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Forty years ago and prior, before super computers and advanced accounting software on every office desktop, the Federal Government allowed employers until the end of January to send tax forms to their employees and banks and other financial institutions had the same amount of time to get tax documents in the mail.

But it’s the same today. Fifty, sixty years later we still have to wait until the end of the month to receive tax information. Why?

With all of the supercomputers employers and financial institutions have today, why do we have STILL to wait until the end of the month to get our financial information anymore?

I’m not trying to rush anyone but late in the year of 2017 I received a letter from one of my credit cards that said due to the Equifax Data Breach, I should file my tax returns as early as possible in order to avoid false filings of my taxes. This is a common occurrence in The United States, nowadays. It has happened to a family member when the local municipality accidentally published their social security number and that of others on the internet.

Which prompted me to consider, well I’m basically ready to file my taxes on the first of January. They are not that complex. But I’m being held back by these antiquated tax information form dates that the federal government hasn’t updated since the time of Adam and Eve.

With all of the supercomputers employers and financial institutions have nowadays, why do we have to wait so long anymore for our tax information from our employers and financial institutions? Again, I’m not trying to rush anyone, but it’s a valid question. Computers have sped things up quite a bit. Maybe it’s time the law changed.

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One of the primary focuses of my writing at this venue is how the tax code affects me as an individual and I for one as an individual who owns no property or that has no dependent write-offs am waiting to hear about the new tax plan.

During the campaign promises of increases in deductions were made to families with dependents and to property owners as well but little if anything was mentioned about single tax payers with no dependents or property, what I have called “the indentures” to the US tax code.

Even if the only change for single tax payers is a decrease in the tax rate, I will find that quite satisfying as someone making the same as I do and that has dependents or that owns their home receives a substantial tax refund compared to my taxes and pays less throughout the year as well on their paychecks. The government has in effect given them a raise, a raise with my tax dollars.

As I’ve stated before I do not begrudge the other tax payers. They should take the tax write-offs. I would do the same. But that is blatantly unfair tax policy and if the tax code should be one thing and one thing only, the tax code should be fair.

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This country was founded on the desire to avoid paying unreasonable taxes with the call, “Taxation without representation!” Careful scrutiny of taxes and tax law is in the DNA of every true American.

Anyone of us can make the argument that there are times we don’t see a fair distribution or proper use of our taxes.

The tax code is written with lobbied, legislated loopholes and for businesses and business people not to utilize those loopholes would be foolish financial practice. We all use whatever deduction we can use when we do our taxes. Why shouldn’t someone in business do the same? Why shouldn’t Donald Trump do the same?

Most programs used on home computers to do your taxes compute those deductions for us. If we go to an accountant or tax attorney, they do the same.

Trump isn’t really doing anything wrong in that regard. It’s a non-issue.

What I will say, though, is that the circumstances at hand are to me the best reason for a flat tax, in that not only will everyone pay their fair share when there is a flat tax, we would all be equally invested in seeing that the tax rate is kept under control. As it is now, the tax code only treats some favorably or fairly. All you have to do is read my essay America’s Unfair Tax Code and The Brown Headed Cowbird to know that.

Trump not paying any income taxes for years is the best reason for a flat tax.

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From February 6, 2015 but even more poignant now since the tax code hasn’t been mentioned in any measure as far as I can tell during the campaigns. The socialist tax code marginalizes certain groups of people and to me it is little different than a form of genocide. By having to pay for others to fornicate and paying to raise their children my own financial ability to do the same is substantially marginalized.

February 6, 2015:

It occurs to me that if I’m paying for others to fornicate and copulate and all other manner of sexual interaction and I’m paying for the brooding, education, medication, and frequently the incarceration of the related progeny, paying for all of that sex through the tax code, paying for others to claim dependent deductions on tax returns and through not having eligibility for withholding on my own paycheck since I have no children or dependents of my own, I am subject to a form of economic genocide. Because that’s exactly what economic genocide is. It’s just that in this case, the genocide is facilitated through America’s socialist tax code.

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One of the greatest myths about a flat tax is that a flat tax unfairly burdens the poor. The argument you will hear is that a flat tax of fifteen percent, for example, on a person making twenty-thousand dollars per year would be $3,000 dollars while the same tax on someone who makes $100,000 per year would be $15,000, and the argument against the flat tax then goes on to suggest that three thousand dollars to the person making twenty-thousand dollars per year means a lot more than $15,000 dollars does to the person making $100,000 per year.

