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This is a reprint from 2015. I’m just reprinting it because I think it has a certain contemporary significance to it.

Last year one of my favorite sports personalities came clean about his use of “performance enhancing drugs.” It was a big deal in the media.

To me what was really disturbing about the episode, though, was not so much that he used steroids, or whatever he was using, but that almost immediately a regional convenience store and gasoline chain dropped its endorsement of the guy.

At first I suppose you could say, “Well, I guess he had it coming to him.”

But at the time the price of gasoline was well over $3 a gallon, closer to $4 a gallon, and it had remained at that level for several years.

It occurred to me that the convenience store chain’s move to drop their endorsement of the guy was a bit hypocritical.

Here they were raising the price of gasoline when someone sneezed in a foreign country or when the weather changed one way or the other (they used both as excuses), or when there was a tropical storm in some other part of the world, or when one single fuel truck somewhere ran off the road, or when some politician was caught for infidelity, or when some little war somewhere flared up, or when the seasons changed, or when there was a holiday and people were traveling, or when global warming was announced, then climate change, then it was determined that global warming might not happen, then only when climate change happened some times, then when baby boomers started retiring, when some volcano somewhere fired up, when it flooded somewhere, when there was a drought, when it snowed, when it rained, when the sun was shining, on cloudy days, when birds started migrating, when the birds returned, and the list goes on and on.

Here and everywhere else the gasoline station/convenience store chain was giving it pretty thoroughly to everyone up the you know what along with all of the others who sell gasoline and totally mucking up the economy, eating up everyone’s discretionary income, and THEY, yes THEY were dropping the endorsement of some guy who used performance enhancing drugs so he looked a little better on the field.

I tell you what!

Why don’t they take the ethanol out of my gasoline because that definitely doesn’t enhance the performance of my car and it is driving up the cost of food, too. Why don’t they stop adding water to the gasoline? That would help, particularly at this time of year. And take all of those varnish type solutions out of the gasoline so I can store it for a couple of years like I used to be able to do. If you ask me, America’s fuel supply could use some “performance enhancements” itself, particularly now that the price of gasoline though down recently is going right back up.

Needless to stay I stopped buying my gasoline from that convenience store chain.

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From February 6, 2015 but even more poignant now since the tax code hasn’t been mentioned in any measure as far as I can tell during the campaigns. The socialist tax code marginalizes certain groups of people and to me it is little different than a form of genocide. By having to pay for others to fornicate and paying to raise their children my own financial ability to do the same is substantially marginalized.

February 6, 2015:

It occurs to me that if I’m paying for others to fornicate and copulate and all other manner of sexual interaction and I’m paying for the brooding, education, medication, and frequently the incarceration of the related progeny, paying for all of that sex through the tax code, paying for others to claim dependent deductions on tax returns and through not having eligibility for withholding on my own paycheck since I have no children or dependents of my own, I am subject to a form of economic genocide. Because that’s exactly what economic genocide is. It’s just that in this case, the genocide is facilitated through America’s socialist tax code.

Copyright © William Thien 2015

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About this time every year there are a number of stories in the mainstream news on a nightly basis regarding fires in the west and desert southwest, with California and Arizona having the largest fires annually that seem to make the news every night.

Also about this time every year there are stories about massive flooding in many parts of the country with entire communities evacuated to the local high school gymnasium or municipal garage for shelter while they wait for the flood waters to recede so they can return to their homes and reconstruct their lives. It is devastating to watch people standing outside of their smoldering homes in tears rummaging through the embers hours after a fire roared through and destroyed their entire community. It is horrible to view the aerial flyover pictures of entire counties of homes, whole portions of an entire state under water after heavy rainfalls which often are not entirely uncharacteristic of weather in that region, where there may even be a recorded history of such rainfall.

Global warming “experts” will say that all of the fires and flooding are the result of global warming, that the drought causing and fueling many of the fires in California is directly related to global warming, that the massive rain events that are destroying homes all across the south and Midwest result from global warming.

I have a different take on what is happening and it isn’t “global warming.”

Since the early 1970’s Congress has legislated a dramatic increase in immigration and earlier than that tax breaks were developed to increase the population such as Child Tax Credits and related deductions.

What is happening is not global warming at all, what is happening is over population. Due to this massive demand for homes created by congressionally driven population increases, America is running out of space to build places for people to live. Homes are being put up where homes should probably not be built, such as in flood plains in the south in states along the Gulf of Mexico and in the west in parts of the desert that are historically prone to raging fires. I was born when the United States had a population between 150 and 200 million people. Since then the population has quite nearly doubled, adding another 130 to 140 million people. Where do you put all of those people? Where do you put 140 million people? They have to have a place to live. Well, developers have been draining flood plains and building homes on desert mountain ridges and selling the view, telling buyers they don’t need flood insurance or insurance to protect them from raging desert mountain wildfires.

