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To me what is getting lost in all of this discussion about the possible wire tapping of The Trump Towers is that not only now that Trump is in The Whitehouse he doesn’t appear to have a complete understanding of the scope of surveillance upon the American public, the Chairman of The House Intelligence Committee is not communicating with Trump about potential capabilities.

In other words, how could President Trump now that he is in The White House not understand how surveillance of his team occurred? It’s happening to all of us all of the time. The entire country is under a blanket search warrant. Once called “The Patriot Act,” it’s now called “The USA Freedom Act” (really, I mean come on, The USA Freedom Act?) after The Patriot Act expired in 2015. The difference is that The NSA no longer stores all of the information from your phone calls and emails, texts. That is done by telecoms. That’s right. The phone companies are now keeping all of your information.

And that is why I concluded in my earlier observation on the matter that it was more likely that telecoms (telecommunications/phone companies) or the media were leaking information about The Trump Campaign rather than the government. If they are storing the information there is a pretty good chance they can access or someone else can access the information because in no way is it as secure as if were stored at The NSA.

If Trump does not know this, somebody isn’t doing their job very well, which is where Devin Nunes (R-CA) stepped in and that is probably why Adam Schiff is so upset. The Chairman of The House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, a Democrat, has conveniently neglected to apprise the current administration, which is Republican, of the true nature and capability of such matters.

For more information on this issue read the following two articles:



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Preface: They say we have the best health care system in the world. Then why do the people in so many other countries live longer than here in The United States?

The Republicans in Congress are having trouble repealing Obamacare not because there aren’t enough Republican votes. The Republicans in Congress are having trouble repealing Obamacare because half of the Republicans in Congress aren’t Republicans. They are either corporate shills, what I have termed “big business robot frontmen,” in this case fronting for health care special interests, or they are just as socialist as the socialists on the other side of the aisle.

They’ve socialized the country for a particular reason.

I know people who are practically being bankrupted by the high deductibles and costly premiums from the insurance available on the exchanges created as a result of implementation of The ACA. Middles class workers usually don’t have $10,000 sitting around to cover the cost of deductibles and some of the plans I’ve heard of have $5,000 or $6,000 deductibles for individuals and more for families. Consequently, if they need some routine medical care, often costing thousands of dollars today now that health insurers have their hands so thoroughly in the care process, having to suddenly come up with that kind of money to cover the deductible is financially painful for a middle class family or individual.

I had thought originally the plan was to “repeal and deregulate” the sale of health insurance across state lines. That was the clarion call during the election that I heard. The idea was to open up competition on a national and even international scale so the health care consumer had more insurance choices. But then the tune changed immediately following the election and I haven’t heard that brass since.

The best quote I heard on the matter was from an interview on the evening news last night (NBC, CBS, or ABC, I don’t remember, I was switching between them). The quote was from an elderly grocer who said he voted for Trump because he was having trouble getting health care for his employees under the current scheme, and by the way, that’s what the ACA is, a “scheme.” The grocer said that watching congress screw the vote up on the repeal was something akin to ‘watching professional wrestlers duke it out in the ring and then meet for drinks in the tavern after the fight.’

We get it friend. Whether it is a majority Republican Congress or a majority Democrat, Congress is a sham.

Epilogue: They say we have the best health care system in the world. Then why do the people in so many other countries live longer than here in The United States?

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I think it is possible but unlikely that some part of the government tapped the phones at The Trump Towers as is suspected, suspected due primarily to the amount of leakage of critical information, I am sure.

Rather, it is more likely that a media or telecommunications company tapped his phones if they were indeed tapped.

It is after all those types of organizations that do the economic forecasting constantly to determine profit potentials and it is quite possible they were trying to determine what the potential for a Trump presidency would be and how it might affect their bottom line. In the course of those events they accumulated a significant amount of actionable intelligence.

The media always have us focusing on an intrusive government. And to be sure we must be aware of governmental incursions into the private lives of the citizenry. But the government doesn’t have the resources that the privateers and corporations do, and it is my opinion that we must be just as conscious of what media and communications corporations that have direct access to your information are doing with our most private information. One only needs to surf the internet to have hundreds of corporations automatically start a file on you and then the sale of the information starts.