But you never hear the person who makes $20,000 a year complain that such an arrangement would be unfair. I have never heard anyone from that income bracket say they think it is unfair that people pay the same level of taxes at all income levels. Never. Ever!

But you will hear the very wealthy suggest a flat tax is unfair to those earning poverty wages. You would think the very wealthy were looking out for the poor when they make their argument against a flat tax.

The problem with that perspective is that people making middle-income and lower-income wages often pay quite a bit more in taxes as an effective tax rate than the very wealthy. Why? Because those who make such middle and lower-income wages do not have all of the tax loopholes to apply to their income that the very wealthy have when tax time arrives.

While reading the local newspaper today where I reside I came across an article concerning one of the wealthiest women in America, a model self-made woman as described by Forbes Magazine to which the article referenced. The article also revealed that for the last five years the model self-made woman has only paid income taxes during one of those five years.

The self-made woman, a billionaire, must have used umpteen loopholes to avoid paying income taxes for four of those five years, eighty percent of the time she was earning income during the subject period, and while avoiding income taxes it was of course easy to be one of the wealthiest self-made women in America because everyone else was paying the “self-made” woman’s taxes for her while she skated off. How self-made is that?

No wonder there is such a strong sentiment against a flat tax. A flat tax would ensure that people actually pay their fair share. There is, by the way, a component of fairness when it comes to taxation. If you disagree with me, read on.

Now, I do not state here that I favor a flat tax but the scenario I’ve described demonstrates one of the strongest arguments favoring a flat tax.

I am a conservative. I believe in keeping control of taxation. But everyone has to pay taxes if they are earning income. It’s only fair, and the tax code must be fair otherwise it should be subject to the application and exercise of public grievance.

The scenario I have described to you about the woman is by the way really just “socialism.” Such tax loopholes enable people to become what I call “Supersocialists.” The woman has been able through most likely a series of tax loopholes to foist her tax burden on to the public and avoid paying income taxes altogether. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a redistribution of wealth, socialism, communism, what have you. That’s not capitalism, that’s socialism. We see here then in this example that the tax code has significant socialist structure to it, something I’ve been saying for many years now.

Do not be fooled by the argument that a flat tax unfairly burdens the poor. The poor are the most likely beneficiaries of a flat tax as a flat tax would generate added revenue, that which a substantial portion of the population has quite obviously been able to avoid paying, revenue the country desperately needs.

How someone who is on the Forbes list of wealthiest people in America can go four out of five years without paying any income taxes whatsoever to me indicates the US Tax Code is a criminal act upon the American public.

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I was surprised to hear that once again the FED did not raise interest rates yesterday. The reasoning given was the same as it has been for the last seven years, that the FED is waiting for more indications the economy is on the mend.

I should think that unemployment being lower than prior to the real estate bubble bursting and in many places lower than five percent for some time now and that the stock markets are seeing record performance for some time should be all they need to raise rates but they keep putting it off. I think the fear is that Janet Yellen, the FED Chairman, does not want to be the bad guy who says the party is over by raising interest rates. I truly believe that is the primary motive for not raising rates. I can’t say I blame her. Who’d want that job? Yet, with interest rates as low as they have been for this long, there is a certain economic party going on in this country and not everyone is invited. Economic performance has been stellar since the age of low interest rates.

You might ask, “Why raise rates if low rates have led to such incredible economic performance?” And I might agree. But there are a number of reasons to raise rates which have nothing to do with greed.

For one, low interest rates, as low as they are today and have been for some time, such low rates dramatically stimulate inflation, particularly inflation in such areas as the housing market where what once just a few years ago would buy you a nice little house in a quiet neighborhood merely gets you a ramshackle shed by the railroad tracks with cellophane on the windows today.

When once you could purchase a new compact car for a few grand now requires twenty or more. The price of many items purchased by families has now doubled or tripled just since 2008 yet median incomes for families have been trending downward. Like I said, there is a party going on in The United States and not everyone is invited.

