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You know, I have to wonder why our government doesn’t start purchasing Tesla autos to use as staff cars? It really makes you wonder. Our government and our elected keep getting us involved in wars primarily over oil at a huge cost to the tax payer, not to mention the wounded veterans such wars produce and the casualties. The costs are beyond enormous and contribute to insurmountable debt.

Why not start using electric vehicles? Why not start supplying Teslas or some other type of electric vehicle?

Just think of the daily usage of gasoline by our massive government. Think of all those feds driving around all day. Think of the Post Office!

That would definitely place downward pressure on the price of oil for everyone if our government started using electric vehicles.

If the government wants to fight a war over oil, replace it with something else. It’d be good for the environment and the tax payer, too.

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Personally I am glad to see The President has refrained from hammering Iran militarily following the shootdown of one of our surveillance drones. In my opinion whether or not the drone was in international or Iranian airspace is irrelevant. It was unmanned. No loss of life. A measured response is the right response.

When I first heard the story about the shootdown another question arose entirely because I was in almost complete and utter “taxpayer shock,” you know, that form of shock when you hear how much the defense department pays for a relatively common item such as a hammer or a toilet seat, and in today’s arsenal I would have to say that a drone, no matter how sophisticated, is in fact a relatively common item.

After hearing about the cost of the drone and that it apparently has no more defensive capabilities than a “target drone,” or one that is used to test missiles and other defensive mechanisms, a flying test target for our own anti-aircraft missiles and other anti-aircraft batteries, I had to ask why is the damn thing so f’ing expensive if it can’t protect itself?

For that kind of money, the thing (a Global Hawk) should at least be able to enter in to some sort of defensive posture whereby it can return fire or maneuver out of the way of a semi-sophisticated anti-aircraft battery. But apparently not. The drone apparently just flies along until some country with a missile battery decides, hey, let’s see if these things actually work!

Now, I would agree it may not be as simple as that.

But $100,000,000?! WTF! That is more than $2,000,000 per state of the fifty US States and then some. No wonder the country can’t balance its budget and many of the states don’t have any cash. No wonder the roads are full of six-inch deep holes and there is no money to pay teachers and our elected can’t sit down to agree on an infrastructure plan! Where is the congressional oversight? Who the flux is writing a check for the damn things?! And why is it such an easy target when it costs so damn much? by the way, somebody has corrected me and said, “Bill the “damned things cost $110,000,000, not $100,000,000.” For the sake of argument, I’ll just round it down to $100,000,000. No need to make Congress out to look like a bunch of kids at the mall with daddy’s credit card you know.

If it seems like I’m using a lot of exclamation points, there’s a reason.

Sometimes it helps to say the dollar amount out loud to get a real idea of how much something costs. When you put those sums merely in to numbers, the real amount often doesn’t seem to set in. Let’s all say it out loud, slowly, so we can get a real idea of the cost of the thing: One……..hundred……..million……..dollars!


For $100,000,000 our drone should have taken out the anti-aircraft missile battery used to shoot it down, disabled or destroyed all of the others in the vicinity (of which the media reports there are many), disabled or destroyed a good portion of the other military assets in the vicinity, relayed all of its intelligence back to point of origin, returned to its point of origin, and then gotten back in to the air after being re-armed and then done it all over again. $100,000,000 is a lot of cash for a target drone! Because that’s what it is, an f’ing target drone.

That was the promise of such sophisticated drones anyway, wasn’t it? That was how such drones were portrayed by the country’s massive propaganda and entertainment machine in Hollywood with movies like Stealth, Drones, Drone, Battle Drones and countless others. They were supposed to be a solution to the current military needs.

Yes, it is true that many of the larger media companies are also heavily invested in the military industrial complex so no wonder the media is frothing at the mouth hoping for a conflict with Iran on a larger scale. They will be making money both ways, with increased viewer response and by selling more $100,000,000 dollar flying toilet seats and hammers.

