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I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio on the drive in yesterday and the guest, a feminist from Case Western Reserve, kept referring to “women’s issues” and a women’s march coming to your city or town in the near future and the question occurred to me, “When did women’s issues become separate issues from all of our issues?”

Other questions occurred to me, too, such as “Why is it so important for women to seek “equality” yet have their own issues? How, in fact, can equality be achieved if you have your “own” issues in the first place?” Having your own issues is by definition a state if inequality, not equality.

Seems to me it isn’t really equality they are seeking, but rather some form of supremacy based on a pseudo-exclusivity, kind of like the men’s club that women always cry foul about and try to join through litigation, like they can’t leave you alone or something and it’s a women’s issue to be able to nag you even in your private club.

How about some men’s issue, men’s issues like the double standard about sexual harassment for men and women in the workplace, or the differences in the amount of time off men take compared to women at work, or that the CDC says that women are actually more abusive than men in relationships, that type of thing.

So, when did women’s issues actually become separate from all of our issues?

I couldn’t help but think the feminist from Case Western Reserve was a charlatan after listening for 20 minutes and not hearing her list one “female” issue. But they were gonna march, alright!

Did you know there are more women working today and more women in management than men? Hey guys, that’s unfair! Let’s march! That is bullshit! or some type of shit!

Then one caller responded to the on-air talk show saying that they thought all of this newfound feminism was simply a response to the fact that Trump won the presidency and they don’t like comments of his that were secretly taped when he wasn’t president, so they are having a “collective” fit. And that’s really what feminism is for the most part, if you ask me, lately anyway. Feminism is a form of collectivism and collectivism is a precursor to socialism and socialism is a precursor to communism.

If you don’t believe me here are some statistics. Fifty percent of all babies born last year were born using Medicaid, not a quarter of all babies, not even 10 percent, but 50 percent of all babies! Half! Every other baby! One in two! Most of the women having those babies are single.

Women use the majority of all social welfare programs at substantially higher rates than men. That is not the fault of men as they would have us all believe, that is the result of the feminist movement to come out of the sixties that motivated the false form of feminine independence we see today that in reality is entirely dependent upon the social welfare state, dependent upon the tax payer! Without the social welfare state, without the enslavement of the tax payer to the social welfare state’s bills, there would be no feminine independence in any major sense.

Women have babies using the social welfare state to make themselves eligible for programs which are major components of the social welfare state. Social welfare is socialism. Socialism is a precursor to communism. When fifty percent of all babies are born under the auspices of that system, that should tell you something. The math is quite obvious.

What does all that tell you? Women as a social class, independent as they claim to be, are the most fiscally irresponsible group of Americans when it comes to national expenditures. In particular, for reasons that are the result of a pleasurable experience, sex, women have become an incredible financial burden to the tax payer. No other group of Americans whatever their composition be, whether they be white or black or Hispanic or whatever, no other group of Americans, no statistical cross section or racial or ethnic origin is more irresponsible than American women when it comes to spending the tax payer’s hard earned dollars.

Now that’s a women’s issue that deserves some attention. Funny how we never hear about that, though, isn’t it? It makes you wonder why we never hear about it when the math is so damned obvious!

So, I ask the question again: When did women’s issues become separate from all of our issues? The answer is: when women realized that wanted more money and there was no other way to get it and they discovered it was easy enough to strap the tax payer for it.

Just keep that in mind guys when your wife or girlfriend says she is going to the latest and greatest “women’s march,” and make sure when she is walking out the door you are sure to say, “OK, honey. Have a good time!”

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Lots of talk this morning about how “energized” the Democrats are for the 2018 mid-term elections and references were made to Democrats winning recent elections that have taken place out of cadence with the normal election schedule. The bet on the TV pundit pits is that The Dems will have a landslide during the mid-terms.

Two things to consider:

  1. Those elections have occurred where there was no viable Republican candidate and at a time when an election would not ordinarily be scheduled.
  2. The Republican Party hasn’t even begun to energize its base. It appears they are taking a wait and see approach and there are a lot of GOP members looking merely to save their hides in the midst of all of it. You don’t want those guys in the party anyway. I hate to say it but you might be better off with a Democrat than a turncoat. At least you know where you stand.