Now if you are seeing a corresponding increase in pay such as a commensurate cost of living increase, one that ACTUALLY CORRESPONDS with inflation, things may not seem so bad. But for the majority of Americans that is not happening and if you are on a fixed income or are not seeing a pay increase (very common), such as the elderly or military personnel for example, constant increases in inflation put a sizable dent in your way of life. You find you are using credit cards more or going without, which for some might even mean going without decent food. Have you seen the price of hamburger lately? And eggs? Supposedly there is a shortage of eggs but when I visit the market the shelves look crammed pretty well with eggs. It’s just that the price has tripled because, well, there is a shortage of those eggs crammed onto the shelves at the market.

I have written previously that another reason interest rates are being kept so low is that we reside in a political climate that forbids talk of tax increases, and rightfully so. The country has become almost entirely socialized and taxes are being blown for example on women having sex out-of-wedlock and getting pregnant to the tune of 50 plus percent. That’s right, last year more than fifty percent of babies were born to single mothers. Fifty percent! All of those women can’t raise children without the aid of the government. The country has almost been entirely socialized and women having children out-of-wedlock are a large source of the problem. I hate to to say it, but women in American are the primary drivers of socialism. All of that talk about feminine independence to come from the sixties and seventies is a bunch of hormonal malarkey. After all, women are going to have to police their own behavior. Men are not allowed to say anything about feminist collectivism. If they do, they are branded as sexist. Feminism has become a collective ball and chain clamped upon the ankle of the American taxpayer.

I call that portion of the economy the “fuck and suck economy” (you can read my entire blog by scrolling down on the right side and that particular observation will become visible). The f and S economy is huge with single women sloughing around fornicating in front of the television and buying the products proffered to them to get their government benefit payment monies. Politicians are afraid to go after that portion of the economy because the television will crucify them. Such political encroachment on one of the largest and most lucrative media markets, the daytime f and s market will kill a large portion of television revenues. It’s funny that the television media are some of the largest, most profitable corporations in America yet they always appear to be socialist when such issues arise. It’s funny strange, not funny ha-ha.

That being said, one way to increase tax revenues is to raise the price of things. When you raise the price of things, which is what happens when you stimulate inflation through low-interest rates, you get more in sales tax revenues and in the case of real estate, more property tax revenues. So, it may not be just that Janet Yellen does not want to be the bad guy and say the party is over by raising rates; stimulating inflation in this political climate may be the only way to achieve certain levels of sales tax revenue.

Nevertheless, stimulating inflation so that large, responsible segments of your own population suffer is poor policy while others reap benefits for having sex out-of-wedlock for example, particularly when such taxing maneuvers directly affect those who serve the country and those who have paid taxes through and until retirement and have controlled their sexual conduct.

I am thinking it is time to raise interest rates or provide corresponding, real cost of living increases across the board. Interest rates don’t have to go up five percent or ten percent. Have you noticed how everyone waits with bated breath for the FED to announce an increase in interest rates, even just a quarter of a percent? OMG! A quarter of a percent! Then, when the FED announces no interest rate hikes, there is a “collective” (yes, I think much of Wall Street and corporate America has become socialist lining up at the government trough and that is how I use that word “collective”) sigh of relief. Bring interest rates up a percent or two or three at the most and you may see a significant change in the price structure of most things in this country. For those on fixed incomes, it could be just what they need.

The question arises, “Which is easier, raise interest rates a bit or give everyone a cost of living increase?” I think you know the answer to that question.

I don’t mean to crash anyone’s party. Hold it, am I crashing the party? Or, who is crashing whose party? I think you know the answer to that question as well.

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I wrote recently that an organized group calling themselves “The Black Panthers” was videoed marching around with guns and shouting anti-law enforcement chants such as “fuck the pigs and everyone fuck with them” and shouting slogans such as “Black Power!” Many of my readers were surprised that they had not seen the videos I displayed. They wondered why the national mainstream media had not shown the videos. Though I don’t watch much television news, I don’t recall seeing the videos at online news sites either. The videos may have been shown in the mainstream media though nobody I have asked can recall seeing them. The videos (scroll down into my blog roll to see them) certainly weren’t given much coverage. If you ask me, the videos are definitely newsworthy, more so than most news. An armed group of people who believe they are involved in a life and death struggle (hence the public display of guns) are marching around in the streets of America? Really? Sounds like news to me. Little time if any was spent on them at the national level.

