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Though many of us are not satisfied with the way Congress is dealing with the problem of illegal immigration in The US, we must not neglect to recognize that the current administration through executive order has in fact made substantial progress curbing illegal entry in to The United States, which is a start and which also demonstrates sound judgement on the matter.

The only way to continue with that progress is to reward the elected at the ballot box and to make sure your elected know they will fail to receive your vote if they refuse to support legislation written to end illegal immigration.

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During a conversation with someone on the subject of DACA the person tried to convince me that there was a “humanistic” element to DACA and that sending DACA recipients back to their country of origin was somewhat, not completely, but somewhat inhumane. That may be true to a certain extent, I do not disagree. But that line is a line the media and DACA supporters have been running and it totally ignores the “inhumane” element of making Americans pay for it all.

The person I was speaking with, unlike myself, was clearly on the fence about DACA, which many people are.

The conversation meandered a bit as most conversations do (this wasn’t a scripted political speech or anything) and I suggested to the person while talking about a completely different subject that she should run for office, that she is well spoken and would make a good representative for her aldermanic district.

She replied resolutely with, “I wouldn’t stand a chance.” I disagreed and then asked why? Her response was, “well, this is a mainly Hispanic district and they only vote for Hispanics.”

I don’t need to tell you what happened next. I kind of emphasized it a bit by not immediately replying to her last statement. But her last statement, that Hispanics don’t vote for white females, which is what she is, a white female, was followed by a LONG DRAMATIC PAUSE!

To me this somewhat accidental arrival at a conclusion about why NOT to support DACA was so blatantly obvious that I admit I was a bit surprised she didn’t make the connection. But she didn’t at first. I had to help her realize the significance of what she had just said by bringing the conversation back to that of the subject of DACA.

“So,” I said something to this effect. “You want to support DACA because it has a “humanistic” element to it but you won’t run for office in your aldermanic district,” something which she is entirely capable of, “because Hispanics don’t vote for people like you.”

This observation of mine was followed by another LONG DRAMATIC PAUSE!

Wow, I thought to myself. There really is something to the blind ignorance of bleeding-heart liberalism, a condition I once long ago thought was completely a figment of the conservative political imagination. But there it was in what I would say was one of its purest, most unadulterated forms.

The person, whom I have a lot of respect for, realizing the significance of her most recent statement, that Hispanics don’t vote for white females, attempted to squirm out of the obvious conclusion that maybe supporting DACA isn’t such a good idea, particularly for white females. So I reminded her of the significance of supporting a program which eventually will make her political voice completely mute, which it will, as if in her own aldermanic district her voice isn’t already completely silenced.

“How’s that for a “humanistic” approach,” I asked?

She didn’t say it but the tone of her voice had changed and you could hear it there. The tone of her voice said, “OK, I get it.”

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A co-worker of mine asked me rather indirectly to address the matter of illegal immigration in the United States. I’ve been putting it off.

So I’ll get right to the point. We only have two choices really. Either seal off the border and do it right…or we will have to implement a European Union type solution.

Already with NAFTA (North American Free Tree Agreement) we are trading amongst North American countries for all practical purposes tariff free. Because of NAFTA, which of course devastated the job market in The United States, the framework is already there for a North American Union of some type. Our industry profits from the close proximity of foreign countries but the citizenry pays thoroughly in the form of taxes for benefits obtained by illegal immigrants while industry covers none of those costs, AND at the same time our citizenry endures loss of employment as jobs leave for both our southern and northern borders yet the citizen still pays in the form of taxes for the benefits obtained by illegals. Again, industry gets off scott-free.

Let me say right now I see no reason why industry should benefit from such an arrangement while the citizenry should suffer so drastically, not only in terms of high taxes to cover the cost of benefits for illegals or a loss of jobs, adding also the massive cost to man the border.

Therefor I believe there are really only two solutions. Either seal of the border completely, do it right, and leave it at that. Or, create a North American multi-country government much like The European Union. Perhaps all of the countries who are governed or chartered within NAFTA could be members of The North American Union. The one sticking point with that is that the dollar is worth so much more than all of the other currencies and backs so much more in terms of value, capital, and liquidity, that in order to have a North American Union, you would have to have a North American currency. You could call it “The Americana” instead of the dollar, or something to that effect. But I don’t know if that is advisable.

England joined the EU but kept its currency, which has turned out to be a wise choice as it has not seen such a devaluation as the Euro nor has it suffered continual, repeated and spasmodic economic crises.

So there you have it. That’s the way I see it. To date estimates to man the border range from $100 Billion dollars to $250 Billion dollars. In 2011 the average annual salary of a Customs and Border Patrol Officer was $75,000. In 2012 there were an estimated 21,394 agents. They of course have support teams and there are most certainly office staff to perhaps a larger extent. Just the cost of manning the border with little or no effect is tremendous. The logistical costs must be incredible. I could find no information as to that expense. So, not only is the issue one of taxation to pay for the benefits of illegal immigrants and the loss of jobs due to NAFTA, there is a tremendous cost to man the border.

We really only have two choices. To leave the matter without a solution much longer would of course be typical of Washington.

Without a solution our southern border is just a sieve for terrorism, illicit trafficking, and a wound bleeding tax dollars to the south. So, a North American Union type solution would mean no more costs to maintain a so-called “secure border.”

Of course there is one other solution which I believe is not advisable at this time. You can guess what that is and we will just leave it at that.

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