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If you are interested in reading some political fiction, a term I’ve coined called “Polifiction,” you can pick up a copy of my novel The Dream Chip in the Kindle version for just $1.00 during the holidays.

One of the most significant problems with conservative political blogging is that even though many in the general population agree with you, in particular that segment of society often called “The Silent Majority,” they will never reciprocate. Your efforts are essentially thankless. You may find yourself the object of political derision. You may be demonized by various segments of society, perhaps the media who wishes everyone were sitting in front of the television or some other form of media.

Don’t let that dissuade you. Do not succumb to the mob mentality. Don’t let the herd stampede you. Ultimately, they will thank you. Independence from big government is truly in their best interest, except for those who have populated their existence on public assistance of course, or those who have profited from your levy. Independence in and of itself is in their best interest.

Finally, though some are probably trying to isolate you, to demoralize you, know that you are not alone.

Keep it up. I for one want to hear it and to read it.

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I think that the American sentiment about war is changing dramatically and perhaps the last two wars have had something to do with that. This is still my most popular observation. Long after it has been published it still receives the most viewers every day.

William Thien

Recently in the news the subject of America being The World’s Police Force came up again and something occurred to me about the matter. And this really only pertains to the capacity of our military in reference to a “police force.”

Since due to its force structure The United States is really the only country eminently capable of handling military activity around the world, it would seem then that by default The United States should be “The World’s Police Force.” You would think it should almost be automatic.

The problem with that sentiment, and it is a good one, is that it costs a lot of money.

Ordinarily police are paid for with local, state, and federal tax dollars. And they work within the borders of our country so the costs associated with the police traveling to and from police calls is limited to the geographical area within which taxes…

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