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The witch hunt began long before Trump swore the oath of office. The Republican Party made him swear party allegiance because they didn’t want him to run against the established candidates. He was singled out. Witch hunt.

By then the media had already started in.

But there is one particular torch in the witch hunt that has burned continuously throughout the Trump’s harrowing trial and that is the torch carried by The Jew.

Early on during the election there was talk that Trump favored white supremacists and fascist jew-haters. He was said to have been endorsed by former KKK personnel. Witch hunt.

There was said to be an increase in anti-Semitic behavior all of a sudden and more racist activity as measured by The Southern Poverty Law Center. Headstones were turned over in Jewish cemeteries. Jewish monuments were vandalized. But nobody had a clue who was behind it. It was therefore blamed on Trump. Witch hunt.

Then, Jewish Community Centers and ultra-orthodox Jewish schools and temples began receiving bomb threats and having anti-Jewish graffiti painted on their doors and walls. It sounded almost like pre-World War II Germany was happening right here in The United States. It was only a matter of time before Kristallnacht! It was implied that it was Trump’s fault. Witch hunt.

Investigations began at The FBI. Jewish leaders were called in by political types and law enforcement to reassure them.

Who could be doing it?! Why doesn’t mankind leave The Jew alone? That persistent question rose once again!

It was said to be proof to the non-believers and skeptics that the holocaust really happened and the media threatened the holocaust was about to happen again! America fretted over the persecuted Jew.

It was all Donald Trump’s fault. That was the direct implication in the media. Right in the middle of the campaign he was accused with massive effort of being anti-Semitic. The country was swimming in such innuendo. Trump was Adolf Hitler reincarnate! Witch hunt.

And then, as if the skeptics and non-believers were on to something, we come to find out that the bomb threats to the Jewish Centers weren’t perpetrated by some massive political underground fascist machinery. Skinheads weren’t suddenly attacking Jewish temples and rampaging the Jewish countryside in The US. We come to find out that the perpetrator was located right in the middle of the seed of Judaism, in Israel itself, and it turns out he was Jewish! We don’t know his name. It’s all a big secret that we haven’t heard a single thing about since he was caught and the bomb threats stopped.

He was a troubled kid, we are told. Yet, he was sophisticated enough to elude a massive agency manhunt for some time and wreak propagandistic and physical havoc on a nation in the midst of one of the most contentious elections in its history at a time when much of the nation believes the nation must change or it will not survive (coincidence?). But we still don’t know his name or if he acted alone (which is what they are telling us, that he acted alone).

Let me tell you this. I am not a holocaust skeptic. I’ve been to Dachau. I have driven by it perhaps 100 times. I have driven by other concentration camps, too.

I don’t believe things happened the way we are being told they happened in this latest episode of global antisemitism, though. But if you don’t tell me what is going on, who the people are who put half of our country to a halt several times recently at great dollar cost, and if you bury this story so it can happen again when you need it to happen again, and then blame Trump or whomever for it, you can’t blame me for a little skepticism and pause. Because Trump is right. It has been a witch hunt. Even the attacks on Jewish cemeteries here in The US stopped when the boy in Israel was caught. Kind of tells you something about who was behind it all, doesn’t it? Think about it.

Don’t take my word for it. Read this story in The New York Times. The story we haven’t heard a single thing about now that the story is out, really, really out!

Trump is right. It’s a witch hunt alright.

Troubled young man in Israel acting alone? Really? Seems like he was pretty good at doing what he was doing to me. Seems like it was no “trouble” to him at all. Perhaps he wasn’t acting alone. Kind of seems like he had help in fact.

What are we going to do? We’ve been discovered! Blame it on the boy.

Who, you say?

Here is a conspiracy theory you hear from time to time. Adolph Hitler is alive and he survived the attack on Berlin. Personally, even though I’m not skeptical about the holocaust I’m skeptical that Hitler survived the attack on Berlin.

But what if he is alive? Well, if he is alive, he lives in Israel and he’s Jewish.

Read the story from The New York times:


A lot of pundits and Washington types have said Trump is playing the North Korea situation all wrong.

I disagree. Trump has made an overture to meet with North Korea’s leadership personally. What he is saying is that he is willing to do anything and everything he can to avert a nuclear exchange. What more could the country ask for on this matter? You really can’t ask for more than that.

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