I also blogged to the effect that I believe were whites to do the same, they would be vilified by the media. My explanation for this is that the media are pandering to the larger market of black Americans who spend more time watching television and in that way the media are trying to preserve a market, a market for their advertisers and to maintain their ratings. Were the media to start telling the truth about violence perpetrated by blacks against whites or even black on black violence, it would disenfranchise the black viewer and cause them to change the channel. Gone would be market share and advertising dollars directed at the black audience. Makes sense if you do the math, doesn’t it? But it’s not just the media, the government has an incredible stake in seeing that the white middle classes are abiding by the tax code as well. Not only are the white middle classes the bread and butter of the government, they support all the other programs the government perpetuates as well. The white middle classes not only suffer under the yoke of the media, they are subject to an incredible burden of taxation, a burden that is not only heavy in toll but that is misused to pay for programs many do not support, an added insult.

So then why do the media vilify whites who shout “White Power” when they rally or march? Is it due to some historical context? Or is it that the media can effectively use some antiquated notion of white America to perpetuate its markets?

Or, rather where am I going with this you might be asking?

I believe there is a white struggle in America that as I’ve stated before is being suppressed by the media. I believe the media wants to maintain a status quo that in particular subjugates and silences middle class white America.

There is a reason for this. The tax code is structured in such a way so as to draw most of the finances used to pay for social programs from the white middle classes. The funds that go to pay for the social programs utilized in many areas are to a larger extent used primarily by black Americans whereas in those areas and in most, black Americans do not contribute or pay for those programs in any proportionate way. Do blacks serve alongside whites? Have they not done their duty for the country? Of course. No question.

This argument is not about blacks, though, in so much as it is about how the system we all live in snuffs out the attempts of whites to survive in that system that is growing radically more hostile by definition and structure towards whites.

The amount of funds for example that black Americans contribute to social programs is a small fraction of the amount of funds whites contribute yet blacks use the programs at least at an equivalent amount if not more.

The same is often true of races other than blacks. Some would say that all of this may be an accident of socioeconomics, that since white Americans fall into that tax category, that’s just how it is, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is a massive burden placed upon the white taxpayer that is unfair, disproportionate, and a massive economic insult. All of this has been happening for decades now while whites are often the subject of black on white violence and significant property crimes. The violence and criminal behavior is excused by the media in its constant omission of such statistics and facts and it is excused by systematic legal leniency.

The burden upon white middle class Americans of paying for all of the social programs and the social insult of all of the black on white crimes is a burden that is a crushing one. I see no reason why whites should be vilified for expressing their position in any such way, in particular in a manner that is no different than we’ve seen in the videos of The Black Panthers marching through the streets, up in arms no less.

Do I believe white Americans need to go there right now? I think I’ll leave that an open question.

But beware of what the media is telling you. Know why they are telling it to you, that they have something at stake, it isn’t merely just the righteous exercise of free speech.

Though I don’t believe in all of the messages we see and hear at rallies of white Americans expressing their opinions about the state of the country, such rallies as held by whites are usually without public display of arms and still subject to all forms of media vilification when in actuality the rallies are little different in context than what we have seen in the videos of the Black Panthers.

The shouts of “White Power” by whites at their rallies are no different than the shouts of “Black Power” by the Black Panthers and in fact may have more merit.

The constant drain on the pocketbooks of white Americans to pay for all manner of social programs and to motivate laws meant to equalize conditions for which the greatest majority of whites have had no responsibility are nothing more than a threat to the existence of white Americans throughout the country. We know this because every time whites bring it up at rallies or in any public forum, whether it be on the public square or at work even, they are attacked by the media and the system of redistribution. These conditions are manufactured by the media and the government as I’ve described. I’m certain you know what I am talking about. I’m just the one saying it in this way. Am I making myself vulnerable? What do you think?

While under the burden of massive taxation and threat of physical violence, white Americans are suffering a rapid loss of position in America. The justification for all of this is based on a false historical context of white America perpetuated by the media and various propaganda mechanisms such as Hollywood.

What the media have historically labeled “white supremacists” are in my opinion really “white survivalists.” However misguided or misdirected, racist or phobic it may seem at times, the call of “White Power” is a reaction to the conditions I’ve described and for that very reason it is no different than the call of “Black Power.” For reasons I’ve explained here and before, you just don’t hear the media calling blacks “black supremacists” when blacks make the same call.

White supremacy is nothing more than white survival.

White Power!

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