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Biden’s delegate lead isn’t the result of a majority of voters favoring his platform. Party politics (party bosses) merely intervened and told several candidates to get out of the race “now” (did you see that, they all bowed out within 24hrs) and those candidates were told to endorse Biden so that their supporters would be forced into Biden’s camp when prior, most probably would not have voted for Biden.

Biden is now in the lead because of party machinations, not because the public wants to vote for him.

If I could liken it to anything you might come across in real life, to me it is the classic bait and switch as enacted by The Democratic Party. You see an ad, go to the store, and find out that the product in the ad isn’t the same piece of you-know-what that’s in the store.

Originally, the democratic debate stage was full of candidates with completely disparate positions and platforms on a large number of issues. The debates themselves were lively and full of ideas that ran the full spectrum of political belief. Biden seemed to be the only candidate without any new ideas or profound solutions to the country’s problems. AND he was losing all of the debates and caucuses.

But suddenly now we are supposed to believe/accept he is in the lead? What gives? And you were worried about the Russians meddling in US elections.

Now that the party has told the other candidates to bow out, Biden is the de facto leader when there were other candidates with a solid lead prior. Not that I favor all of the other candidates compared to Biden, but that is what just happened, practically overnight. Practically overnight half of the country’s voting population just re-evaluated its entire belief system we are to accept. Yeah, right.

What just happened is the absence of democracy. We are living in a vacuum of democracy today.

Or, “How modern party politics has signified the end of democratic participation.”

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Workers’ Compensation Claims Decline In States With Medical Marijuana, Study Shows

Well if that’s not good for business, then I don’t know what is. Legalization has been found to increase workplace creativity and performance and now this. So why are politicians dragging their feet? Must have something at stake other than the public’s best interest.

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Workers’ Compensation Claims Decline In States With Medical Marijuana, Study Shows

I keep hearing from just about everyone at some time or another and it just appeared in a television ad for a presidential candidate named Tom Steyer that we need term limits.

But you know it will never happen. A politician isn’t going to sign off on a new law that says he, or she for that matter, can’t have his job any longer. And I actually like some of my politicians so it creates a dilemma.

So, are term limits just a political fantasy the tax strapped, over-legislated citizen dreams about? I mean, most people I know think term limits should be in place at the very least for most federal level elected offices. I have heard the same thing for decades in fact. So why don’t we have term limits, yet?

Like I said, politicians aren’t going to allow it, even the guy who is running for president talking about term limits in his campaign ad on television this evening. He is not going to sign off on it. If he does, he wouldn’t get any cooperation in office. He would effectively be firing over half of The Congress and Senate from their cushy, influence peddling jobs.

Well, then what about a “zero incumbency movement? What about a movement that says, we don’t care who you are. You might be a great politician but very little gets done that benefits the general population without assigning an unacceptable cost to it. You keep making it easier to send our jobs overseas and keep bickering about petty drama type things occurring here in The US.

What if we have a “zero incumbency” movement? Doesn’t matter if the candidate is running for office again, what if everyone votes for the candidate that wasn’t in office during the prior term? It is usually down to two candidates from two major parties in most races.

Why don’t we just vote for “the other guy” automatically? Can it hurt? It’s hard to say. We seem to be plagued with some bastardized form of democracy now following the “money is speech” ruling by The Supreme Court, anyway.

Our elected along with a conspiring media (they like the campaign dollars following the “money is speech” ruling) are constantly telling us they are going to make things better but many would disagree. Socialism creeps up on us all more and more, costing us all but protecting only special classes, single women having children out-of-wedlock, certain minorities, a variety of the very, very wealthy, many corporations, yet often excluding those who have contributed the most either in a proportion of tax dollars or with their lives, such as soldiers and such.

So, think about it. It is just a thought I had. It would be a voter initiative, voter enacted term limits.  Were it to be acted upon during the next series of elections, it would be interesting to see what response there would be.

Zero incumbency. Doesn’t matter who they are, they would be voted out!

I know. Incredible idea, right? I mean, it’s what everyone wants anyway. You’d have to think for yourself, though. After the continuous onslaught and bombardment of all of the impending campaign election ads we will see this election season, and you know they are coming, you’d still have to think for yourself when you stepped into the voting booth. Are you sure you can do it?

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We have the same cameras here. You’ll see them in particular at intersections. I do not know to what extent the software and operating systems capture your information and the media does not look into it for some reason. Sometimes, when I’m sitting there wondering why I am waiting so long at the light and there is no traffic at all moving crosswise, I flip the camera the bird. Or when I am stopped at every intersection as I move along alone on the road in the very early morning and it feels like my progress is being slowed for some reason, I flip the camera the bird. I’m sure they have a file on me.


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I believe there is a valid form and history to the feminist movement but that there is a flaw in contemporary feminism. From my perspective and experiences, contemporary feminism is uncivilized.

Contemporary feminism is uncivilized because contemporary feminism does not police itself.

Today feminism is an uncontrolled form of media-incited mass hysteria.

Contemporary feminism is reactionary.

The objective of contemporary feminism is to lash out.

Almost all of my experiences lead me to conclude that there is a mantra in contemporary feminism. All that I see on display in the media, in news stories involving feminism of any extent is that there is indeed a mantra.

That mantra is: use what you got to get what you want. It is use what you got to get what you want followed by the common but perhaps silent affirmation, “You go girl!”

It does not matter whose life is destroyed. No man is safe from the hysteria. It is often unity for the sake of gain, not for the sake of what is right. False accusations are tools of advancement. Political parties parade contemporary feminists in front of the camera to get votes. The entire country must endure every trial and tribulation in the mass media of contemporary feminism. Mole hills are turned into mountains. Contemporary feminism is, get even with any man whether he is innocent or not.

