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The liberal media pundits were at it again today talking about how cruel it would be to the children of undocumented immigrants to repeal DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

How “cruel?” Perhaps it seems cruel, but the pundits seem also to have forgotten someone, namely Americans.

How about how cruel it is to the children of this country to bring in foreign workers who will work under the table, not pay taxes on that employment, nor will their employers pay payroll taxes, with the gross effect of undermining all of the tax revenue going to pay student loans and education grants for American children, all of the revenue to pay for public education, you name it? Just how cruel would that be to the children of America and the American taxpayer? Now that truly IS cruel.

Not only is that cruel, it’s insane policy.

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While watching Chuck Todd interview Senator John McCain (R-AZ) this morning on Meet the Press Todd asked McCain if he thought the current administration’s flip-flopping from campaign positions to his current positions had something to do with Trump “being sucked in by the Washington establishment?”

McCain’s answer was to chuckle and say, “well, I hope so.”

To me this is proof that not only IS there a Washington establishment, it is proof that our elected know there is a Washington establishment and that perhaps our elected even provide support materially and vocally (obviously McCain supports it vocally in his response to Todd) to the Washington establishment.

Other elected officials were asked about Trump’s positional re-orientations throughout the week and the most common response was, “maybe he is ‘growing’ into the position.” Growing into the position? What a load of b.s.

To be sure, Trump doesn’t have to change his campaign positions. Something is forcing him to do so and it’s not that he “growing into the position.” He is there to implement the will of the people, not to “grow.” He isn’t on a weekend retreat. He is now the President of The United States.

I wrote earlier that it would only be a matter of time before Trump switched his campaign positions due to the Washington establishment and we see now that is exactly what is happening. You can read that post here: What’s Next for Conservatives?

The most disgusting aspect of the “Washington establishment” is that what it means is that those entrenched there in Washington are there to ensure that whomever is elected cannot implement the will of the people without the express consent of “the Washington establishment.”

Ultimately what a “Washington establishment” means is that the will of the people has been effectively thwarted, seemingly in perpetuity, by a bureaucratic element entrenched in our nation’s capital and that there is nothing, either voting for a Republican or voting for a Democrat, that the people can do about it.

What is the solution?

The two major parties take great pains to make sure the public is nearly equally divided (we see this in the election results) right down the middle when it comes to major elections and national issues. The parties talk about the base of the Republican party and the base The Democratic party in their political calculus.

Maybe it’s time that the bases of both parties come together for a new political calculus, disregarding the respective party apparatus so the country can really “drain the swamp” as Trump promised during the election and take care of the needs of the people and not that of “the Washington establishment,” which is what he is now doing.

There are common goals among the bases of both parties. Maybe it’s time we come together and focus on those common goals primarily and forget about our differences, such as abortion and gun rights for example, just once, and see what happens.

Maybe we can set those and other differences aside in order to bring the changes the country requires. Or maybe “the Washington establishment” can deal with that, too. And you know what that means? Think about it.

Because we now have proof that there is indeed a “Washington establishment” and it is working against us, working against us all.

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Today while watching Face the Nation the point came up that the current administration’s deportation and immigration policies were resulting in the deportation of “good hombres,” and not just “bad hombres.”

The object of that discussion and others I’ve heard like it is in my opinion to change the subject from the original reason for the aggressive implementation of border policy in the first place.

Please see note following this observation. I’ve tried to come up with a solution to this problem of immigration from countries at close proximity to the United States for some time as other have as well.

Americans want stricter immigration policy not so much to get rid of the “bad hombres,” which is of course significant in and of itself, but to prevent the undermining of the American middle classes and working people.

It’s not just bad hombres that have undermined the working classes in America, it is immigrants of all types, good hombres too that are coming to America in huge numbers and willing to work for pennies on the dollar under the table while at the same time there has been no enforcement of immigration policy of any measure coming from previous administrations for decades. There has been little or no enforcement of immigration policy even though the tax payer has been paying for it to the tune of many billions of dollars a year.