My guess is that the mid-terms will be a different event than the pundits are predicting now. Republicans haven’t been given a chance to get out and vote in numbers. When that happens, you will likely see a different outcome.

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This is not to diminish valid claims of harassment in the workplace or in general, claims of harassment made by women that is. I do not dispute their validity.

This is also not to embarrass or denigrate my employer or any of the former, merely to use myself as an example as I am the best resource I have access to on the matter, or my own circumstances, my own situation. My employer works overtime in many respects to see that the workplace environment is a safe and healthy one, with the exceptions that I enumerate here and that may be merely because of the environment I describe here as well. Furthermore, it is often not so much what I call “reverse harassment” as you will see later that annoys or aggravates me, it is the fact that women as a whole are constantly crying wolf when they commit the same atrocities, if you will, themselves just as often if not more so.

Again, this is not to diminish valid claims of harassment in the workplace or in general, claims of harassment made by women that is. I do not dispute their validity.

This is about the opposite. Since nobody is giving it any airtime, I will. You are welcome fellas. I know what a tight spot you are in.

There is a glaring double standard in today’s workplace in how sexual harassment complaints are handled for men and women. Even minor sexual harassment complaints involving harassment of women by men are often treated with extreme prejudice, resulting in the dismissal of male employees.

While, what are far more egregious complaints involving the harassment of male employees by females are often met with little or no response from management whatsoever. The female harassers may be spoken to, maybe not. But nothing is done to the female employee, no unpaid suspension of employment, no dismissal from the workplace.

Were it a male up for the same actions, the axe would likely fall.

I’m speaking from experience. I myself have had to call such to the attention of my superiors with lengthy letters explaining a history of behaviors of female co-workers involving serious character defamation as well as harassment of a serious nature, not just a fleeting comment or an obscure glance.

The female employees are still working in the same facilities I work in and often are given better assignments. It could be that my superiors whom I reported to were themselves female and so they thought my complaint should be minimized, since it was really “reverse harassment” from female to male. But like “reverse discrimination,” reverse harassment is still harassment, plain and simple.

Read my blog. Several years back, I was the first in this country to deconstruct the false construct of “reverse discrimination” with the rather obvious observation that “reverse discrimination” is still discrimination and just because it is in the reverse doesn’t make it right. “Reverse discrimination” is still discrimination, plain and simple and it should be treated by the law the same as discrimination. The word “reverse” was just thrown in there to mitigate the severity of the behavior of the reverse discriminators as if all those of a similar genetic makeup that did the discriminating in the past had it coming to them or something, even if there is no relationship to the transgressors any way whatsoever, ancestors weren’t even in the country when it happened. You are white therefore you are guilty by default and so a little reverse discrimination is due.

And the same goes for “reverse sexual harassment.” Simply because it is harassment in the reverse doesn’t mean it is not harassment. You are male, therefore you are guilty by default because of the past transgressions of males so “reverse discrimination” isn’t so bad. “Take it like a man,” says the woman in response. But were it a woman, we would never hear the end of it.

Employers are so afraid of legal costs and action they treat things that way.

But harassment in the reverse is still harassment and it still has a negative effect on the working relationship someone has in the workplace.

The mass media, once a somewhat reliable source of information to the public now offers cash rewards for information about sexual misconduct by males in the workplace, in particular men in prominent positions, because the media have now changed their business model from news broadcasters to scandal rags instead. This phenomenon is so frightening to entire political parties and their members that they eat their own. What may be the best men for the job are selected out of the process by the media prior to even getting started. The kangaroo court of the media is able to prosecute men right out of employment and prominent office without any due process simply because organizations are afraid of what the media will do to their public persona if they stand up to the “mass market we-need-the-ratings” behavior.