It is vengeance unchecked. Contemporary feminism IS uncivilized.

Contemporary feminism is socially destructive.

Contemporary feminism is, all men are the same.

Contemporary feminism is, we can do anything men can do and do it better, until it comes time to dig ditches under the hot sun with a hand shovel and then contemporary feminism is a Cheshire grin slinking away and suggesting “My what big biceps you men have.”

Contemporary feminism is a shrieking, raging beast cloaked in mass victimization.

Contemporary feminism is provocative.

Contemporary feminism is explicit displays of femininity.

Contemporary feminism is the temptress who then claims to be the victim.

Contemporary feminism is a fashion statement.

Contemporary feminism is a shrewd corporate marketing campaign.

Contemporary feminism is good for ratings.

Contemporary feminism is a right of passage.

Contemporary feminism is, I’m daddy’s little girl, even though I’m 30 and I ought to know better.

Contemporary feminism is often a cleverly designed trap.

Contemporary feminism is a poisonous militancy.

Contemporary feminism is, shout all at once and let no man be heard above it and defend himself from the common rage of womanhood. And make sure there are cameras there.

Contemporary feminism is guilty until proven innocent.

Contemporary feminism is totalitarian.

Ultimately to me though the reason contemporary feminism is uncivilized is because contemporary feminism does not police itself. It refuses.

When I discuss why I think contemporary feminism is uncivilized with an avowed feminist, though of a different generation, she agrees with me. And she tells me her definitions of what a true feminist is. They are different than that of a contemporary feminist. I am made to know that.

But when I say I believe feminism is in danger of delegitimizing itself because feminism does not police itself, she raises her voice and her response is that it would be impossible!

The avowed feminist refuses, vehemently refuses to believe any attempt to police contemporary feminism by a feminist would work. She utterly refuses. This to me indicates I am correct in the matter. It is her resistance to even make any attempt to solve a problem to which she agrees exists that proves my point. I do not mean to indict her here, but there is a clear indication in her response of what I describe. It is impossible! for us to police ourselves. Impossible!

Contemporary feminism is out of control.

Contemporary feminism is a refusal of feminist leadership to control its ranks, to even make an attempt to control its ranks.

When I respond with “well what if there were a strong female in the national spotlight who recognized that the feminist movement of today was an irresponsible, anti-social and socially destructive movement and she became the standard bearer for contemporary feminism?” the avowed feminist tries to steer the conversation immediately away from the idea of such a potential feminist leader, as if such a solution would put an end to the slaughter wrought by contemporary feminism upon the national psyche, or such a woman does not and could not, must not ever exist, or were she to arrive in such a world she would immediately be exiled by contemporary feminists everywhere. Impossible! Impossible! No! The fear that such a female standard bearer of feminism could exist is evident in even the avowed feminist’s voice. Ah yes, there it is, a clearly evident and common thread in the feminism of then and contemporary feminism.

This revelation of the avowed feminist that such a solution to police contemporary feminism by feminists themselves would be “impossible!” of course would suggest to me that all feminism is illegitimate were I not to in fact believe that there is a certain legitimacy already in feminism given its historical context and objectives.

But we are talking here of “contemporary feminism,” something men are forbidden to even ruminate upon! It is forbidden! What I am doing here, it is not allowed. Even though it involves defining the behavior more often than not of men, only women can be involved in such a definition. Who dare allow men to get involved!? All the while there is an open season advertised daily in the mass media on masculinity.

So why then don’t contemporary feminists police themselves and their behavior? What is there to lose in the legitimacy of self-control?

When I say that men, though clearly not perfect (all feminists are by default perfect you are to know, by the way), men do a pretty good job of keeping themselves in check and their latitude for what once was considered masculine behavior is increasingly diminished by feminism, along with the support of a pandering mass media whose advertisers want the female’s discretionary income. Well, the feminist suggests, that is excusable.

Contemporary feminism is a plainly evident double standard.

Contemporary feminism IS indeed uncivilized. It is uncivilized because it refuses to police itself. Feminism is not a movement any longer, it is a psychological aberration en masse. It is a derivation of collectivism, sponsored by corporatism.

Contemporary feminism is a form of mass psychological transference.

Contemporary feminism is, if one woman has a feeling about something or someone, a man perhaps, all other women must share that identical feeling and all men are equally guilty by default.

Contemporary feminism is a forced thought process. It is an offshoot of socialism. It is a communist re-education camp run and populated by one sex.

Contemporary feminism is a bestial, stampeding herd.

It is unchecked sexism in the reverse, where when men often lock each other up for such anti-social transgressions, women reward themselves.

You go girl! Or you get even. It is your duty. Let no man be safe from contemporary feminism.

Contemporary feminism is uncivilized.

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The overwhelming support for the legalization of marijuana as well as the rapidly expanding national movement to legalize marijuana for adult use at the state level indicates that whatever party that supports the legalization of marijuana nationally will win the next presidential election. As a “single” issue for voters, the legalization of marijuana will supersede the other two major single issues of abortion and gun rights.

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If you are afraid of socialized medicine, all the country has to do is to start regulating health care correctly once again.

Health care in America was much less socialized prior to Reagan deregulating health care. Ever since health care was deregulated, the socialized systems designed to pay for health care in America, Medicare and Medicaid, have expanded exponentially now that regulations have been dismantled. Prices have soared way beyond what the average citizen can pay out-of-pocket, something that was quite common prior to Reagan deregulating health care.

If you are afraid of seeing a socialized system of health care in America, then we must begin regulating health care correctly again. That’s all that is needed.

All of the rhetoric about socialized medicine coming from both parties is a false narrative designed to steer you away from the subject of a health care system that is properly regulated and both parties are involved in that misdirection.

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