The result has been lower wages for the American worker and fewer jobs. Large corporations have applied for H-1B visas to replace their American workers and those same corporations are giving their American employees severance packages predicated on the fact that the American workers have to train their foreign H-1B visa workers who replace them. In other words, if you don’t train your foreign replacements, you don’t get your severance package. AND CONGRESS HAS BEEN THE ENABLER ALL ALONG!

Immigrants are coming here and taking American jobs and huge US-based multi-national corporations have lobbied congress to be allowed to take American jobs south of the border through the implementation of NAFTA. It’s an untenable situation for the American worker.

The American working classes are at a point where if something isn’t done about it, the middle classes will finally collapse under debt load and the lack of opportunity that the influx of immigrants, illegal or otherwise, coupled with NAFTA creates. Everyone knows this. Congress knows this. The current administration knows this. And the voter who elected Trump is keenly aware.

I don’t know anyone that wanted things to turn out this way but let’s not change the subject. Everyone in the country knew this day would come. It’s not what side of the tracks you live on or where you live, it’s not what car you drive, it is simply about citizenship and the right to work in The United States and it’s a totally valid position to take.

From what I can tell what the voter is saying, what the American worker is saying is that America has come to the point where regardless of whether they are good hombres, bad hombres, or whatever kind of hombres they are, if they aren’t “American hombres,” they have to go and that’s all there is to it.

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Note: See my writings in the past about forming The North American Union, not unlike The European Union, a possible solution to the problems we are facing today. With NAFTA in place we already have the economic framework. Of course the problem with that is like Germany and other more industrial European countries, The United States would probably find itself bailing out other countries such as Mexico and those further south. So, it probably wouldn’t work just as The EU seems to be fracturing but that doesn’t mean there might not be some possible solution or alternative.





I hate to say it but if you are like me you are probably sick and tired of hearing the Hollywood propagandist types wailing about the current administration and the conservative voter.

That is why I am boycotting the Oscars tonight and so should you.

Some of you may even take it one step further and boycott your local theater so you don’t have to pay for the propaganda, something that I’ve written many times before should be free. You shouldn’t have to pay to watch somebody’s propaganda.

Art is one thing, entertainment is another, but propaganda is propaganda and you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

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In 2013 I published this observation on illegal immigration and what can be done about it. It is interesting to see how things have transpired since. Instead of opting for one of my suggestions, that of a North American Union, something similar to a European Union with NAFTA as the economic framework, the country is proceeding towards the other option, an emplacement of what amounts to a fortification. I don’t want to say I predicted the recent events, but…

from June 1, 2013

A co-worker of mine asked me rather indirectly to address the matter of illegal immigration in the United States. I’ve been putting it off.

So I’ll get right to the point. We only have two choices really. Either seal off the border and do it right…or we will have to implement a European Union type solution.

Already with NAFTA (North American Free Tree Agreement) we are trading amongst North American countries for all practical purposes tariff free. Because of NAFTA, which of course devastated the job market in The United States, the framework is already there for a North American Union of some type. Our industry profits from the close proximity of foreign countries but the citizenry pays thoroughly in the form of taxes for benefits obtained by illegal immigrants while industry covers none of those costs, AND at the same time our citizenry endures loss of employment as jobs leave for both our southern and northern borders yet the citizen still pays in the form of taxes for the benefits obtained by illegals. Again, industry gets off scott-free.

Let me say right now I see no reason why industry should benefit from such an arrangement while the citizenry should suffer so drastically, not only in terms of high taxes to cover the cost of benefits for illegals or a loss of jobs, adding also the massive cost to man the border.

Therefor I believe there are really only two solutions. Either seal off the border completely, do it right, and leave it at that. Or, create a North American multi-country government much like The European Union. Perhaps all of the countries who are governed or chartered within NAFTA could be members of The North American Union. The one sticking point with that is that the dollar is worth so much more than all of the other currencies and backs so much more in terms of value, capital, and liquidity, that in order to have a North American Union, you would have to have a North American currency. You could call it “The Americana” instead of the dollar, or something to that effect. But I don’t know if that is advisable.

England joined the EU but kept its currency, which has turned out to be a wise choice as it has not seen such a devaluation as the Euro nor has it suffered continual, repeated and spasmodic economic crises.