My guess is that my employer and others don’t think there will be a mad dash by male employees to fetch a lawyer (I haven’t but you would probably wonder why if you had heard what was done and compared it to 90 percent of the women bawling at #MeToo) to litigate the matter and that is why employers don’t do anything to female employees when men call untoward female behavior to the attention of their superiors. Men don’t get an attorney to pursue financial recovery for damages of any kind. We just don’t do it as a general practice like women do. The system probably isn’t even prepared for men to do it en masse like women do. It would be an incredible shock to the system.

In fact that lack of legal action on the part of male employees resulting in a stifling working climate for them may be the only reason things haven’t changed in that regard and why men have begun to think the contemporary workplace in America is a treacherous and unsatisfactory place to work anymore. They don’t do anything about it, they don’t take any legal action because it isn’t the “socially acceptable” thing to do, and so the workplace doesn’t change, becomes more treacherous, more toxic.

The double standards for discrimination and harassment, double standards because how they are perceived and prosecuted in the workplace, differently for men and women, particularly for white males, are slippery and socially disruptive to the general workplace environment, particularly again for white males.

Just as reverse discrimination is really just plain old discrimination, “reverse harassment” is just plain harassment. There is a double standard as to how the matters are treated for men and women in today’s workplace and in public which nobody can deny. We see it in the media everyday, EVERY SINGLE F’ING DAY! Remember, the media are offering cash rewards for such information. As men we no longer even have a representative source of public information.

The double standard: it’s something to think about, guys.

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Forty years ago and prior, before super computers and advanced accounting software on every office desktop, the Federal Government allowed employers until the end of January to send tax forms to their employees and banks and other financial institutions had the same amount of time to get tax documents in the mail.

But it’s the same today. Fifty, sixty years later we still have to wait until the end of the month to receive tax information. Why?

With all of the supercomputers employers and financial institutions have today, why do we have STILL to wait until the end of the month to get our financial information anymore?

I’m not trying to rush anyone but late in the year of 2017 I received a letter from one of my credit cards that said due to the Equifax Data Breach, I should file my tax returns as early as possible in order to avoid false filings of my taxes. This is a common occurrence in The United States, nowadays. It has happened to a family member when the local municipality accidentally published their social security number and that of others on the internet.

Which prompted me to consider, well I’m basically ready to file my taxes on the first of January. They are not that complex. But I’m being held back by these antiquated tax information form dates that the federal government hasn’t updated since the time of Adam and Eve.

With all of the supercomputers employers and financial institutions have nowadays, why do we have to wait so long anymore for our tax information from our employers and financial institutions? Again, I’m not trying to rush anyone, but it’s a valid question. Computers have sped things up quite a bit. Maybe it’s time the law changed.

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A New Year’s Resolution for 2018:

People need to make a mental note to stop using the term “liberal” in 2018. You are being tricked. The term “liberal” is just a euphemism for the term “socialist” anymore.

The term “liberal” now so often means that a redistribution of your income is taking place, most likely through the tax code, that the term “liberal” is no longer being used to describe a mindset, it is more often being used disguise the term “socialist” or “socialism.”

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I recently received a note from one of my credit cards that said due to the massive security breach at Equifax I should do my taxes early in order to avoid having someone false file them.

As a result I have been paying closer attention than normal to the tax bill recently ratified by our elected. This tax plan calculator gives you a guesstimate of how the new tax plan will affect your taxes.

Trump Tax Plan Calculator: http://taxplancalculator.com/

One of the pros of this new tax plan is that corporations have had the taxation of profits lowered substantially. That is the meat of the tax plan if you ask me. And that’s a good thing. The previous rendition of the tax code drove profits offshore into secretive banking accounts and resulted in lost tax revenue and the offshoring of jobs. Makes you wonder who the F is running this country, Americans or foreigners? You know what they say? Follow the money.

So The Trump Administration gets some serious Kudos for that. Great job! Bring it back home, Donny! Way to go!

In my case, since I have no property or dependents to write off, the only benefit to my taxes was that my standard deduction was doubled and that resulted, supposedly, (guesstimate) in an annual savings of $577, not much when were I to put in several dependents and a piece of property on my filing, my refund would be pretty substantial.