So to me it is more likely that a private entity tapped Trump Towers than the government. I could be wrong, but I’m just playing the odds in that regard.

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A debate should be had about claims of “Made in America” of globally sourced components. If a manufacturer can assemble something in The US that is made up of globally sourced components, should the manufacturer be allowed to put The American Flag on their product?

Many think not and I’m inclined to agree with them. Often all it takes is for one part of the “globally sourced” components to fail and then the product is useless.

It’s better to simply just buy foreign products from a county of your choosing in that case as you are not being misled in a sense by the big display of The American flag with the small print “of globally sourced components.”

If a manufacturer wants to put The American flag on their product that is assembled of globally sourced products, maybe they should be required to put all of the flags of the countries from where their product’s components originate and put those flags right next to the American flag since many people can no longer read.

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Today while watching Face the Nation the point came up that the current administration’s deportation and immigration policies were resulting in the deportation of “good hombres,” and not just “bad hombres.”

The object of that discussion and others I’ve heard like it is in my opinion to change the subject from the original reason for the aggressive implementation of border policy in the first place.

Please see note following this observation. I’ve tried to come up with a solution to this problem of immigration from countries at close proximity to the United States for some time as other have as well.

Americans want stricter immigration policy not so much to get rid of the “bad hombres,” which is of course significant in and of itself, but to prevent the undermining of the American middle classes and working people.

It’s not just bad hombres that have undermined the working classes in America, it is immigrants of all types, good hombres too that are coming to America in huge numbers and willing to work for pennies on the dollar under the table while at the same time there has been no enforcement of immigration policy of any measure coming from previous administrations for decades. There has been little or no enforcement of immigration policy even though the tax payer has been paying for it to the tune of many billions of dollars a year.

The result has been lower wages for the American worker and fewer jobs. Large corporations have applied for H-1B visas to replace their American workers and those same corporations are giving their American employees severance packages predicated on the fact that the American workers have to train their foreign H-1B visa workers who replace them. In other words, if you don’t train your foreign replacements, you don’t get your severance package. AND CONGRESS HAS BEEN THE ENABLER ALL ALONG!

Immigrants are coming here and taking American jobs and huge US-based multi-national corporations have lobbied congress to be allowed to take American jobs south of the border through the implementation of NAFTA. It’s an untenable situation for the American worker.

The American working classes are at a point where if something isn’t done about it, the middle classes will finally collapse under debt load and the lack of opportunity that the influx of immigrants, illegal or otherwise, coupled with NAFTA creates. Everyone knows this. Congress knows this. The current administration knows this. And the voter who elected Trump is keenly aware.

I don’t know anyone that wanted things to turn out this way but let’s not change the subject. Everyone in the country knew this day would come. It’s not what side of the tracks you live on or where you live, it’s not what car you drive, it is simply about citizenship and the right to work in The United States and it’s a totally valid position to take.

From what I can tell what the voter is saying, what the American worker is saying is that America has come to the point where regardless of whether they are good hombres, bad hombres, or whatever kind of hombres they are, if they aren’t “American hombres,” they have to go and that’s all there is to it.

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Note: See my writings in the past about forming The North American Union, not unlike The European Union, a possible solution to the problems we are facing today. With NAFTA in place we already have the economic framework. Of course the problem with that is like Germany and other more industrial European countries, The United States would probably find itself bailing out other countries such as Mexico and those further south. So, it probably wouldn’t work just as The EU seems to be fracturing but that doesn’t mean there might not be some possible solution or alternative.





I recently had to purchase a new vehicle. I labored intensively over specifications, what I thought I needed based on the roads where I reside, which I have called “third world” roads for many years now. I considered what I could afford after all of these years of FED stimulated inflation as well as lots of review reading and anecdotal stories.

Wanting to purchased made in America I found was rather difficult, even with the big 3 automakers. My previous car, the flagship car of one of the big three, was manufactured in Canada and Mexico. But it was from an American car company.

