conglomerates. Since when are corporations liberal?

And who can blame them? It is business. Since when was business easy?

That is what is going on with the media. The media could care less about liberalism otherwise. The apparent left slant to the media is a business plan to increase ratings and thereby improve its bottom line.

And our constitution supports that type of behavior, the subtle yet elaborate deconstruction of our economy for better ratings.

Reprinted from October 2010. I am adding this observation once again because I think it benefits conservatives to know what they are dealing with when it comes to today’s media.

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