Now that’s not to say it is not a good taxation scheme (all systems of taxation in The US appear to me to be some form of lobbied “scheme” and that’s exactly what they are). And the benefit many received in the form of mortgage interested deductions has been reduced. To me, that makes good fiscal sense. The fact that the dependent tax credit was increased substantially to me is fiscal folly. Most of those dependents use public services throughout their lives (50% of all babies birthed last year used Medicaid. 50%. And they got a tax break, too. Really!) and to give a tax break to those who use those services is like paying people to buy your products. Unless you are the government, you won’t be in business very long. But hey, how else are our elected going to get re-elected? Half of them can’t even form a complete sentence, so they have to give our money away. That’s all they know, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Or is there?

So, it is still an extremely unfair tax code if you ask me, just less so than before. And for that, I have to give kudos to our elected which ratified the new “scheme.” The others, they can take a long walk off a short pier.

Let’s hope it is a start that gets the ball rolling in the right direction. Maybe there will be some momentum to improve taxation in The United Sates. Let’s hope they can bring our taxes down more and tax those that deserve to be taxed, tax those who use all the services for example, and provide some relief for those who use very few services instead of just the opposite, which is what it is now. WTF?!

Because though we don’t have a socialist government, it is through the tax code that massive wealth is redistributed in this country (so basically we have a socialist government) and that doesn’t seem to have changed much with this new taxation “scheme.”

There are some good things in this new scheme of taxation and some serious things that still need to be addressed, with fairness being the biggest issue to me that needs to be addressed.

So Kudos are in store.

But because it involves taxes, I have to say kudos…kudos so far, so good, so what.

Because at my age, when I look back at how much someone with some children and a house payment received in tax refunds over the years compared to what I have received when making the same salary but with no children or property, I could have bought a house for cash with what that money the other has received in refunds, yet they use all the government services in comparison.

Through the tax code the socialist US government has been giving them my income because they have children and a house payment and taxing me and people like myself in order to do that.

And you know what that is? That ain’t right, that’s what that is. Doesn’t matter which way you look at it. I’m just the first one to say anything about it and you can bet they are working overtime to shut me up, too. You can bet on it. Because that’s what communism does. That’s what collectivism is. It’s mob rule whether they are right or wrong.

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Now that the holiday season is upon us I want to remind everyone not to forget the less fortunate, those who serve the country and our communities, and also to consider the natural future of our planet and its environment. The following are some organizations that I support regularly or volunteer with that could use your support, too.

You may donate by clicking directly on the links in this text. In no particular order, here they are:

The USO https://secure.uso.org/?sc=WEBDONTRIL  Supporting the morale, welfare, and recreation of troops around the world and helping them stay connected.

Paralyzed Veterans of America http://www.SupportVeterans.org  A great organization dedicated to serving veterans suffering from spinal injuries.

Disabled American Veterans http://www.dav.org  DAV will help you get to the VA for medical visits or complete paperwork associated with VA claims and specializes in working with veterans injured in combat.

Homes for Our Troops  http://hfotusa.org is an organization with an excellent goal, “To build mortgage-free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured Veterans Post-9/11, to enable them to rebuild their lives.”

I have worked as a volunteer on one of these homes doing general things, handing roofing shingles up to the roofers, carrying wood to work locations, that kind of thing. They always need people. You can see if there is a home scheduled to be built in your area and volunteer by visiting their website.

Another organization that does great things for veterans is The Center for Veterans Issues http://www.cvivet.org/, specializing in finding housing for homeless vets and working with government agencies to help veterans get the support they deserve and more importantly have earned.

Audubon http://www.audubon.org/  One of the most active organizations in seeing that our natural world is monitored and conserved. The Audubon Society does some incredible things when it comes to helping to restore and conserve natural environments. Take your kids to an Audubon Conservation Center for a guided hike and you will see what I mean.

The International Crane Foundation
 https://www.savingcranes.org/  Eleven of the fifteen crane species face extinction, eleven of the fifteen species!

And don’t forget about your local food pantry. There is one in every town. Even a small donation to any of the above mentioned organizations goes a long, long way to helping the less fortunate in our communities.

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