Iran must know even a small scale war with The United States will have disastrous financial consequences for the tax payer if we are going to continually lose such expensive assets so easily.

I don’t even know why we are over there in the first place policing the place up once again? Weren’t we just there? Aren’t we in the process of withdrawing in the vicinity? One of my most popular essays on such matters, Should the United States be The World’s Police Force?, asks a similar question. Military activity is expensive, extremely expensive. Just look at the cost of the damned drone!

If we are there as the media says to protect the shipping lanes, well I have to say that $100,000,000 can buy an awful lot of our own oil right here in The United States from our own oil producers. Or buy a Tesla. Maybe our government should be manning its police forces and government officials right here in The US with autos made by Tesla. This country needs to stop sacrificing its sons and daughters and its way of life so people can drive a V-8 that gets 10 miles per gallon.

My applause to The President for showing some restraint in the matter. Because I’m not so sure the war is with Iran.

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I think the answer to that is obvious.

I support a regime of tariffs but not as widespread as it has become. I believe that the tariffs should reside primarily outside of the traditional consumer markets and focus on materials (metals and component materials) and heavy equipment, high technology. Otherwise, the consumer and the investor suffer. We are seeing that now.

China is also suffering substantially so there is good reason for both sides to revisit the bargaining table and sideline the negotiators that haven’t brought the matter to fruition.

I’ve said previously that perhaps The US should institute a truth-in-lending campaign to educate the American public about the true nature of the Chinese political system. That can be done a number of ways to include a PSA on the nature and meaning of The Chinese flag and it should be placed in plain view on packaging containing goods from China. Add to that examples of what the Chinese public must endure at the hands of the government, and the list could be expanded. Retail outlets that carry more than a certain amount of products of Chinese origin should be required to notify customers somehow.

Students could be taught the revolutionary history of China and what happened soon thereafter.

Whatever path The US chooses during what many will agree is a dispute with China that needs to take place in some shape or form, whether it be tariffs or educational efforts, what is occurring now is not working. The idea behind the tariffs is not to make the public suffer, it is the opposite. If the tariffs continue in the current form, that appears to be inevitable by the simple fact that this country is so heavily invested in China that political friction will have economic consequences.

To a certain extent I believe the current administration is reacting to the public’s demand for action on the matter, which is the sign of responsive leadership.

But this country’s leadership at all levels should not feel restricted to a confrontational approach to the matter of unfair trade practices and should use whatever methods available. It is in fact the current administration that created an incredible economic surge in the first place with massive tax breaks for corporate America. It would be a shame to see all of that erased.

Continuing with broadly stroked, widespread tariffs should be reconsidered.

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One of the measures The United States might take regarding the ongoing trade dispute with China is to implement a form of truth in advertising campaign. Perhaps the country of origin should be placed in large letters right on the front of the product when the product is made in China and perhaps the Chinese flag should be put there, too, you know the one where color red represents communism and the stars represent the unity of the Chinese people under the communist party.

That way when a consumer goes to purchase something, they can see right then and there what they are purchasing instead having the country of origin hidden in microscopic print somewhere on the lower back or underside or completely camouflaged in some print somewhere on the packaging.

Truth in advertising. That might work better than tariffs or it might work better in conjunction with tariffs. If the Chinese are going to trade unfairly and then go tit for tat when we take measures to protect our interests, there are other methods that can be implemented. Truth in advertising might be a good one.

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It is noticeable that Judge O’Brien has gone about recusing herself the RIGHT way. That should be noteworthy since Foxx played word games to nefariously claim the she did but not really. And now the more they dig the more flying subpoenas. And mostly by Foxx to hide the underlying docs that make the case […]

via From Fox News – Another conflict of interest pops up in Kim Foxx’s handling of Jussie Smollett case — The Goomba Gazette — On the Patio

From Fox News – Another conflict of interest pops up in Kim Foxx’s handling of Jussie Smollett case — The Goomba Gazette — On the Patio

When you examine all of the pressures on the middle classes in America and in particular how wages have been stagnant for decades some of the causes are more obvious than others. For example, Congress gave tax breaks for American producers to offshore production taking jobs away from American middle-class workers. Then NAFTA was ratified. Finally, our borders are porous enough to let illegals in that work for cash under the table and pay no taxes, further undermining American workers.