What is happening in the case I am discussing is not global warming at all, what is happening is that there is no place to put all of these people and developers in coordination with greedy municipal entities who want to “grow” are building homes in environmental and geographical danger zones and when there are massively catastrophic weather and fire events that wipe out entire communities seemingly on an annual basis in geographically similar locations, disaster assistance is required and the taxpayer is once again on the hook.

Lately people have been saying to me, Bill, you seem really anti-immigrant lately, what’s up? It’s not that at all. Rather, if you are old enough you will remember a book titled The Population Bomb which came out in 1971 and other such writings. One of the focuses of the book was on the environment and where people were going to live, and I believe we see much of what the author predicted now coming true. Some aspects of an exploding population such as how we will feed all of the people we have been able to solve with improvements in agriculture and food processing but there are still other characteristics of an ever-growing population for which there is no real solution, such as where are we going to put all of the these people?

What is happening is that homes are often being erected in areas where it is not advisable in order to make a buck and global warming is merely an excuse for all of the weather catastrophes and fire events we are seeing lately that are impacting those developments.

There is still massive debate as to whether global warming is happening or not. I think it is quite possible that it is, but what is happening in the case of all of the massive flooding in the south and fires in the west on an annual basis has nothing to do with global warming. What is happening there instead is homes are probably being built where they should not be built in order to make a buck. The problem there isn’t global warming at all. The problem there is greed.

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We often examine the differences between the candidates and magnify them or amplify them to make our choice at the ballot box easier, but my previous post briefly touched on political cloning, candidates that appear to be different but have in fact quite the same political composition or agenda, even if they come from different parties.

In the case of the two major candidates in the current presidential election, though at the outset they would appear diametrically opposed in many ways, there is one glaring fact that nobody is really talking about in any measurable way, both candidates are from New York.

Hillary Clinton was a New York Senator, even though she originated from Arkansas (go figure that!), and Donald Trump is of course a New York real estate developer. There is also the fact that one candidate has in the past donated significant amounts of money to the other candidate’s candidacy, but that’s neither here nor there, or is it? They tell us it is neither here nor there, that’s for sure. There are other similarities and or connections, some of them not so obvious. Our media is just being paid not to recognize them, I’m quite certain. The most glaring similarity though in my opinion is that both candidates are from New York.

Something about New York, I guess…or New Yorkers, or…

What’s that you say? We live in a democracy!?

Ah, yes, the illusion of choice and so much more efficiently accomplished this time around.

Democracy?! Really? Where?!

Had me going there for a second.

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I have been hearing a lot lately about term limits for politicians as a major solution for the condition of the country and to a certain extent, I would have to agree. Term limits would provide a bulwark against political entrenchment.

But the question comes to mind, if term limits are indeed implemented, what to do about “party clones,” those that have identical special interest agendas and were it not for a different name and perhaps a different style of suit they work to achieve identical goals? We have often heard pundits say the guy from one party is no different from the guy of another party, another form of political cloning.

A great deal of attention is paid to removal of a particular candidate (term limits) but little if any attention is focused on the party from which the candidate originated which is likely where ideas develop as part of some political ideology.

What’s more dangerous, the candidate, the idea, or the party?

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At one time during the national mainstream news broadcasts yesterday I began cycling through the newscasts and all of them at the very same time where bashing Trump. You would have thought that the guy had already committed mass murder or something. In contrast, you would have thought that Hillary Clinton was a little angel the media B.S. about Trump was so thick. Obviously that is not the case. What’s the difference? Clinton is paying off the media by buying more advertising time and that is all the media do, front for those who give them advertising dollars. That’s how they make their living. It’s a paid choir. It’s pay to play.

So if the media are not singing your tune, if they are out of tune, change the channel, tune it out, or turn it off. Pick up the remote control and turn it off. You don’t need all of that negativity.

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In chatting with a fellow conservative the other day he brought up the leaked DNC emails where Debbie Wasserman Schultz conspired to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign, and it was mentioned that there was hope the Russians would release more emails.

I thought about the circumstances for a moment. Like the hack of Sony’s servers in Los Angeles after making the movie “The Interview” where it was determined by computer security experts that the leak probably originated from the wrath of a former employee and not another government, the fellow conservative and I concluded that is probably what happened with the DNC emails. With all of the chicanery going on at the DNC, somebody probably was passed over for a promotion or some position of authority and so they leaked the emails. As in the Sony leak where they tried to blame the disclosure on The North Korean Government, a convenient scapegoat, the DNC wanted to blame their leak on Russia while it was more likely the result of someone being treated poorly by DNC management who still had their password. That is in fact one of the most common sources of corporate leaks.

It could also have been a Sanders true believer who was upset the DNC was undermining the Sander’s campaign. He must have had people working on the inside to achieve what he did.

Any computer security expert will tell you that the first thing you do at a corporation after such an incident is to pay a visit to human resources and ask what personnel changes have occurred prior to the incident and who had access?

To me it is more likely that someone who had inside access is the source of the leaks rather than a convenient foreign government scapegoat. Perhaps with the release of this next batch of emails we will find out who is behind it.

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