So there you have it. That’s the way I see it. To date estimates to man the border range from $100 Billion dollars to $250 Billion dollars. In 2011 the average annual salary of a Customs and Border Patrol Officer was $75,000. In 2012 there were an estimated 21,394 agents. They of course have support teams and there are most certainly office staff to perhaps a larger extent. Just the cost of manning the border with little or no effect is tremendous. The logistical costs must be incredible. I could find no information as to that expense. So, not only is the issue one of taxation to pay for the benefits of illegal immigrants and the loss of jobs due to NAFTA, there is a tremendous cost to man the border.

We really only have two choices. To leave the matter without a solution much longer would of course be typical of Washington.

Without a solution our southern border is just a sieve for terrorism, illicit trafficking, and a wound bleeding tax dollars to the south. So, a North American Union type solution would mean no more costs to maintain a so-called “secure border.”

Of course there is one other solution which I believe is not advisable at this time. You can guess what that is and we will just leave it at that.

More on why I believe the country has chosen to proceed with the construction of a wall rather than with the idea of a North American Union later.

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Personally I don’t believe the incoming administration is going to be as conservative as the media and all of the left wingers would have the country believe.

Already the Washington elite have begun hacking away at Trump’s campaign positions. A softening of just about every position he had during the campaign, that which put him where he is in the first place, appears inevitable. He will be made to realize that his ideas were (as in past tense), “a bit too much.”

Trump’s Tweets have even become less terse, more diplomatic. Though less profound in Trump’s case, it is clear that what everyone feared would happen is in fact happening. President-elect Trump is being brought into the political fold he fought so valiantly against during the campaign.

I think instead it is quite possible that you will see a great deal of the real legislative and perhaps “physical” activism rise out of the House and Senate, both populated by a majority of Republicans after the election, something nobody predicted, also.

Yet the massive political shifting doesn’t stop at the federal level. Well over 40 states now have elected Republican governors and Republican majorities in the house and senate.

So what’s next for conservatives?

Opportunity. Opportunity like conservatives have never seen before at the national level to the local.

Though I don’t entirely equate conservatism with Republicanism directly, and I’ve written to that effect before, if there ever were a time for conservatives to activate and incentivize the elected in their favor, now is that time. There is in fact no time to waste.

With Clinton winning the popular vote during this election, there may not be another ‘what’s next for conservatives?” like this one, for some time or even ever.

All those estimated millions of people who said they were going to leave the country if Trump were elected are still here. I don’t see a massive exodus happening anywhere, do you?

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Someone asked me what I thought about the outcome of the election. I presume they were nonplussed at the results and thought I could offer an explanation.

At this point I would have to say that Trump had the right message and The Clinton campaign lacked any coherent message.

Throughout the Clinton campaign when things seemed to be faltering Clinton retreated to issues that she believed would ignite the female vote and based on the larger number of female voters in this country she expected to win. As I said early on during the campaign, this was going to be an election based on gender politics and I was right.

Women in prominent office around the country were predicting a landslide in favor of Clinton just on that one area of debate, gender politics, as if gender politics were the only issue facing this country.

Yet, to me the outcome of the election suggests that even female voters believe a lot of what Clinton thought were valid female issues were in fact issues invalidated by the lack of female votes for Clinton, which did in fact happen. In other words, the issues Clinton thought were valid issues were not valid at all or at the very least they did not surpass the significance of Trump’s message and positions during the campaign.

Furthermore, I believe male voters who favored Clinton throughout the campaign grew weary of listening to the constant questioning and moaning coming from Clinton and the moderators during the debates about gender issues that seemed to be inordinately unfair and amplified only to inflame the female voter. Essentially, as a strategy it instead had a cumulatively negative result.

I believe you could in fact assign a numerical value to these issues, summing them up and posing questions to prospective voters to determine the outcome of the election in advance.

Furthermore, I don’t think any machinations by any federal agency during the campaign had anything to do with the outcome because quite possibly the entire nation was surprised at the outcome of the election, including both the Trump and Clinton campaigns.

Ultimately then I believe Clinton made a strategic error in proceeding to make the campaign about gender politics which she seemed to do at all times and Trump effectively made the campaign about structural and economic issues that face the country. He stuck to those issues and it paid off.

That is all.


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