I admit was concerned about purchasing a foreign-made car.

After looking at a number of web sites that examined the American parts content of cars I discovered that few cars are made in America any longer, even cars made by the big 3. The car most made in America is in fact manufactured by a foreign auto maker here in The US. Only one vehicle had more parts content of US origin and it was a pickup truck, something that I could not afford. Now they are offering them at $10,000 off. Really? All of the sudden?

So I purchased a foreign-made vehicle. The day I drove it into the city (I commute 21 miles), Ford Motor company announced it had decided not to build a plant in Mexico that it was planning to build. The next day GM announced it was going to revamp a plant in Detroit instead of setting up another plant in Mexico.

Sometimes in order to get someone to do what you want them to do you have to do the complete opposite.

You are welcome.

As for the reason why I didn’t purchase one of the big three, well the last car I owned as I mentioned wasn’t even made here and the company makes nothing here completely any longer.

I lobbied and canvassed heavily for the bailout of the big three (my explanation was that the US needs auto manufacturers because they are the only ones that can ramp up industrially for a world war and Congress and The Senate bought into the bailout). They were bailed out and I then later applied for jobs at two of the big 3. Never heard a thing. Why should I buy your car if after my explanation resulted in your bailout and you won’t even offer me a job?

I applied at the other member of the big 3 when I’d just transitioned from the Army in 1995. Never heard from them. I applied to their advertising agency after that and even offered a script for an ad. I was turned down. Three years later I saw my idea for the ad in another automakers television advertisement.

I even applied at a local motorcycle manufacturer where I reside. Three times! Never heard a peep from them. Not even one rejection letter! Half of their parts weren’t even made in the US either at the time! I love their motorcycles, but if I apply at your company and you don’t even say “no thanks,” well at least I tried. Then, when I bought a foreign motorcycle, they tried to run me off of the road with minivans! Then, they practically put themselves out of business and tried to blame it on me. That’s what happens when you spend all of your money spying on the consumer instead of making and designing new products. What a fiasco of leadership. Glad to see they’ve turned it around. They do make some beautiful motorcycles. Perhaps one day I will buy one. But if my purchasing a foreign motorcycle had such a dramatic effect on your sales, maybe you should just give me one to ride around on and based on your theory that I had that much effect on your business, well then things should happen in your favor then, right?

So, after doing all that, putting up with all that, and then purchasing a foreign vehicle, something I believe they’d never thought I’d do (you know you didn’t, even the lot I purchased the foreign vehicle from didn’t think I’d do it) and then driving it in to work for the first time and seeing two of the big three suddenly announce they weren’t setting up shop in Mexico any longer the very same day, even after months of the current administration saying they were going to do something about that arrangement and the big 3 still doing nothing until the very day I drove my new foreign vehicle into town, well…it’s all a big coincidence, I think, though others tell me differently.

In conclusion, why buy American if it’s not made in America? They’ve taken the American flag and pulled it over the consumer’s eyes. These aren’t American automakers anymore, they are huge multi-nationals. It makes you wonder if when they set up shop in a foreign country they fly that country’s flag there and not the American flag. I bet there is an answer to that.

I’ve just lifted the flag up enough for the American people to see that and now the big 3 are finally coming home.

When you make a vehicle that matches my needs, that is made here in America and that is the technological quality that I’m looking for, you might see me on the lot. But after looking and looking and looking already, applying to work at your companies and not even hearing back from you, it might be some time before that happens.

I tried. I tried to buy American. But if you are just going to pull the flag over my eyes, well…

All one needs to do is sit at the stop light and watch as foreign car after foreign car go by and you know I’m not alone.

With my lobbying for your bailout, applying for jobs at your companies, and then still buying numerous cars by the big 3 and finding out they weren’t even made here in The US, well you can’t say I didn’t give you a chance. Some might even say you wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for myself and people like me.

You know it’s all true. You know it is.

You can’t make this stuff up people.

Now why do you want to go and treat me like that? After all I’ve done for you.

P.S.  On another note, if you read my entire blog roll, you’ll see he is taking almost his entire game plan straight from it.

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