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One of the remarks Candidate Fiorina has had to address during her campaign is that she offshored large numbers of US jobs to China and India.

Such behavior from corporate leadership was commonplace at the time as the country found itself in the rising wake of President William Jefferson Clinton’s decision to grant China Most Favored Nation Trading Status, or MFN.

Though such offshoring was to a great extent shortsighted as we know now, I am not so sure Fiorina had much of a choice then when it came to making that decision as new tax breaks were authored for such offshoring and the potential to increase profits for the company to which Fiorina captained suddenly became exponential.

Of course Fiorina is responsible for the decisions which led to the massive layoffs here in The US at HP, yet other large tech companies have done quite the same and the leadership of said companies has instead been lionized by Hollywood and the media.

Perhaps as a matter of fairness one should ask, does such a question regarding offshoring then disqualify Fiorina from the office if it does not of another?

More importantly, how would Candidate Fiorina approach the matter today knowing it is unlikely that America will regain those lost positions?

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