Those are the more obvious pressures on the middle class worker and the current administration seems to be attempting to address two of them, NAFTA and what has lately been called “the border crisis.” The current administration has also been dealing directly with the problem of off-shored production by negotiating better trade deals with Asian producers, namely China, that have been involved in unfair trade practices.

But there is a less obvious but just as pervasive force applying downward pressure on wages in America, the social safety net, the massive size of it, in particular how it addresses the female.

Because a woman can frequently achieve more income and benefits by having children out-of-wedlock instead of getting married, employers don’t need to pay the male counterpart a family level living wage.

If a married family is struggling to make ends meet, what usually happens in America? The marriage frequently ends in a divorce. In fact the average divorce rate is close to 50 percent. What is interesting about that though not a corollary, fifty percent of marriages end in a divorce and 50 percent of children are born to out-of-wedlock mothers.

Though not directly related, one does not exactly cause the other, what the numbers tell us is that a huge proportion of families are destroyed by the current circumstances, the prevalence of a massive social safety net designed to enable reproduction and child maintenance, tax incentives for employers to offshore production, and a ready supply of illegal alien workers.

I believe this is why you hear corporate executives claiming to be liberal when in public. The socialist system actually enables them to keep control of the cost of labor, to tamp it down. What do you mean we don’t pay you enough money, fuck you! Get a divorce and tell your wife to go on public assistance. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just have to hire illegals, and if that doesn’t work I’ll just have to off shore production.

The social safety net is not only a safety net for the unfortunate, it helps to save employers from having to pay better wages because there is a suitable alternative out there for raising children which is why 50 percent of the children are born to unmarried women. It’s not an accident so many children are born that way to unmarried women. That’s how the system wants it.

That’s why when I hear contemporary corporate leaders talking about how great socialism or liberalism is and what it does for the country or that they are liberal-minded, I am always suspicious of their motives. We have seen socialism and communism fail on a grand scale with the fall of The Soviet Union and in other socialist or communist countries throughout the last 75 years and we have historical and statistical proof that socialism doesn’t work when it is the prevalent political system in a country. Socialism doesn’t just benefit the downtrodden or less fortunate, corporate America lines up to the trough as well by benefiting from the downward pressure socialism puts on wages in America. Make no mistake. Corporate America lines up at the trough in the medical industry with Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security. It is guaranteed payment, large sums of money pumped into the medical field, and it is why prices are driven up, more money in the system. That’s basic economics.

Corporate America lines up at the trough for food stamps and nutrition related programs. Grocery stores love food stamps and nutrition assistance programs. It’s more money. It drives prices up. That again is just basic economics.

Corporate America likes socialism. It is a direct line to tax payer money forced upon the American worker taken from their paychecks with no recourse. Corporate America also likes that the social safety net puts downward pressure on wages. That is why you haven’t seen wages for the working stiff increase in decades. Corporate America likes socialism. Capitalists like forced socialism. They don’t pay for any of it and yet they get the tax break. The worker does not get the tax break.

That’s the big lie about socialism in America. The capitalists love it. It’s easy money. And who can blame them?!

The more the working person knows that, in particular single men and women that know that, the better the chance they have of taking home more of what they earn and earning more at the same time instead of paying for everything twice and getting nothing in return. That’s why you shouldn’t trust a socialist. You’ll pay for the socialism in your taxes and you will pay for it lower wages. You will pay twice.

Things won’t get better for the working stiff in America until you curtail the extensive socialism at all levels.

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